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Stonehenge Visitation and the Guardians of the Mystery

Not only is Stonehenge famed for being one of the ancient wonders of this world, but this venerable site is privy to ongoing excavation, speculation and awe. The mystery of the prehistoric man made landscape on Salisbury plain, and the rituals performed here thousands of years ago, are under constant conjecture. Even as archeologists reveal more remnants of archaic Britain, still there is no finite conclusion as to why or how our ancestors built such a giant structure on this specific site, and how it was used exactly.  Perhaps Stonehenge is one of those mysteries never to be fully solved, or could it be the will of the Great Goddess, or even its feathered residents- the rooks, that guard against its full disclosure? Stonehenge then resonates with the age-old adages that query- how mankind got here, what is the meaning of this life and is there a hereafter?


Stonehenge and the rooks, February 20th 2018

It takes no stretch of the imagination to deduce that mankind has always faced these mysteries, even before the dawning of any thriving civilization. From the recognition of his mortality, stemmed the most compelling of human dilemmas, sprouting his spiritual quest to connect with the great void and a cosmic creator.  In many lands our ancient ancestors venerated natural objects such as trees, rocks and mountains, alongside natural phenomena like the great luminaries of the sun and moon. They even went to great lengths to mark the earth with imposing ceremonial areas of enclosures, and arrangements of standing stones. These man made structures just like the ‘beings’ in nature, were instilled with magical powers, and became places of seasonal and ritual gathering. In many locations across the world, these mystifying structures have managed to withstand the test of time, and Stonehenge exists as a model example for Britain’s earliest known architects.


Stonehenge viewed from the east

Our ancient ancestors contoured the natural landscape with painstaking craftsmanship, managing somehow to create the seemingly impossible. Without any modern technology, they even devised a way of transporting tonnes of rock over great distance, then shaped and erected it in formation. Many of these giant monoliths are still standing tall and proud today, but for exactly what purposes and reasons however still remain ambiguous.

It is evident too that people across all continents of the prehistoric era set their gaze on the heavens in search of the answers they sought. And in turn the alignment of the stars and movement of planets bestowed on them a means to track the passage of time. This extensive study revealed a sky map that not only assisted in recognizing earth’s natural cycles, but further enabled them to navigate the land and seas.

Mans beliefs and superstitions concerning the great mysteries have been interpreted in so many wondrous ways, producing some of the most majestic and beautiful art and architecture ever created throughout antiquity. Yet still even now with all our technological advances, the quandary of our mortal existence alongside such mysteries as Britain’s Stonehenge, or Egypt’s pyramids, still remain rather obscure…


The famous silhouette of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain

The Neolithic landscape of ancient Britain has always fascinated me with its great earthworks of henges, barrows, and mounds, together with the intriguing stone menhirs, circles, dolmens and quoits. I can still recall my first visit to Stonehenge back in 1986 as an art student, on the return ride back to Sussex from the Glastonbury music festival. I remember my friends’ and my high anticipation for this field trip. And having just experienced the mystical stone circles at Avebury, we felt more than ready to greet this ancient wonder.

We had not however, anticipated or expected to find ourselves gazing up at this megalithic monument through the tiny windows of an all encompassing shield of wire mesh! I clearly remember prizing my fingers through those holes, wishing I could rip the metal fencing apart. I just wanted to reach out and touch the sarsen stones; to make contact with the eons of time and ritual that made this henge so very spectacular.


Sarsen Trilithons

My second visit was back in late March of 2015, when my boyfriend at the time, and I rumbled into Salisbury Plain rather glamorously on his Harley Davidson! Even though the Spring had made an appearance, it was nevertheless still freezing cold. I recall that not even our leather attire could protect us from the chill of the biting winds that gusted over the desolate expanse of this land, still a captive of winter’s cold grip.

Fortunately we managed to park the bike close to the monument, then entered with our prepaid tickets alongside the hundreds of other visitors who had alighted from the tour and shuttle buses. I remember my sense of relief at seeing that the mesh wire enclosure was entirely gone, whilst the old visitor center and its road access that once encroached on this sacred land, had all but vanished! Instead a visitation plan had been devised with a new path, monitored by the camo clad Army’s National Guard. In spite of still not being able to touch, or move within the circle of standing stones, it was still a lot better than my first visit, and so much more photographer friendly.

I’ll admit it was hard to intuit the lay out of the land, spectating the monument among the hoards of people and their invasive selfie sticks. But I did come away with a fair amount of ‘knowing’, which continued to broaden as we journeyed forward on our pilgrimage to Avebury, Glastonbury, and Barrow Mump.


Stonehenge viewed from NW surrounded by visitors

This latest solo visit of February 2018 was so far the best of all. Third time’s a charm as they say, and everything worked out great, in spite of enduring yet another frigid, windy day out on the plain! At least this time the sun shone intermittently through the clusters of white cumulus clouds, providing a little warmth and a stunning backdrop for my photos.

I’d arrived via the tour bus this time, conscientiously listening to the taped recording that nicely relayed the history of Salisbury, Old Sarum and the ancient landscape of the plain itself. Next I took the handy shuttle from the visitor center that directed us on a short straight road past the barrows and the ancient cursus. It struck me then that this modern day route was in fact mirroring the ancient processional one, just out of view behind the burial ridge. I made a mental note of the potent emblem such a grand singular causeway, or mall entrance contrives for any great place of power, whether royal, religious or governmental; all national headquarters have incorporated this principal into their grounds and layout.


The line of burial mounds on the ridge in front of the cursus

The visitor layout upon arrival appeared the same as before, but with the addition of more signs and literature posted around the monument. I had also nabbed one of those handy tour guide recordings and proceeded around the monument to the designated numbers, whilst listening to all the information I could absorb about the historical and scientific facts that shed light on the mystery of this ancient site. I don’t normally do this, as I like to intuit without much previous knowledge, but since this was my third visit I felt it was time to take on board as much information as possible.


Panoramic of the stone circle and “Heel Stone” viewed from the west

All in all I was out in the freezing cold; studying, intuiting, and photographing for almost 3 hours. In that time I literally had to hold on to my hat as the winds threatened to steal it from me, while my thermals just marginally kept out the bitter chill. Alongside the rather overwhelming amount of human activity at the site, there are others of the feathered kind that flock here. The most prominent are the rooks that wander and fly around and perch atop the giant stone monoliths. I remember their bird presence here from my second visit, and it struck me then how they had naturally taken on the role as guardians to this threshold of different realms; of timelines long past and the present.


Rook (Corvus frugilegus)

As I approached the northwest of the monument I turned to face the bright glare of sunlight. Suddenly and unexpectedly the rooks all took to the air; their striking black fingered wings etched into the picture before me.  I vividly recall a loud ‘crack’  as feathers fast propelled their bird bodies upwards into sky, aiming at heavens gate beyond the fleecy clouds. I watched in awe at their ascension, mesmerized by their flight path that mapped out an imaginary 8 configuration above the ancient standing stones. It was in this instance that the magic of Stonehenge came fully to life.

Utterly spell bound by this sight, I prayed that my camera had actually managed to capture the sudden and intense emergence of spirits of place that I’d just witnessed. It became obvious to me from this instance, how the rooks interact physically and esoterically with the monument, adding to the atmosphere and the dramatic silhouette of Stonehenge. I’ll never forget the reverie in that moment, or the haunting sight of these dark angels contrasted against the stark back drop of sky, land, sun and clouds.


The rooks ascent

Rooks (Corvus frugilegus) are migratory birds and the most abundant Eurasian birds of the corvidae family, which includes crows, ravens, magpies, and jays. The adult birds have quite a distinct appearance; shaggy thigh feathers and bare white skin at the base of a sharp bill. The rook’s natural, rather disheveled appearance I found befitting to the rugged, sparse landscape of Salisbury plain and the relentless winds that besiege it.

Large colonies called rookeries congregate and nest in tall trees, sometimes within towns, and habitually return to the same nest year after year. They dig for larvae and worms in meadows and plowed fields, and pull up grain seedlings and young potato plants. During this visit I observed many rooks poised around the circumference of Stonehenge, arduously at task, and pecking away at the ground in search of their nourishment.


Rooks digging for seedlings around the circumference of Stonehenge

Interestingly enough there are no myths that concern rooks, only of its cousins the crow, raven and magpie. It would appear then that it’s been rather overlooked that these birds, in fact have gained a legendary status here at Stonehenge, as being the gatekeepers to this sacred landscape and monument, for possibly thousand of years. This in of itself, I believe deserves mythical status. After all it is the rook for the most part that has claimed Stonehenge as its territory, rather than crow or raven.

I have read too that the rook as a spirit animal, like all members of the crow family, act as a guide for us to get in touch with life’s mysteries, and can assist in developing our ability to perceive subtle shifts in energy within our self and in our environment. And this is exactly what is most needed to intuit the landscape and monuments of Stonehenge. And so I sensed that focusing my attention on these birds and their behavior would help me better align energetically with this archaic landscape.


Rooks in alignment with the earth, the winds and the this hallowed ground

When visiting any ancient site, I first attempt to intuit the land over which it presides. I conjure my extra sensory ‘feelers’ to assist me psychically scan the lay out of the land, above and below the surface, while actively still being present to witness what goes on in the current timeline. This means that one must straddle different realms while encountering the many timelines that may be active in a landscape, or evoked through ritual. This is no easy feat and requires a good center and grounding in oneself; to move and intuit among the ‘noise’ of many people, and other modern day intruders such as vehicles, electrical currents and broadband.


Self portrait with the winds, the earth, and the sky at Stonehenge, February 20th 2018

For my own findings I take into consideration the laws of attraction; meaning that it is the complex make up of the innards that hold the power to draw an energetic signature towards it. They say that like attracts like, but in many cases opposites also attract. Modern day physics with its study of the atom has proven this as fact rather than theory.  This natural law partly explains for instance, why one always seems to attract a certain type of person, or how one may find oneself back at the same physical locale over and over.


Stonehenge viewed from the south

Such cycles of synchronistic events work the law of attraction. In my experience of intuiting a person or place, each reality is fused with karmic timelines woven into the very fabric of its existence, that works towards defining who they are, and what they are to become. This complex weaving fashions a tapestry of the physical and psychic boundary holders for their life span. As a conscious being we may either choose to live within the constrict, or challenge our selves to defy it, by attempting to free oneself of such confines. The land may not have such a choice, yet the energetic signature of its innards may be strong enough to attract exactly what it needs to generate a stronger and louder vibrancy.


The Rooks of Stonehenge

So let’s look at Stonehenge from all these perspectives and first consider what appears on the surface…

The chosen land on which the famous henge and all its counterparts (cursus, barrows, mounds, pits) were constructed, happens to be on this wide expanse of a natural plain. Salisbury plain is in fact the largest remaining area of calcareous grassland in north-west Europe. This means that it has never supported woodland, as did much of old England once upon a time. Also whatever was erected or carved into the land here would have not only made it easier to find, but even with its chalk sediment somewhat easier to construct than in a forested location. And most importantly it could be viewed from afar; from all the directions, and even from above, if one is to consider the monument from a spiritual perspective.

In the Neolithic era, ditches carved out of the chalk were dug to various depths; some rather shallow like at Stonehenge, or others much more cavernous as seen at Avebury.  I imagine the trenches of these earthworks were well maintained thousands of years ago, and flooded in the Spring after a heavy rainfall. With the reflective quality of water gleaming in the sunlight, these ditches would have looked much like a moat surrounding an old fortress, but without the depth. And once filled with rainwater, each earthen enclosure would have temporarily marked a clearer division in the land, especially when viewed from above.


The ditch of the ancient Henge that encloses the stone circle

Perhaps this was one way the ancestors managed to construct a 3D representation of the symbol of life itself. Water, light and soil are after all the vital components for all life here on this Earth, and the circle a universal symbol for the cycle of life; of totality and the infinite.

Since there is evidence too that the ancestors built there sites with specific constellations incorporated into the design, and in alignment with important celestial events that related to earth cycles, then its stands to figure that the stars, planets and constellations played a principal role in the physical and spiritual life of our ancestors and the earliest civilizations. For instance at Stonehenge the “Sun stone” or “Heel stone” as it is called, aligns with the Summer Solstice, acting as a marker for the rising of the sun at this cyclical, celestial and seasonal event.


The “Heel Stone” or “Sun Stone” positioned NE at the entrance of the “Avenue”

We know too that the majority of Neolithic earthworks were lined or covered with the white chalk of the plains and hills, now covered over by the grass. One can only imagine then the  magical sight of this wide open space of Salisbury plain back in ancient times viewed from afar, or from above. A white structure would be much easier to find especially if journeying at night. And if there was such a thing as a ‘sky being,’ looking down on this arena under the illumination of a full moon, then this extraterrestrial would be able to see the landscape, clearly dotted with all the white lines, circles and mounds that the earthlings had constructed. It’s as if these landmarks all joined together, fabricated a grand design of some sort of primitive but effective GPS system, not only for Earth inhabitants, but also perhaps for those supernatural beings that resided in the heavens above.


Artist rendition of the construction of chalk mounds and their burial rituals

With the careful construction and placement of these gleaming white monuments and trenches all across Britain, I wonder whether the ancestors were mirroring the bright lights of the heavens here on earth, and creating some kind of giant 3D celestial map, or could it have been constructed to entice a visitation from the ‘sky beings?’ Perhaps in our wildest imaginings then, we could conceive of the notion, that they went to all this laborious effort to pave the way for supernatural beings to locate specific spots on Earth, and therein summon the Gods to make their visitation. After all a neolithic cursus with its parallel chalk ditch outline does look a lot like a landing strip!

The mystery of the cursus has lead experts to debate whether it was a processional space used for large ritual gatherings, or a barrier enclosure between land only utilized for ceremony, and that populated with the tribal settlements. And since the recent unearthing of piles of arrow heads at the far end of the cursus at Stonehenge, there is further debate now as to whether this was an arena constructed for some kind male rite of passage, with festive sports and competitions.

But why not all of the above? That would have been the most resourceful approach for something that took so much time and labor to construct on such a grand scale, among a significantly smaller populace of people than present day.  It is surely common sense then, that the use of such structures had multiple purposes, that merged the two realms of the sacred and profane. A chalk mound that was used for burial could very well have served a dual purpose. These man made tumuli, perhaps not only utilized as a place to entomb and venerate the deceased, but also as visible landmarks for navigational purposes. In certain parts of Britain the building of these tombs were more concentrated, and often these mounds appear in straight lines on ridges of hills or embankments; the silhouette of which can be clearly seen from a distance.


A line of tumuli on the eastern periphery of the monument

From my intuiting of this land and others like it, such as the extensive arrangement of menhirs of Carnac, I’m certain that during the changing of seasons these landscaped environments hosted huge processions of people. This mapping out of the landscape definitely lends itself to a proficient, systematic way to usher in a huge congregation for important meetings, or festivities between Europe’s first tribes. I imagine their celebrations to be akin to the Native American Pow Wow; the origins of which saw gatherings of medicine men and spiritual leaders.

In my minds eye I have also envisioned the complex and beautiful aerial patterns of the thousands of pilgrims and their dances as they made their way towards the center. Alongside the rituals of their worship, the different enclosures could also have served a practical purpose, with other activities here supporting efficient, healthy and peaceful living in a small or large community.


The sparse and practical interior of a Neolithic dwelling

Leaping thousands of years forward now into the future, we can see that man has gone to great lengths to secure his individual and collective survival, as well as construct a world based on every conceivable efficiency and convenience, to generate a lifestyle with as little physical labor as possible. And in so doing man has actually further separated himself from the sacred essence of the nature above and below him.

The differentiation now between the sacred and the profane has a clear divide; the sacred overwhelmed by the profane through our overly materialistic, consumer lifestyle, which in turn has reduced our conscious awareness of earth and her natural cycles. Indeed, in order to stay constantly attuned now to both realms, it demands great awareness, attention and ‘work’ to unite the two in our current daily lives. This was definitely not the case for our ancestors as these two realms must have always been active simultaneously; bridged consciously and unconsciously throughout their days and nights on this earth.


A recreation of Neolithic dwellings

When a human being lives close to the earth shaped by the elements, and in balance with nature as our ancestors did, then the body and its consciousness naturally attunes to earth magic; her cycles, her creative abundance, and the great mystery of the heavens above her. The Earth was deemed feminine like woman herself, full with the miracle of life and birth, and ‘she’ was revered as ‘The Great Goddess’ – mother and provider of all life.


Neolithic dwellings with a single doorway and no windows

Whatever we may choose now to believe about the spiritual and ritual life of the ancestors, there is one thing that seems plainly obvious. Stonehenge and other such grand Neolithic monuments are absolutely places of power. Just look at how many people still come here in fascination and reverence, and from all corners of the globe.

The circular structure of Stonehenge erected some 3000 years ago, went through three stages of construction, to designate this specific spot as a principal physical ‘center’. This section of land then on Salisbury Plain, became the chosen focal point for Britain’s ancient ancestors. And the making of permanent stone, and semi-permanent wood fixtures served as physical markers left for the future generations to come, helping to further distinguish this as a place of power.

It took an archeologist from the middle east to illuminate as to why certain structures were made of wood and others stone. It is simply this – for the ancient ancestors stone appeared eternal, and therein represented the dead departed to the afterlife, while wood easily decayed, and so represented the living on this earth dimension. This once again eloquently expresses the ancestors ability to merge the two realms of life and death; integral for the continuation of veneration of the dead, plus the worship of the Great Goddess and the honoring of the infinite great mystery.


The majestic ancient center of Stonehenge

This circular theme of a ‘center’ is key, since within the innards of the land in this specific spot, there is said to be a convergence of ley lines that conduit their own unique energetic signatures. This means that beneath the surface and at the center point of Stonehenge lies an energy hub whose nuclear mid point is the place of convergence and divergence of these high frequency ley energies. Whether you wish to believe this invisible, natural power house exists innately in the land, or not, (like the human chakra system) there is no denying however that power has been instilled into the land through the perpetual rituals of the ancestors, carried forward throughout history, to perhaps an even greater extent in present day.

In this current era millions of people journey from all over the world to circumambulate the Stonehenge center in awe and wonder. It is still a modern day pilgrimage for those of the druid or pagan traditions. Whether people throng here because they have a genuine interest in the ancient world of our ancestors, or just to secure another notch in their ego’s belt, it makes no matter, because they will keep on coming or returning like myself. Many of Stonehenge’s current visitors remain unaware that they too are unconsciously donning their energy and focus to a modern day ritual that continues on from the thread of the past…

the ancestor’s cursus to the North, swapped now for our modern day version of a processional entrance via the tour bus. And then there’s the clearly marked footpath that circles these ancient standing stones, that act as boundary holders, as well as a passage to navigate, marvel and experience this ancient landscape. The ancestors must have undertook the lengthy construction of the practical and symbolic  ‘Avenue’ and ‘Cursus’ at Stonehenge in order to outline their own specially designated way of entering this sacred environment. And to that end we continue their ritual of visitation.


The new path constructed besides the “Heel Stone” for optimal viewing of the monument

So whether the place had original supernatural power or not, or whether it was the giant ‘heel stone’ jutting out of the plain that drew the ancestors to this special spot in the first place, it really is of little consequence these days. I don’t say this to be flippant, rather in recognition that what has been created here through the congregation of millions of people over thousands of years; all drawn here by the mystery, has sealed this as being a place of power, regardless now of its origins. I like to ruminate how thousands of years into the future, our current activity at Stonehenge will be unearthed. Perhaps they’ll discover the remains of the road that lead from the visitor center to the site; some metal pegs unearthed from the pathway, or even a ‘selfie stick’ will show up within the circle of the henge! Will they wonder too like our selves, what kind of ritual was going on here in the 21st century?


Visitors drawn to the northwestern side where the path is located closest to the monument

Even though I paid close attention to the history lesson of the tour and made mental notes along the way about the archeological finds, my focus kept getting pulled back to the rooks, and how they had congregated here just like the people. Even with their attention absorbed in the frenzy of pecking the grassland, still they appeared constantly on guard, as if non of our human movements and exploits went undetected.

I could tell that the rook like the crow is ever watchful of intruders and predators, and on this day they had a great deal to squawk about! One in particular drew very near to me, and I had the chance to get up close and personal with this wonderful creature. I noticed that the rook has more of a quirky character than the crow or raven, and I found it to be full of curiosity; less aloof and more personable in its attitude and stance.


The Rook speaks

The sound the rook makes is characteristic of a loud, strident bird noise that can warn other members of its clan over great distance. This bird then reminds us always to be on the watch and anyone who feels a strong kinship to the crow family will develop both strong physical and psychic boundaries of protection. They may also glean the ability to see things from a higher perspective, or awaken that innate capacity for greater ‘visioning’. I say this because these birds are well known for building their nests at great height, which ensures a safe haven free of predators. Considering the natural affinity between the rook and this place of power, we could say then that Stonehenge is well protected and acts as a physical vantage point to better ones ‘vision’.

This higher perspective also teaches us the ability to go beyond illusions; such as the duality of right and wrong, and the division between the inner and outer. Taking into account, once again, the law of attraction, one can contemplate the many rings that make up Stonehenge, with each marking a boundary or enclosure separating the inner from the outer. How befitting then that the rooks have made this ancient monument their stronghold in present day.


“The door of life”

In ancient Egypt the scribes who wrote and illustrated ‘The Book of the Dead’ went to great lengths to record the trials to be faced in the underworld. They documented in meticulous detail each guardian demon to be encountered at each level, before safe passage was granted by the Gods into the eternal realm. It is feasible then that these different boundaries at Stonehenge also represented specific realms that a soul must pass through, in order to arrive in spirit form on ‘the other side.’ In which case the inner stone circle at Stonehenge could well have represented the entry point into the ‘hereafter’.


Layout of the inner circle of Stonehenge

Originally five sarsen trilithons stood at the center of the inner enclosure, erected in a horseshoe configuration. And while the horseshoe nowadays is a symbol of good luck, for our ancestors this shape represented ‘the door of life’. With all this symbolism combined, the concentric rings of Stonehenge perhaps represent the separate states of  life, death and eternity.

Among the ceremonies and rites that may have been performed here, I sense it most likely that the bodies of the deceased were brought into the center circle for ritual cremation, with the surrounding sarsen doorways symbolically as well as physically illustrating that persons soul exit from this life- through the gateway of death into the after life. The winds that gust across this plain would have assisted too in this process, helping to liberate the spirit from its body vessel, while the smoke and ash would appear to evaporate as it was carried upward- again representing the spirit free of the flesh.


On the wings of dark angels

Some of the earliest archeological findings at Stonehenge revealed a ring of 56 pits circling the henge, just outside the center earthwork enclosure. These are known now as the Aubrey holes. They date back to the earliest phase of the monument, and are believed to have originally held wooden posts. Adult bodies of both males and females have been unearthed in many of the pits, alongside evidence of cremations. In fact more than 50,000 fragments of cremated human remains was discovered in just one of the Aubrey holes. These earliest burials found on site long predate the monument in its current form, and it was discovered too that after the sarsen stones were erected, these burials ceased close to the center ring and were instead moved outside to the periphery of the circle.


The marker of one of the 56 pits- this one beneath the visitor path

This concludes then, that the Stonehenge monument is inseparably linked to death and burial, no matter of any other theories. It indisputably establishes the henge arena as an extensive prehistoric cemetery. I find it intriguing and synchronistic too, that the rooks, like their cousins the crow and raven, are said to fly between the dimensions of life and death. It’s not surprising then that these birds were attracted to this remote place, with its haunting sight of the ghostly looking monument.


The haunting silhouette of Stonehenge

Like the shamans of past and present, rooks too are said to carry the power of prophetic insight, yet also symbolize the void, or core of creation through the coloration of their iridescent blue-black feathers. They are augurs, keepers of secrets and mysteries and since they feed on carrion these birds also became associated with death. Folklore also equates the crow family with bad omens, and dark witchcraft, whilst in many shamanic traditions the crow is viewed as the spirit animal for shapeshifters, and for those who use magic and master the power to manipulate the law of our physical universe.


The black fingered wings of the rook

While the mystery of this sacred site slowly unravels, it seems viable to question how its feathered inhabitants can further shed light on the enigma that has become Stonehenge. According to author Neil Gaiman, rooks do have one mystery regarding its social organization. Like the crow it is not a solitary bird, as where there is one you will usually find many. A group of rooks is known as a ‘parliament’, due to their habit of forming large assemblies during which one bird will seem to “speak” or orate at length. Afterwards, the bird is either left alone, or shockingly torn to pieces. Gaiman claims that the lone bird is telling a story; the other birds’ reaction is their form of criticism.

Rooks then like the crow represent a gathering of people, coming together with a social purpose. The parliament of rooks at Stonehenge flock together and feed together, as I imagine our ancestors would have done to secure their survival, and to preserve valuable resources; for honoring the dead, and the Gods and Goddesses eternal.


“The Slaughter Stone” at the NE Avenue entrance

Perhaps then, the rooks are mirroring the energy of these original gatherings akin to the ‘Pow Wow’, with a hierarchy of a tribal people that came here in procession, to enter this majestic arena, surrounded by a great rally and audience of peoples. Perhaps they gathered here to debate pressing cases or disputes, make important announcements, or recount their creation myths and stories. Stonehenge could well have been one of the first structures of a parliament; a primitive version serving a similar purpose as our present day government/court of law, with its panel of judges and authorities gathered to resolve issues that involve the greater collective.  I imagine the ancestors would have wanted to manage these affairs with their leaders, and most spiritual or magical members of the community present, but also under the watch of the ancient ones, including the spirits of the ancestors, and of place; plus the sky beings- the Gods and Goddesses. Among the great assembly of the living, all of these spirits would be called upon to act as all seeing witnesses in the matters of great social/tribal importance.


The black rook and the higher perspective

Even with all our careful deliberations of possible activities conceived for the use of Stonehenge, it still to this day remains a stoic example of a mystery that continues to baffle. Each new excavation tells another story that becomes just another piece in the ever expanding puzzle that is Stonehenge. Yet in spite of where the finger of scientific evidence points, each of us have the capacity to intuit these places of power. In the case of Stonehenge and other circles we can let the stones speak for themselves, or communicate with the nature and animals that reside on the spot. All is relevant and all is valid whatever comes to mind and speaks to us.

Psychically intuiting the land requires as much of a practical mindset as it does an engagement of an extra sensory perception. Even though construed as a ‘woowoo’ pursuit, it does however heavily rely on the expansion of ones awareness, rendering the ‘psychic’ in a more lucid state of presence in this reality, rather than completely forsaking this dimension for another. It is after all the shamans teaching – the mastery of balancing ones footing on a path that breaches two separate realms.

Since the rook exhibits an innate ability for this, honing my focus on these birds definitely helped me intuit the ancient landscape of Stonehenge. Indeed, we may still look to all the many creatures that roam this planet, alongside the plants, trees and rocks, as our guides for the rediscovery of earth magic. In this case what I intuited in the presence of Stonehenge guarded by the rooks, expanded fourfold after I left the site. And the reveals continue to surface as I complete my writing of this thousands of miles away on a different continent.


The rook- a creature of earth and sky

Yet still there’s this sense that perhaps we are never to be partisan to all life’s greatest mysteries. Simply because the construct in which we live is a purposeful design, with specific boundaries installed so as not to permit human consciousness an all knowing perspective. Some would say that these mysteries are only for the Creator God to see and know, and for us mortals to ponder throughout eternity. Divine Creator therein becomes our foremost and only true witness, while we continue to entertain this strange reality, and partake in this grandiose experiment called life!


Stonehenge in the midday sun

Nevertheless scientists explore undeterred, challenging the superstitions and beliefs held by the peoples of the archaic world, as well as the spiritual dogma of all the religious establishments. Its carbon dating allows us a narrow window into the past, to shed light on a few tangible findings, on which the anthropologists fabricate a model of life for our earliest ancestors. For Britain’s ancestors,  this hallowed ground may have served the multi purpose of temple, cemetery, parliament, observatory, solar calendar, and healing ground. No matter of the conceptual origins of the Neolithic and Megalthic complex, there’s no shadow of a doubt that Stonehenge still upholds itself as a physical and spiritual center of power.

IMG_4830 2

The magical mystery of Stonehenge

I wish to conclude this article with the understanding that what was once so obviously sacred to our ancestors was inherited by all the generations that came thereafter. This same hallowed ground, so revered by the ancestors thousands of years ago, is now in our keeping. ‘We’- the huge expanded populace of the modern world, with our concrete skyscraper buildings, our high tech devices, efficient modes of transport, our agriculture, and our myriad of purchasable items; ‘we’ are currently care taking this inheritance…


Stonehenge and the ‘Heel Stone’ viewed from southwest

Even though Stonehenge resides now under the protection of the English Heritage, a new scheme has been proposed to build a road beneath this ancient monument directing traffic straight through to the visitor center. These commuter plans are still under debate, fortunately with some authorities already negating such an intrusive endeavor. I hope and pray that this sacred site receives ongoing special consideration and conservation as it so well deserves, and that the power of the land is recognized and kept in tact below the surface, as well as what can be visually seen.

Stonehenge is a precious gift passed down to us from Britain’s ancient tribes, like a giant time capsule that still holds the key to unlocking the ancient mysteries. It is on this threshold and through this ancient portal that we may cross over into other dimensions, and where time travel may be granted to those who master an inner and outer alignment with earth – the Great Goddess and her earth magic, and the Great Creator God of the sky and heavens.


Portal gateway

The rooks have mastered this art in their presence of being. They fly through the in between; in the spaces where past and present timelines merge, fusing all that has been energetically imprinted with the frequencies that flow beneath the surface of the earth. This entitles these black winged ones as the chosen gatekeepers of this sacred space. And through them continues the age old tradition of preserving the power and secrets of the great mystery; all enduring as the spirits of place, and the ancestors that reside in the monument of Stonehenge, and within the earth and space it occupies.

And if you ever find yourself here at Stonehenge, on this hallowed ground, consider yourself a fortuitous visitor to the land of the earth Goddess and the sky Gods, and that in some distant realm, glimpsed through the arrangement of stone, is a window into the magic and mystery of life itself; that as long as there is an Earth to stand on, will always prevail.


The Rook on guard


Written at the end of January/February 2018 eclipse season

Astrology for February 20th, 2018 ~ Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces

Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune, square Mars in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

©Betsy Peerless 2018


Blue Moon Eclipse in Avalon: Focus ~ Truth ~ Perception



Super Blue Moon Eclipse at St. Michael’s Chapel Tower


I have learned that when the inner voice calls it is important to not only respond, but to absolutely trust what is demanded of me. It was with this guidance I found myself back at Glastonbury to celebrate the Imbolc festival and the culmination of the Supermoon/eclipse from the lofty location of the Tor. My trust was amply rewarded with breath taking views, and as always some highly synchronistic encounters. Yet the most magical moments for me arose from intimately interacting with this sacred land; her powerful ley lines and the Goddess of ancient lore…



Divine Mother altar at Chalice Wells garden

It is true for me that Spirit moves in mysterious ways. And even when I’m not entirely sure why, or what, or how, I simply motivate on an instinct, or that voice that speaks from the depth of me. I had no idea what to expect this time in Glastonbury, I just knew it was time to go. The last time I made the same trek from Dorset, was on the winter solstice of 2016, and those 2 days of ceremonies involved a powerful release.


Goddess Temple, Glastonbury

I can’t say that I’ve ever been very enamoured with Glastonbury town, it is simply my love for the Tor and the natural springs that draws me back time and time again. And to be really specific it is the northeastern side that pulls me in. The sight of the Tor from this direction literally tugs at my heart strings.

To make this approach one walks the windy roads and trails through the green Somerset countryside; across the muddy fields grazed by sheep to arrive at the edge of the steep grassy foothill. Atop this giant tumulus stands the sentinel chapel tower of St. Michael. Silhouetted against a backdrop of the day or night; in clear or misty skies, it stands as a powerful and poetic symbol for the human desire to bridge heaven and earth.

The Avalon apple orchard which lies on the south eastern side strongly beckoned to me this time, and I sensed that I would make my Imbolc offering there as well as communicate with the Goddess and usher in my creative muse.


Approaching the Tor


Northern side of the Tor

The Tor is a rather alluring place, not only because of its serene beauty and extraordinary geography, but on account of the myths woven into this distinct landscape. It depends really what you wish to believe, in alliance with your wildest imaginings, as to what becomes your reality here- or anywhere for that matter! For the Tor is most famed as being the epicenter of the Arthurian legends; a holy place that was once shrouded in mist, surrounded by water and protected by the Lady of the Lake, who acted as guardian and Queen to the sacred isle of Avalon. With the gradual conversion of Celtic pagan Britain to Christianity, the ancient mysteries and rites were exchanged for the Christian dogma and the worship of one God. Eventually Avalon along with the Fae disappeared behind the veil, and it is said that only the chosen are allowed to enter back into her sacred realm.


The distinct silhouette of The Tor


St. Michael’s Chapel Tower ~ Jan. 30th


View through the Western Archway


Inside the Chapel Tower


Taking in the views on my first day and adjusting to the ley energy


Glastonbury viewed from the Tor


With the disturbance below from the busy roads encircling and bypassing Glastonbury; its 21st century sounds and light pollution, make it hard to entertain this as a reality. Yet there are moments when the current timeline slips away and somehow the undulating hills and fields, the flooded meadows, and the moonlight all conspire to thin the veil. Then the magic of Avalon truly comes to life, and there is this knowing that only something of mythical proportions could be accountable for such rare lucid transparency. For me personally this land is not only symbolic of the Goddess with her soft sensuous curves, but this is a place in which she has dwelt and been revered since ancient times. In truth I can say that the Goddess resides in every place and in all nature, yet in Avalon seated on her high throne she radiates the most powerful and healing emanation.





The flooded fields that surround the Tor


No matter what one declares as ones truth, there is one thing that unites all that visit the Tor, and that is that sense of awe of the location; the 360 degree panorama, and for the more spiritual minded- the powerful spirits and sense of place. With the convergence of two springs, plus the Mary and Michael ley lines deep beneath the Tor, it creates a natural merger for the energy of the sacred masculine and divine feminine and supports their sacred union. And if this all sounds very far fetched, one need only observe the energy translating into form, as partners and bosom friends embrace on the top of the Tor. One cant help but notice the amount of love shared around the chapel tower. No matter of the cold, wind, rain, or fog there are always lovers to be found sheltering huddled together inside the stone walls, or out on the lawn over looking the panoramic view of Somerset.



Friends’ embrace


The view to the East and man in blue

Whenever I come to Glastonbury, in spite of the many people distractions I step into a ceremonial/ritual mode from the moment I arrive until the minute I leave, and even then the energy continues.  My ceremony on this visit became a melding of many parts; firstly I created an altar of crystals and other power objects from my medicine pouch, which I offered to the Moon and the Goddess on the window sill of my colorful Shakti room. It remained active for the duration of my stay. I’d brought with me some ribbons, that represented the angel colors I’ve been working and painting with for the past year. Those I tied on the old mother apple tree at the head of the Avalon orchard just after the eclipse.


Altar for the Moon and the Goddess


Ribbon offering Jan. 31st


Old Mother Apple Tree


Ribbons catching the wind


View of the apple orchard below

For my eclipse moment I spent it in deep meditation with a man I met the last time I was visiting, at a cacao ceremony at the Shekinashram. Rather serendipitously we had bumped into each other the day before in the street, and he had asked if I would like to help him practice his healing studies of mediumship. I agreed to volunteer, and so here we were exactly at the time of the eclipse connecting in multiple dimensions; unable to visually see the eclipse from the UK, yet still able to tap into the powerful energy.  During the session I was enveloped in 3 colors – cobalt blue, a vivid aqua and gold. And for a brief but glorious moment I felt the presence of the Virgin Mary. This surprised me, as not being a mother myself I have never had such a strong connection with this icon and Goddess.

After the session we shared our insights. My friend felt that I needed to reel in my energy, of all that I had put out into the world and the loose strings, which sounded to me like a reclamation of my personal power. This reading fit well with the theme of the Blue Moon in the sign of Leo, since it is the cosmic lion who helps us to own the power of our creativity, individuality and sovereignty, and to feel proud of our legacy. He explained too that the guides would continue to work with me to find clarity over any current life challenges and dilemmas.


Gold and royal blue light inside the Tor after the eclipse


The Tor just before sundown January 31st


The passage of my descent

On the night of the Blue Moon I first saw it rise through the window of the pub where I was eating my diner. I rushed to finish and headed by foot straight back to the Tor, as my original goal was to view the spectacle from the chapel tower. Since the moon rose in ENE I realized I’d have to break my rule and walk up the steep and lengthy pilgrims path in the west, in order to get my best view and shots. The long walk up the steps in the dark, battling the cold and the winds was challenging, but I was duly rewarded with a spectacular site of the giant moon ascending, like myself towards the top of the Tor.

I sheltered inside the chapels stone walls marveling at the view for as long as I could bear the wind chill, before descending via the apple orchard. I moon bathed here for a while just allowing the soft luminosity to absorb into my whole being. I felt so grateful to have been gifted a clear night for the perfect viewing conditions of this epic Superbluemoon.

As I made my exit out of the orchard  I glimpsed something silvery dart along the grass. Unbeknown to me I had been accompanied by a rabbit under the moon light during my prayers and contemplation. This filled me with happiness as I have a great affinity with rabbit.


The Supermoon rising behind the Tor on Jan.31st


The Supermoon from the Tor


Supermoon at the offering site


Supermoon rising above the Avalon Orchard

The day after the Blue Moon I felt called to visit the ancient city of Wells, and in particular the Cathedral. The minute I stepped off the bus and alighted the narrow streets I felt an immediate fluidity and calmness enter my energetic field, as if I had been delivered to the very source of the divine feminine. The water from the natural springs here flows down channels in the road, on both the sides of the High street, and so my watery Cancerian nature felt instantly at home in this place. Wells has a series of springs known as St Andrews Risings which surface in the floor of an ornamental lake in the grounds of the Bishops Palace. Water flowing from these ancient wells has shaped the landscape, the buildings and the many gardens of this remarkable and graceful site.

The walls and moat that surrounds the Gatehouse and Bishops Palace


Bishops Palace, Wells


View of Wells Cathedral and the giant 200 year old American Walnut Tree on Bishops Palace grounds


Snowdrops encircling the Yew tree in the church yard in the Cloisters of Wells Cathedral

The 12th century Wells Cathedral exceeded all my most fanciful expectations. It was absolutely stunning and the architecture as fluid and feminine as the energy in which it was erected. My healer friend had advised me to stand beneath the great clock and the resurrected statue of Christ, as this was a lesser known vortex spot. Having lived in Sedona AZ, and a long term resident of Montauk NY, I am familiar with heightened energy spots and the affects this has on the physical body and auric field. As I stood directly beneath the magnificent clock and the Christ, I felt the energy beneath my feet softly pulsing. I imagine a dowser would recognize a natural convergence and a divergence of water ways running beneath, as it generated a perfect balance and harmonization of the masculine and feminine energies. 

The working Medieval Clock that tells the time and the moon phases; the Christ resurrection statue and the vortex spot


The sensuous Scissor Arches


The Quire and beautiful medieval stain glass windows


The 8 pointed star/flower of the Quire ceiling and the medieval “Jesse Window”


Detail of “Jesse Window” ~ the heavenly host of angels


After my time spent in the cathedral I happened upon Vicars close, which claims to be the oldest purely residential street with original buildings intact in all of Europe. I was instantly transported back in time to old medieval England. My arrival here was timely as the vicars and school boys dressed in their old fashioned garb were making haste up and down the close. The archways at both ends act like portals to a bygone era, and I could discern the many timelines all converging on this stone street within the perimeter of the old buildings.



Vicar’s Close, Wells, Somerset


Medieval street and buildings of Wells


My visit to Wells was brief and I felt sad to be leaving so soon, yet I felt called again to return to the Tor to see the Supermoon rise once more.

On the way back to the bus stop I came across a small crystal shop and entered as I wished to make a special purchase. I really felt compelled to take an energetic piece of Wells back with me. My eyes were drawn to a tiny piece of blue goldstone fashioned into an ‘S’ shape pendant. It was cold to the touch, dark and sparkly and it reminded me of the starry midnight sky, while the pendant shape was soft and feminine as the energy here in this locale. This was the perfect piece to symbolize my journey to these sacred grounds, and my anticipation of watching the bright Supermoon rise in the dark starlit sky.

It was later that I discovered that blue goldstone is a master healer and one of the best to work with for empaths dealing with hypersensitivity. It can act as a guide to seeing the light at the end of the darkness, and to understand that everything is the source of energy and vibration. It also encourages acceptance of who we are, through expressing authenticity which means no longer denying our truth. Again this fit so well with the Leo energy of the eclipse, and I know it will assist in the recall of my 2018 Blue Moon experience when need be.

Back in Glastonbury just before sundown, I faithfully returned to my old passage through the fields and up the back of the Tor. I passed through a meadow of sheep, to sit in the orchard while awaiting the moon rise. It took much longer than expected as a cloud bank clung to an invisible line just above the horizon. I passed the time in prayer and channeling the spirits of place, as it’s at dusk that the veil grows thinner for me. I felt myself connect with the Goddess of Avalon, and as my writing muse struck again I wrote a poem in her honor.



Returning to the Tor at dusk on Feb 1st

After darkness had enveloped the green land I left my quiet spot to venture back up the Tor. With the winds gusting as much as the previous night I arrived rather breathless at the top. From what I could make out in the dark I was here at night alone at the chapel tower. It was rather an eerie feeling, and so I sheltered outside, with my back resting against the eastern side of the tower facing in the direction of the moon rise. All of a sudden a figure stepped out of the archway and a mans voice exclaimed “Do you know exactly when the moon will rise?” I almost jumped out of my skin, not only because of the surprise factor, but because this man’s silhouette reminded me of someone I’d never expected to see again! Strangely enough, as it turned out he was working in Brighton, (my childhood stomping ground) and close to the current residence of that certain someone! He had come to Glastonbury like myself, especially to see the Supermoon from the Tor. What are the odds I wonder that the only two persons randomly positioned together on top the Tor that evening both had connections to the same city?

We kept each other company in the frigid cold, learning snippets of each others lives while discerning the star constellations of Orion’s Belt, Pleiades and the Big Dipper. But no sooner did we see the glowing orb emerge from the cloud suspension, we both recognized it had been worth the long wait. The Supermoon glowed bright in the dark sky, circled by a halo of rose gold and as we shared this wondrous sight we marveled at the extraordinary beauty of the world in which we live.


The moon rising viewed from the Tor on Feb 1st

After we departed ways I couldn’t help reflect on how strange of an encounter it had been, which left me with many questions…like why were we the only two people that night, in all of Glastonbury awaiting the moon rise from the Tor? Lately I have felt more glitches than normal in the energetic matrix, of what is deemed our reality or current timeline. These glitches keep bringing up energy signatures that have already been laid to rest. And on top of this phenomena, time and space seem to alter in fractional ways. As small as these changes may seem, they are nevertheless confounding, especially when physical things literally disappear out of the present timeline! This disappearance and reappearance factor can be rather perplexing and frustrating.

A friend of mine in Dorset has an explanation for all this, and refers to this phenomena as ‘The Mandela Effect,” which theorizes the existence of parallel universes. It relies on the belief that some differences between one’s memories and the real world are caused by changes to past events in the timeline, through accidental travel between alternate universes. Whatever this is, I attempt to flow with it even when it has a jarring effect. Perhaps you understand what I’m talking about, or may be not; either way I feel it is important to mention. The way I experience this feels as if time and space are rearranging themselves, and my alertness and focus is constantly being tested.


The Tor on the morning of Feb 2nd


Horned Sheep

On my last day I made my rounds. Once more I returned to the orchard and adorned the great mother apple tree with Rugosa rose petals I ‘d collected last spring in Montauk, and a sprig of mistletoe that I sourced from her sister apple trees. Hugging this tree each day I have to confess this being felt rather crotchety and lacking in luster from her former glory days. Still taking into consideration the giant hole through her core, and that she was still supporting the weight of her boughs, I could truly empathize! Like many of the living, she too has a hole in her heart, and whether you’re rooted to the spot, or walking around, that hurt is not only hard to ignore but takes much time to heal- if indeed it ever does. Her cavernous core was open and exposed to the world, and so in spite of her grumpiness I could see and understand the healing she was offering for my own heart.


Rose petal and mistletoe offering


Old Mother apple tree and her orchard


View of the Tor from the orchard


Ascending the Tor from the east

The time finally came to climb the steps for the last time, and this amounted to the sixth ascent and descent in past 4 days and 3 nights. I spent about an hour in the chapel tower where I played with the camera and basked in the sunlight. For the past year I have experimented in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways with natural light, not only with my camera but also with my physical body. Sunlight has tremendous healing power, even when it assimilates through an unconscious filtration process. However if one makes it into a conscious act of receiving; through the pores, the retinas and the auric field, then it truly goes to work in balancing, healing, nourishing and supporting the structural body in such a deep and profound way.


Self portrait with the light


It was after taking a few self portraits that I suddenly witnessed an immaculate light cascading through the south facing window. The camera lens revealed a beautiful angelic presence that appeared as the mid day light poured through the narrow arch window. The vision was only there for a minute or so, and in that moment I felt tremendous support for my being and my creative purpose. I realized afterwards that this vision was very similar to the last of my angel paintings, and so this too was very affirming. The voice deep within said, “you must write and paint as much as possible.”



Immaculate Light


Angelic presence in the southern window

As I made my last descent from the Tor, I’ll admit even though I felt ready to make my exit it tugged at my heart strings to have to leave this sacred spot behind. I know I will be back again some day, but for now I felt exhilarated and grateful for the past 4 days of absorbing all the wonderful energy of the Michael and Mary ley lines and glimpsing sacred Avalon emerging from behind the veil.


The descent on Pilgrims path


The steps of the Pilgrims path leading up to the Tor

After bidding farewell to the Tor, I visited the Chalice Well located beneath the foothill in the enclosure of a beautiful landscaped gardens. Here I tied light blue and black ribbons above the holy well adorned with white snowdrops and hyacinth. The Goddess altars nestled in the stone walls were decorated too in celebration of Imbolc and Brigids Day with spring flowers, pussy willow, and the evergreens; laurel, ivy, and holly. I spent time too at the waterfall diligently cleansing all my crystals, letting the water from the holy red spring pour over them.


Ribbon offering at the Chalice Well


Holy Chalice Well


Crystal cleansing in the red spring


The red spring pool in the Chalice Well Gardens

As I walked around the gardens I was struck by the tranquility of this small enclosed space. Inside the walls one feels so sheltered, and completely removed from the traffic of the main road and town center outside. The sound of the water gently cascading through the garden induced a deeply relaxed state, while the vision of the chapel tower in the distance beckoned me enter back into the sacred realm of Avalon. I felt my energetic fibers stretch and open to receive all the wonderful healing this place was offering.


The Chalice Well waterfall


The Tor viewed from Chalice Well Gardens

I witnessed too all the new Spring blooms raising their colorful heads just like myself, to bathe in the glorious sunshine. I spotted snowdrops, crocuses, anemones and a virburnum bush brimming with small round clusters of pink flowers that conveyed such a sweet heavenly aroma. I was joined too by two mischievous squirrels beside the well, and then gifted with a sweet encounter from a very inquisitive blackbird! We stayed in each others company for a few minutes, just eying one another until he deemed it time for us to part ways.


Purple Crocus


White Anemone


Sweet scented pink Virburnum





For the entirety of my stay I drank from the waters of the calcium rich white spring, and took just one dose of the iron rich waters of the red spring. I’d only made one visit to the White Spring Temple upon my arrival, where I held space for those who were conducting their own rituals. The atmosphere inside the cavernous space was still as I had remembered it; dark, wet and heavy like a pregnant womb. Water gushed from the brick pools spilling out onto the floor. The sound of water falling was magnified as it resounded inside the vacuous space. In corners and alcoves were still the candle lit altars dedicated to the Goddess as well as the Beltane rites. Outside the temple gateway there’s a small carved spiral that fills with water from the spring. I offered more rose petals here too as we parted our ways.


White Spring Goddess Temple


Rose petal offering


Chalice Well Spring

Since my arrival in Glastonbury I had felt rather dizzy and off balance, plus I had a constant headache, and was unable to sleep for 3 nights. Not that I am unaccustomed to insomnia, but even in my dire moments of exhaustion I could feel myself filling up with an energy, that although felt rather disruptive, had a high charged resonance. Not so surprising really when you lay your head every night over a powerful ley line, while having been accommodated in the vivid Shakti room! I could literally feel my cells hum and rearrange themselves. It’s not something I can bare for any great length of time, nevertheless I knew this was necessary, and that somehow I would be better integrated body, soul and spirit after I made my exit. Personally I find the energy in Glastonbury town very confrontational, and rather directionless. If you can imagine a nucleus of energy that has exploded – well then this describes my energetic experience of being in the town area.


Shakti room

Each morning over breakfast I had picked cards from an oracle deck and received- Focus, Truth and Perception. I was hoping for more mystical ones like the Lady of the Lake, or the High Priestess! Still I had to admit that in accordance with the astrology of this Blue Moon eclipse these were powerful reminders of the energy at hand. This I felt was an important message; as Truth absolutely does demand our focus. Plus it takes great discernment to recognize absolute truth; and when and if that moment arrives, it does absolutely hold the power to change our perception. I wondered what it was that truly needed heeding for me at this time, but considering all of life’s complexities I couldn’t define just the one thing. Perhaps too a shift in focus was in order to facilitate the change and transformation that would hold me in better stead as I reemerge out of my long transitionary state. I decided to let myself be guided further as to where I needed to hone, or shift my focus.


Oracle cards

During my passage through Avalon I received gifts from friends near and afar. Other than the wonderful gift of a medium session, a friend from Kansas was in touch to tell me she had a dream in which I was a mermaid, which made it impossible for me to walk on land! She left me with the quandary – ‘legs for land, tail for ocean?’ Another friend from Florida sent me a photo that carried a very similar energy signature to the immaculate light I’d witnessed in the Tor, that she had photographed that same day. And on my bus ride back to Dorset another friend from Swanage texted a message written specifically to me in ‘light language’. So there really is still just so much to contemplate and assimilate, alongside all the friends on social media that were following and adding their energy to my journey.


Sunset in Glastonbury on my departure

Reflecting on my journey I cant say I truly know what the principle message I am to impart in this recount. And nor can I claim this to be one of my best writings! I just know I was guided to write and let my story, along with the photos, provide healing for those who undertake the reading of it. Perhaps it’s about the simple reminder to consciously shift the focus from the profane to the sacred; how to walk with grace and balance between these two worlds, and live centered in the heart’s expression of absolute personal truth. I have termed this state of being ‘heartcentric.’ And as wholesome as this sounds it isn’t always as easy to maintain, since in this age of technology and media domination, mass deception is so easy to perpetrate.

The distortion of truth has accumulated now to critical mass, alongside all the mind conditioning. So it is no wonder then that all the corruption and lies can no longer remain hidden- out of sight and mind. We have entered an era whereby what is false will be judged in the light, and the corruption exposed for that which it is, because false truths have never supported our souls’ evolution, nor the progression of humanity.


The Tor and the gateway between two worlds

Still the truth may continue to elude us, like the mythical isle of Avalon and her feminine mysteries- hidden still behind the veil. Yet it is up to every individual to do the necessary soul searching, and whether one happens upon the truth, or goes seeking it out, this awakening is always timely and of great consequence. Because even on the flip side of such a discovery; when a long standing belief is all but shattered, then the unraveling of such great deception is agonizing enough to rip us apart. And by enduring the ‘little death’ of our awakening, we will find ourselves back on the path, heading in the direction of our personal empowerment.

The truth they say will set us free. Truth no matter how we feel about it acts as a catalyst for our best soul alignment. It generates a benevolent force, which is not the same force used by those who seek control over others; but a force for individuals who ‘own it’ to support and uphold their authenticity.


“Crystal clear,” at the Avalon Orchard

As I sit here now and write this, having left Avalon a few days back, my body, heart and spirit are still buzzing with its high frequency, while the image of the Tor remains energetically scorched into my retinas. I continue my truth seeking as the visions and downloads just keep on coming. I feel tremendously inspired and much more positive than when I first set out on my journey. And in the one fleeting moment I did manage to fall asleep, I dreamed that my physical body was stronger than it has ever been before. And so after this past year of feeling much weakened in body and spirit, I awoke the last morning in Avalon believing that I was super strong! And that thought has not left me; still feels to be my truth, and therein generates the power to absolutely change how I currently perceive myself. Those three oracle cards I sense have set the wheels in motion and they will continue their rotations…


The Sacred Yew trees at Chalice Well gardens

Another theme that quickened during my time in Somerset, was the meeting of many ‘homeless’ people. Besides the harrowing fact that there are millions and millions of refugees all over the world, displaced and fleeing war torn countries for their survival, while other natives have no other choice but to live on the street; there are currently I am finding more people than ever who’ve chosen to live a ‘homeless’ state of existence.

Recently every person I’ve encountered is technically ‘homeless’. These people are living in campers, in their cars, temporarily back with their parents, and one who even chose to sleep the night up on the freezing Tor! Others are moving from one spot to the next, and some like myself have a few power spots in which they divide their time. Looking at the broader picture and in response to the constant inflation of property and land, it is a sobering thought to contemplate that potentially billions of individuals among the world’s growing population will never manage to afford to buy their own home.


Between the sacred and the profane

My sense is that our notion of ‘home’ is fast changing, along with so many other life structures. Home they say is where the heart is; not just the confines of a shelter or place. So it would seem then that many of us are following the calling of the heart, to uproot in order to find our best alignment with people and place, or simply by oneself. There is a strong desire now more than ever to find our tribe, to break the old rules, and live where we please rather than be dictated by a job, our financial situation or what’s socially acceptable. And many of whom have chosen this uprooting are no ‘spring chickens’ – they are transitioning like myself into their elder years, or they’re old souls living in younger bodies. I wonder if this act of non attachment is serving our higher good? Is it in fact preparing us for the physical and spiritual challenges ahead that may alter our very existence on this planet?


The Chalice of Avalon

My sense of home as well as my commitment to just residing in one spot has been an ongoing dilemma for the longest time, as I’ve felt split between my love of Dorset and the far eastern tip of Long Island NY. In Dorset I have my brother and the shelter and nurture of a quaint English seaside town, while back in Long Island I have my work; two businesses, plus a deep connection with the land and a few very dear friends.

It wasn’t until I alighted the bus in Swanage, after a long and tiring journey back from Glastonbury that I heard that inner voice rejoice at my first breath of salty sea air. It spoke loud and with great certainty – “You are home,” it said…


My farewell to the Tor


Avalon ~ forever in my heart and soul


Written during January/February 2018 Eclipse season

January 31st ~ Supermoon/Blue Moon eclipse in Leo 13.26 UTC

Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius opposing the Moon, conjunct North Node,

Moon in Leo inconjunct Neptune in Pisces




In honor of the Goddesses who preside over Avalon




I follow the narrow path, winding through the shad to the bluffs. I run. I walk. I stop… perched at cliffs edge. The exquisite beauty of my surroundings is panoramic to all my senses. It stuns me, and I daren’t move. I don’t want this moment to slip away, for I thrive on such reverie.

The chill of wind wraps tightly around my body, filling my lungs with a sharp vitality. I’m stirred wide awake, sensing the magic rousing in every molecule born to this dimension. The sun risen above the ocean compels me forward to the shoreline, to the sacred border between earth, water and sky; momentarily fused together in the pastel hues of dawn.

On the beach, light beams sparkle on waters edge, trickling rose gold in tidal pools that fast absorb and disappear, as if they never did exist. My limbs pick up the pace spurred forward by the brilliance in the east, and the warmth of first light coloring my cheek. The ocean still fervent from yesterdays storm, undulates and spews up foam. The spattering of froth hovers on the wind, before receding back to the crest of waves.

I walk stealthily towards a flock of gulls poised at the rim, in that mystical space in between; where two worlds meet…their gaze eerily steady- trance like and mesmerized to a spot beyond the horizon. I don’t wish to disturb them, but they are quick to scatter. The birds take to the wing, and as my feet press into wet sand, my prints too are quick to disappear. I leave no tracks.

The gulls reel around me, but make no sound; only the ocean loud and ominous. It is all at once harrowing and bewitching. I imagine this resonance orchestrated into the cacophony of the cosmos, permeated with song and symphony of elementals, the powers and the principals. Seagulls swoop overhead now, and their wings carry them towards the light. From moment to moment their black silhouettes burnish the heavens and then vanish, suddenly reappearing in a blinding flash, in another dimension of sky.


And as I stare out to sea, the lights refraction besides the glowing disc, grows tall, morphing in and out of form. And that is when I see her, the Great Goddess robed in a translucent gown of crimson and magenta. Her emanation angelic, and supernatural in her luminosity and coloring.

Her presence piques on this hallowed morn. I see Aphrodite rising from the sea foam, and Venus’s essence imbued in the rose petal fallen to the ground. Her love juice preserved in the succulent rose hip, solitary and scarlet on a thorny bush. She is omnipotent in every vision that presents itself.

The shore ends where rock meets ocean, and there’s no further I can go, unless I risk all and cross over. I contemplate all the times I’ve wanted to leave this world behind, and yet here I am- still here. And as witness to such incredible beauty, my roots penetrate a little deeper, growing ever distant from the surface. What supreme powers hold me in place I wonder, and where exactly am I being lead? Perhaps I am both here and not here, because I see clearly in an instance and then I’m blind in the next…

The Goddess who brought the dawn fades as I turn my back. Her warmth pales as the sun rises into his radiant glory. A new day is upon us and it is the Celtic festival of the dead. Yet I’ve not felt this vibrant in a long while. And as the death cloak worn by every tree and shrub shades in my world, I feel the impulse to stay with the living, and so I quicken back from whence I came.

Watchful eyes follow my passage. The soft thud of hooves alert me to the presence of the gentle, inquisitive deer. I catch a glimpse of pricked ears, shiny black eyes, and then the flash of a white tail. And just like that, they too are gone from sight, disappearing into thicket and shad.


October 31st ~ the Celtic New Year, and holy day of Samhain

November 2nd ~ Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces

November 4th ~ Full Moon in Taurus

August 21st Eclipse Offering

Ceremony and healing for a timeline of war, and unprecedented national division…


When I first learned of “The Great American Eclipse” I knew immediately that I was to travel to see the totality. In the year leading up to the event I studied eclipses in depth and wrote articles on the subject from an astrological perspective. There were so many interesting places on the umbras path, yet only one place beckoned and that was the historic city of Charleston, right at the end of the umbra’s passage across the entire country.

From Oregon on the Northwest Pacific coast to South Carolina on the eastern Atlantic seaboard, the darkest part of the Moon’s shadow was to pass through 14 states altogether. Even though Charleston wasn’t to receive the full 2 minutes and 40 seconds of totality, like its Southern Illinois epicenter, I still knew that this was to be my destination. It wasn’t until I began some extensive research for an article on “The Intuitive Matrix” that I finally understood why it was so important for me to go to Charleston, not just as an astrologer but also as a healer. It was I discovered, Fort Sumter that would have me return to the low country for the first time in 9 years.


Traveling from Charlotte NC to Charleston SC


Live Music at the Night Market, downtown Charleston

Present day Charleston is a lively eclectic city brimming with southern charm and hospitality; live music and talented artisans. It’s been described as “America’s most friendly city” and it’s historic architecture, reputable dining, its mannerly people and mild winters make this a highly popular travel destination. With such cultural vibrancy and natural beauty Charleston has always been my favorite city in USA.

Yet for all its allure, lets not forget that this township was built on and sustained by slave labor for nearly two centuries. Charles Town as it was originally called, was a major port of entry for both free and coerced settlers in British North America back in 1700- 1800’s. Profiteering from the slave trade helped provide the economic foundation for the plantation regime which brought considerable wealth to Carolina’s colony. Slave labor fueled this regions indigo, cotton and rice industries, whose riches built white dynasties and some of the city’s elegant architectural gems.


Ferry ticket


View of Fort Sumter from the ferry

Additional to this regions iniquitous past, and at the core of this calling to visit Charleston was an old timeline that was about to be energetically activated by the August 21st solar eclipse. I learned that back on April 12th, 1861 at 4.30 am the Confederate artillery’s opened fire on the Union garrison at Fort Sumter and continued their onslaught for 34 hours. Incredibly no one was killed in this attack but this marked the beginning of the American Civil War. It still carries the greatest death toll of any war in American history, lasting 4 long years.

Everyone born in the Deep South fought for the Confederacy and everyone born in the North fought for the Union, but the border states were divided. It is estimated that 650,000 to 850,000 men died as a result, and of these soldiers 56,000 perished in prison camps from starvation and disease.  That’s more Americans soldier deaths than in both World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam combined. This amounted to 2 percent of the population at the time, which would be the equivalent to about 6 million Americans dying today. Besides this count, the enduring question among historians has been how to calculate the number of civilian deaths, since no one could tell how many of the battlefield dead belonged to each side. Although no white women were known to have been killed during the war it is thought that 400 women secretly served in the war by pretending to be men, while African-Americans making up less than 1 percent of the North’s population, amounted to 10 percent of the Union Army.


Battery of Canons


Canon hole in the brick fortifications

After the initial attack the fort was cut off from its supply line and surrendered the next day. Union forces would try for nearly four years to take Fort Sumter back. The Second Battle of Fort Sumter (September 8, 1863) was a failed attempt by the Union to retake the fort, and so it remained in Confederate hands until it was evacuated as General Sherman marched through South Carolina in February 1865.

The Confederates had strategically positioned their military defense on a man made island. Seventy thousand tons of imported granite was used to construct a sand bar in the entrance to Charleston Harbor. The fort originally a five-sided brick structure, stood tall at 50 feet over the low tide mark. During the mid-1840s, a work force of 500 African slaves under the supervision of engineers began laying 7,000,000 bricks for the 5-foot-thick outer walls. It was designed to house 650 men and 135 guns in three tiers of gun emplacements. At the onset of the war, Fort Sumter was barely complete, but by the wars end it was in ruins. The U.S. Army worked to restore it as a useful military installation partially rebuilding the damaged walls and re-leveling to a lower height, while the third tier of gun emplacements was removed. Now in present day Fort Sumter is a National Monument only accessible by passenger ferry or boat.


Charleston Harbor


National Monument

What began as a single battle not only went on to generate an outstanding death toll but also wrecked America’s economy. It’s estimated that the Civil War cost $6.19 billion, that’s $146 billion in today’s dollars. The South was the primary battlefield and suffered greatly with $10 billion in property damage and two-fifths of its livestock destroyed.

I’ll admit that learning about the history of any war has never fascinated me, and I can’t say that I ever enjoyed going to military memorials, yet still I was called to come here to work on this timeline for the commencement of the Civil War. Back in the Spring prior to this visit, my travels took me to other U.S cities and I found myself standing at the foot of memorials without any prior planning- most notably the 9/11 site in NYC, and the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District in Indianapolis. As these synchronicites started to line up I knew that I was being lead from beyond this realm, yet it only truly made sense once I read about Fort Sumter.


The interior


Flag Ceremony

A dear friend joined me on this adventure to Charleston to celebrate my recent birthday, as well as of course to view the total eclipse. After my flight was cancelled, then delayed the following day we were finally reunited in Charlotte NC, after 3 years of separation. It felt a momentous occasion for all these reasons, and after overcoming so many obstacles in our travel plans we eventually arrived together Saturday night, weary but excited on James Island.

Since she too is skilled in shamanic teachings I knew she’d understand why it was so important for me to heed this calling to go to Fort Sumter. The tour only allows 1 hour on the island unsupervised, and so the following day we endured the infernal heat and a packed ferry ride to arrive at the National Monument 4.45pm. Even though it’s a tiny island, I still felt rather disoriented as we explored the fort. Part of me didn’t want to be on this site, as I was nervous to experience this energetic timeline that had lead to so much national conflict and death. My vision kept being pulled towards the rhythmic patterning of waves breaking on the sandbar, while my overheated body welcomed the invigorating sea breeze. It was the elements of both water and air that compelled me to exit the dark enclosure and greet the lustrous shore.

With so many other tourists swarming the small area it was difficult to carve out private space to perform sacred ceremony, as I am used to working alone and with just the elements and the spirits of place witnessing my efforts. But I had prepped for this moment for so long, and even though I had tried to anticipate how I was to go about this, I hoped that just my presence and intention would act to trigger a reset of sorts, and so I let go of all my preconceptions, trusting in whatever was to transpire here on this day.

Prior to leaving my home I’d spent many months energetically powering up for this eclipse. I visited Turtle Cove twice a week for prayer, meditation and to cleanse in the waters of the cove. The last 2 ceremonies I conducted in Montauk were at two power spots I have worked with regularly for many years. The first was an unbinding ceremony that was to help me personally work through my own inner shift that was to come from being positioned beneath the umbra of the moon; witnessing the black Sun and receiving a transit to my natal Venus. Whilst the second ceremony was intended to align my body and energy system with the giant crystal transmitter of Council Rock in order to hold space and generate protection as I went about a healing for the timeline of war at Fort Sumter.


Unbinding Ceremony, Montauk NY


Powering up with Council Rock, Montauk NY

And so 21 hours before the umbra swept right over Fort Sumter, plunging it into shadowy darkness in the mid afternoon, I initiated sacred ceremony at the edge of the island, whilst my fellow visitors participated in the Fort’s daily Flag Ceremony. As all eyes turned to watch the lowering of “the star spangled banner”, I faced the ocean opening with a sage smudge and a blessing for the land and its native ancestors. I chose a powerful selection of crystal helpers from my medicine pouch, but didn’t feel to unveil them in this public space, or on this old battleground. And so I kept them covered and asked for their help to facilitate in allowing the earth to receive the powerful energetic of the eclipse to aid in transforming this timeline of terrible internal conflict and strife in this country.

Many astrologers like myself wrote about the August 21st eclipse path of totality that literally divided the nation in half, and how in current time, America is experiencing such division yet again as a nation. With the USA too poised for it’s Pluto return in 2022 there is no doubt that the land, its leadership and people are due for a karmic reset on a grand scale. Entering into such a powerful and long transit implies that much of the old archaic structuring of our society including the government, judicial law, class system, economy, and industry, are coming full circle, and so we can expect great transformation and reformation ahead long after this eclipse dissipates.


The sandbar shoreline


Sage Smudge

As the ceremony was winding down my friend came to fetch me so as not to miss the last ferry ride back to Charleston. I really didn’t feel ready to leave, and I wish I’d had more time there with the elements and to work in a deeper capacity in this spot. Still having visited and connected with the land would enable me to work in a remote capacity going forward. And so rather reluctantly I worked towards closing the ceremony promptly so as not to leave us stranded! With blessings I released a handful of rose petals in memory of all the blood that was shed, and in remembrance of the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives during the course of the American Civil War. These petals I’d foraged and harvested late Spring from the Rugosa rose that grows wild around the shorelines of my hometown, and this plant too has tremendous healing capacity.

I was surprised to experience such a strong feminine energy here on this military establishment, yet it made sense considering its island location. The ocean I suspect is mostly responsible for having cleansed and washed away so much of the conflict originally inflicted here. My friend concurred that she too felt the energy of the Goddess awakened even in the framework of the brick structure. Since my return I’ve contemplated the pentagonal shape of the walls, which in sacred geometry relates to the pentagram (the 5 pointed star) symbolizing the planet and Goddess Venus of love and beauty. It would seem then that the military engineers of past constructed their fort with an ancient design that was evocative of the Goddess, and whether they were aware of the feminine symbolism or not, it does feel to have endowed the island with the mystery and endurance of the feminine.


Medicine Pouch


Rose Remembrance – photo credit Radka Sumberova

The very next day after visiting Fort Sumter, we were among the fortunate to observe the total eclipse from historic McClellanville SC, located directly beneath the center line of the the umbra’s path. Just one minute before totality the clouds parted to the accompaniment of thunder and lightning revealing a sudden blinding explosion of light as the sun’s sphere turned black in the deep blue of space. The total solar eclipse was a truly awesome site to behold, and I know that many who watched it like myself were reduced to tears in that moment, and that we felt our solidarity as human beings existing side by side on this Earth.

I hope that all those fellow Americans who witnessed the black Sun above the colored horizon, and felt the cool shade of the umbra will carry the light forward for all others who were not positioned in the line of totality. America now more than ever needs to confront her shadow. This great war was not the only human atrocity. The mass genocide of America’s indigenous people, along with the slave trading of African immigrants generated degradation and segregation for these minorities, with racial tension and prejudice still fervent today. Let’s make a point here too of remembering all the soldiers and lives lost in the highly controversial Vietnam War, and all those still deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq under the guise of the never ending war against terrorism.

I continue to hope and pray that the energy of this recent eclipse has the power to transform all hate and division past, present and potential. Sadly I have not been feeling very confident this last year about the prospects of this country, and feel that warring on home soil is not a far stretch of the imagination, especially at the rate things are politically escalating, and as natural disasters become more devastating. My intuition along with my astrological interpretations senses that the upcoming three years are critical for US, its leadership and the people of America. Leading up to the 2022 culmination point of her Pluto return, America must take responsibility as the world’s leading democracy for all actions and deeds, past and present. How this nation uses its power is to be thoroughly examined and our country’s role in the world transformed. Any misuse of our might at this crux time, at any level will surely backfire and leave this nation with dire consequences.


Solar eclipse at McClellanville SC


Eclipse sunset at McClellanville creek

There was nothing more sobering and ominous then knowing all of this and signing off to become an American citizen back on May 3rd of this year. I felt uneasy for months, and barely slept for nights before, but in the end I went forward with this pivotal adjustment in my residency status. I endured the long bureaucratic procedure in the high court of law among hundreds of other immigrants, to be rewarded finally after 20 years living upon this land- the freedom to stay, or leave for that matter, for as long as I care without any lawful restrictions imposed upon me.

The price for this liberty however comes at a very high cost, with an oath of allegiance that bid me swear that I will take arms for this country if ever called upon. Having always been a pacifist this felt terribly wrong. Yet there was no way around this clause if I wanted to become a citizen of a country that I have long called my home. Not being a staunch religious person didn’t give me the right either to claim exemption from this ruling; while being that I am deeply spiritual should count for something, yet still not so in the eyes of the law. I can assure you that this matter is not taken lightly either by immigration, or the Federal judiciary, as every applicant must swear by this clause 4 times throughout the process of becoming a US citizen.


It is a chilling fact to contemplate that the US and its military have at its disposal literally millions of immigrants who have all sworn to this oath, recorded in courts of law on multiple cameras for all of posterity. Perhaps you think this trite or fantastical, yet if need be America can select all her naturalized immigrants to fight for, or against those who were born in this country. And if during the Civil War an estimated 500,000 foreign-born soldiers served in the Union Army alone, then this as you can see is no far stretch of the imagination either. As for me I have found some semblance of peace in tackling my lack of ease since becoming a US citizen, understanding deep down that I may be forced to bear arms and abide by my oath, but I still can’t be forced to use any weapon against another.

All of this is why I believe I had to go to Fort Sumter. As once illegal immigrant now lawful citizen of what feels to be an ailing democracy; to face both the atrocities of the past and the knowing of a formidable future that fast looms ahead. I remain determined not to allow fear to cloud my vision, or to lose focus in the challenges that may arise ahead, as my intention is to keep up my endeavors of working on the earth in a sacred healing capacity.


A window of light- photo credit Radka Sumberova



Whilst observing the ocean in conjunction with listening to winds at the mouth of Charleston harbor, and from the bluffs of my hometown perched precariously on the eastern tip of Long island, I’ve sensed the big shift coming. This force continues to intensify and sweep across the Atlantic ocean. Both Hurricane Irma and Jose originated from the Cape Verde Islands region. This happens to be close to the spot where the umbra’s path disappeared.

During this eclipse season wild fires, devastating hurricanes, floods and ferocious winds have ravaged this country and the Caribbean, purifying and cleansing vast areas, while Mexico at our border, along with the largest city in the world experienced the most devastating earthquake in a century. Meantime the past Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune opened the flood gates to our hearts, with compassion for all those souls affected. Millions of people here in US, Mexico and in the Caribbean are without power or homes, and thousands have lost their lives. The survivors of these catastrophes have suffered great loss, undertaking the burden for all of us, of what nature decrees for her balancing.

No matter what dis-eases us personally, or brings chaos to our locales, Great Mother Nature is never-the-less our antidote; the remedy for a species hell bent on breaking her laws. She offers deep healing, and yet like any chronic malady, symptoms may intensify before all aspects come back into equilibrium. Elemental nature may show no mercy, yet I know we as human beings can. It is a choice, and one that needs serious deliberation as the path extends ahead…


Deer Head Oak, McClellanville SC


At Deer Head Oak after the eclipse

As for our reunion trip, it was the act of us coming back together into our own special alignment, alongside the sheer wonder and majesty of nature that literally blew our minds, and opened our hearts to receive the special healing we both needed at this time. Not only was it our first time witnessing a total eclipse of the Sun, but we also encountered the most ancient beings east of the Mississippi. It felt such an honor to meet these two millennial’s at such a crux time for America. These giant trees welcomed us with their stoic venerable boughs, while simply ‘being’ in their presence felt both humbling and reassuring.

Like the timeworn sprawling appendages of Angel Oak, I too wish to generate my innate resilience and strength to weather the storms ahead; to endure any hardship as well as adapt gracefully to my environment and the aging process. I couldn’t help but wonder at all the phenomena these elders have been privy too over the course of centuries. Witnessing these ancient beings and wrapping my arms around their enormous trunks and limbs uplifted my spirits, and filled me with the courage for what is to come.

Personally there is nothing more magical than when I connect energetically to a being- human or other. When I contemplate this further I realize that for most people, human connection is the most coveted. This begs the question then, why we continue to generate so much segregation through hate, inequality, degradation, and elitism, only further widening the gap of division? No matter of our differences -even when they may seem vast on the surface- the greatest gift we all have to offer is compassion, and unconditional love. We can show mercy and move into a place of acceptance, forgiveness, and tolerance with the understanding to be kind to others. But most fundamental of all is the loving act of having mercy on oneself. It stands to reason that once we move into a place of forgiveness for our own self, allowing or enduring pain and suffering inflicted by another becomes intolerable. This pattern or cycle of infliction ends right there and then…


Angel Oak, John’s Island


Communing with Angel Oak before the eclipse – photo credit Radka Sumberova

Ruminating on the way forward post eclipse, I’m certain that time has not run out, yet there is no more turning back the clock. Neither is it a time to regress into old habits, and think the same old worn out thoughts. There is ample energetic support to create anew, and resurrect only that which supports soul growth and purpose. It is my belief that to generate a more unified human existence our individual focus must hone in on soul expression, rather than just continuing the expansion of the ego identity. It appears that westernized cultures have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by capitalistic values that sadly most individuals have yet to explore their true natures and talents.

There are ways of living and codes of behavior that make co-existing far more harmonious with one another, and with our Mother Earth. Discontinuing the old consumer mind set of wanting and accumulating MORE, puts an end to the escalation of extreme entitlement and narcissism now rampant throughout America, furthering the marked division. Through the resetting of our priorities we can make a huge difference- we become pioneers of a new age that not only aids us to thrive as a collective, but also helps Earth come back into balance, by living more humbly and conscientiously.

The past centuries of warring has divided nations and segregated humanity. Continents maintain natural division of people, through land and sea, mountains and plain, yet with the full development of our psychic sense even this proves to be no real great divide! It is however our physical body that provides the boundary, separating us from other souls incarnated on this physical realm, whilst sharing the same timeline. And so this amazing vessel needs our love, support and respect in order to cohabitate and co- create successfully with others.

From my own intimate experience with Spirit and nature, I know too that tuning in to the natural environment generates greater awareness of divinity and of the consequences to our thoughts and actions. Simply by allowing the time and space for our senses to fully react and respond to the love and beauty that surrounds us, arouses great inspiration and creativity. And it is the combination of all this that provides the strong foundation for any spiritual practice, whilst counteracting the ravages of chaos, suffering and devastation.

No matter how you break it down, in the end transformation is always an internal job, even when great adaptation is forced upon us. Once we release all that we have become, so we can start to be who we were always intended to be – and I want to believe that deep down we ‘the people’ are all lovers of peace and not fighters of war.

America ‘the land of the free’ has lived in my heart from the moment my feet first touched down. This sacred ground once tended by the ancestors melds with modern day society and its progressive thinking, unaware of any gap. Both ways of being have shaped me into the woman and person I am today, and I am so very grateful for all that living here in this country and on this soil has taught me; especially for the amplification of my healing capacity and for awakening my spirituality. I know that wherever I journey, or reside in the future I take this profound gift with me. And for all this opportunity granted me I can honestly say that I am proud to be an American, fortunate to be raised as a Brit, and forever excited to be a member of the human race living in this world with no tangible borders, at least not that I can see.


August 18th


September 9th


…written throughout the later half of eclipse season.

Published Sep. 17th ~ Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo (opposing Neptune),

Moon conjunct North Node in Leo, Sun in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces



In all matters hidden,
of secrets never spoken,
honesty quivers
on lips pursed tight,
poised still, atop tongue’s tip,
offering no peace of mind,
no safe haven, nor place of rest-
for with every encounter
comes the threat of exposure

of all the lies been spun…


And so all that stands to reason
suddenly comes undone,
crippled by the fear
over justice impending,
no matter of the excuses,
disappearances aren’t pardoned-
cowards can’t escape
the karmic wheel in motion;
every turn more burdensome

than disclosure of root truth



written June 9th 2017

Full Moon in Sagittarius,

Jupiter in Libra stations direct / inconjunct Neptune in Pisces,

Sun in Gemini inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn




In Spirit’s almighty hands
you and I were fashioned,
magically bound to this Earth
for human manifestation.


My radiant Soulflower
expresses divinity through these hands
connected still to bright star-
so far am I now from cosmic home.


And in that great reach
time extends to meet eternity,
as that is how long it can take
to reconfigure in such soul integrity.


Palms outstretch to the heavens
filter the light perfection-
this symbiosis in every living cell,
becomes the pure nectar I integrate,


that lingers on finger tips,
tracing Spirit’s essence
coursing through you, through me
in the grand workings of our destiny.


Now, I take your hand in mine
as you cradle my troubled heart,
spilling sorrows suffered,
while yours lies buried deep.


And as hands receive the other
we are gifted so much more
than I could ever conceive,
for the Yod in heaven reaches down


clasps the innards of my shattering
and I feel tremendous weight
lifted through angelic intervention
working to mend all the breaks.


I grow more resonant with prayer;
our sacred song permeates the fourth gate,
unlocking heaven’s holy chamber-
the core, the immaculate One.


Yet even steadfast angels shudder
at the death grip tightening its clutch,
for its not easy to overcome in flesh
such hopelessness, such despair.


And from your gentle touch
I remember how love heals all,
dissolves the ache and the immense pain;
reassembles the cataclysmic shards


of all that imploded,
caused such trauma and devastation
from reviving the original wound
over and over, time and time again.


Until this moment of arrival,
when all may be turned around
in the resurrection of a paradise lost
that says ‘No’ to all past undoings,

and ‘Yes’ to the renewal,
Yes to the begin again…

Written on Easter Sunday, April 16th 2017 at Siesta Key FL.

Venus conjunct Chiron

Prayer for Peace

Each and every woman
gives and receives respect,
opens to love and devotion,
is deserving of attention,
stands equal to any man
and in her you may trust
accept and forgive.


Each and every man
gives and receives respect,
opens to love and devotion,
is deserving of attention,
stands equal to any woman
and in him you may trust
accept and forgive.


Each and every one of us
are human in their being.
Each and every animal,
bird, fish, tree and plant
are sensitive in their being.
Each and every mountain,
river, sea, rock and mineral
are resonant in their being.


We are all equal
we are all One,
together we create

the Universal.


With love and compassion I honor
all beings; all states of consciousness.
With mercy and grace in my heart
I forgive those who have wronged.

I heal aspects of myself
that continue to disrespect,
to disregard goodness and light,
that seek to judge, condemn,
and hold any motive to war with another.


May peace be with me.
May peace be with you.
May peace and harmony
reign on Earth and the Heavens
infusing the Cosmos
with the glory of God and Goddess
united in alchemy of creation.


Great Sophia hear this prayer
illuminate the holy gnosis
to transcend all pain and suffering
endured from past to present.


Prayer and Ceremony conducted on the white crystal sands of Siesta key, FL on Tuesday April 12th 2017

Written under the energetic influence of Full Moon in Libra, Venus retrograde conjunct Chiron, square Saturn.

Snowflakes like Stars, like Souls


Fractal sunbeams

sever frost’s bite,

the cool fantasia

glistens on ice

shimmers ecstatic,

spell bound

in the marvel

of crystalline design

so alien to rain

the blue of sky,

to ocean spray,

yet integrated

in every possible way.


Snow flakes and stars

are a zillion

one of a kinds,

like each soul

unique to another;

so tiny in the big scheme,

yet all grow majestic

and radiant in being.

Infinite are these heavenly bodies

illuminating the firmament,

 the angelic domain

where holy love

and divinity reign.


Yet not all feels Celestine

when love concaves,

 plunges into icy shards.

And the heart stranded

weeps into the cavernous dark,

fragile in the great hall

of departure- no kiss,

no last hug goodbye,

plucked and recycled

returned to ether

from whence

all life is born…

this existence so immense


science explains

and Spirit proclaims, for

snowflakes like stars, like souls

they all disappear

to someday reappear

in orchestrated timing

 sequenced with planets

pristine, not perfected

polished outside

still internally raw,

for all the great cycles

embody the wonder

of  natures law.



written on the Purbeck Downs in Dorset Jan. 5th/6th

Sun exact conjunct Pluto

and completed in Montauk NY March 14th/15th

Sun exact conjunct Chiron





Love in Technicolor

Star plasma dazzles
centered in gold haloed dawn
awakening the renewal,
the transcendental sweep
of warm sweet breathe.

I watch earth catch fire
as the white dragon exhales
exhuming the radiance,
restoring all of life
in cosmic magnetic order.

Light beams dance
seeding cobalt sky
in the crystal orb spectrum
and I’m in awe of all that I feel
but cannot see…

the touch of the supernatural
still working through me
merging, twining
re-threading my fibers
whole, as I come undone.

Transformation has many shades,
tone, lightning flashes
trickled in gold
streaked electric, crimson,
acid green

blazing all at once inside
outside, all part of me;
so consumed by the heat
of blue violet flame
and heart break ecstasy.

And if I were to love again
I’d choose this vibrancy
knowing without seeing
as I’m certain you’re diamond
the always, the eternal


Angel of truth
of love divine



written February 26th on the Solar Eclipse

“The Ring”of Darkness; a Lesson in Boundaries

The definition of a boundary is a real or imagined line that marks the edge or limit of something. Boundaries create perimeters in more than just a physical sense, including the emotional, psychic and spiritual realms. The primary function then of any boundary holder is to distinguish where an entity begins and ends. In the human body for example our skin defines the physical perimeter, and this semi permeable wall along with our invisible emotional, mental and psychic boundaries, maintain our safety and our well-being. Synergistically these rings of defense form a barrier to prevent invasion or infiltration from external forces, thereby preserving our health and vitality. If this complex defense mechanism is weakened or lacking then there is great danger of contamination.

As easy as it may be to overstep an invisible perimeter, it takes great self- awareness, discipline and power to maintain the defense rings that protect our personal energetic space. Most of us at some time or other will fall short of retaining a healthy boundary with another, as the desire for intimacy sees us bringing down our guard to merge platonically, sexually, and spiritually with a partner. On the flip side we may have created such impenetrable boundaries out of fear or denial that there can be no intimacy, rendering us physically safe, yet emotionally detached and spiritually isolated. More often than not we don’t realize until it’s too late that we have taken on the toxicity of another, who may or may not have consciously meant us harm.

There exist toxic places as well as people, and like any poison once it breaks through the main frame much damage can be done. This leads to a quick or slow demise, and in worst cases an indistinguishable death. When it comes to our exposure to dark, malicious intent then there is a great need to create permanent boundaries for self protection and preservation. Accordingly wherever the land has been besieged or manipulated by occult forces, then there is real cause for containment.

As a young child growing up in UK my first experience of an occult force was up at ‘The Ring’ on Chanctonbury Hill. Decades later after having left my country of origin to live in USA I was to find my way back to this toxic zone, picking up on this dark thread  where I had left off all those years ago. The account that follows concerns both real and invisible boundaries and how psychic contamination can accrue from being exposed to land or a person that is energetically negative, dark and toxic.


My first re-encounter with Chanctonbury Ring, November 1st 2014

I’d like to state for the record, once again that I have never studied Wicca or any dark occult practice, nor have I ever belonged to a coven or magical order. All my life I’ve had a keen fascination for alchemy, astrology, shamanism, and mythology, and to that end I have read and discovered a wealth of knowledge in these fields and sought tuition in all but alchemy. I have been called many things in an attempt to categorize what I am and do, and let’s face it if I’d been born in an earlier era no doubt I’d have already been burnt at the stake for my heresy.

The most accurate description I can offer is that I am an intuitive healer who is mastering the applications of magick through the process of transmutating dark energies stored in the memory of land and place. The ceremonies I conduct involve prayer, meditation, energy, song, offerings, and giveaways, all combined with purposeful intention under powerful planetary alignments, and of course with myself as the living resonant container  of energy amplified from charging up at power spots on this Earth. I do not summon demons or ghosts. Nor do I encourage or have any desire to see, hear or speak to any of them, unless of course this is what comes through- so far this is not how it’s worked for me. I do however feel and acknowledge their existence and offer light, love and healing in areas that have become traumatized through being aligned to darkness, or evil as some might call it. In my ceremonies I invite the spirit of the ancestors and other benevolent beings from different realms to assist in the healing process, and I remain open to any wisdom they impart or guidance they wish to share.

As I am not a historian, scientist or archeologists all the facts and myths I disclose here are based on others research in line with how I have intuited and ‘felt’ out the energies and spirits of place. I approach areas of energetic contamination with an open mind and with no deep research prior to my visiting any place, so that my sensors can go to work without any predisposed ideas.


Chanctonbury Ring viewed from Ashington, February 2015

I’ll share too that I have learned through my trials and various attempts in exorcising, or rather neutralizing demonic timelines, that when working with the light one must respect the dark, and for more than just being the polar opposite. Some may argue this, but I believe darkness has a right to exist as much as the light, since without the dark the nature and essence of the light is indistinguishable, it does then serve an important function and purpose, at least in this dualistic dimension. The trouble ensues of course when the darkness emanates evil intent and is manipulated to purposefully harm. Protection must be sought through all means possible, and if you are a light worker, healer, shaman or earth steward then you will intuitively know what it takes to contain and protect the rest of the world from such malevolence.

Prayers, herbs, spirit helpers, magick, incantation, ritual offerings, meditation, benevolent intention can all be facilitated to block negative energy, and set up invisible boundaries to protect those that are susceptible to the transmission of such dark energy. The radiation from a dark beacon can have long term debilitating effects on whole generations of communities of people, animals, and plants with of course the land too warped from its original energetic blueprint. Land such as this has been initiated into malevolence through dark spells, rituals and sacrifice. Earth and water store and record such events and these imprints become part of the memory of place. Besides this there are past timelines that may remain energetically active and can be psychically felt by anyone sensitized to the effects of trauma. And as like attracts like it is not so hard to imagine then how layer upon layer throughout history can manifest incredible darkness; all of which I should add can be manipulated and further enhanced through the application of ritual magick. Such is the layered nature of the earth energy up on top of Chanctonbury Hill – the location of ‘The Ring’ in my home county of W. Sussex.


‘The Ring’ viewed from Ashington, February 2015

My extra sensory perception tells me that its natural and potent earth energy was hijacked by occult forces, transforming it into a beacon of darkness. Whether or not the transmission of negative energy was a deliberate act, or a repercussion of what was activated within ‘The Ring,’ I cannot say for sure. All I can relate is that having tracked this energy for a number of years I’m certain that the negative broadcast is real, and from its position on top of the ridge way the transmission is likely to extend for its full length of 100 miles. Chanctonbury Ring overlooks the weald of the Wiston estate inland from the sea, with the closest villages of Steyning (my hometown), Ashington, Bramber and Upper Beeding all visible from ‘The Ring’.


Steyning viewed from the South Downs

This local landmark features a crown of beech trees, which were planted on top of Chanctonbury Hill in 1760 by a young man named Charles Goring who owned the Wiston Estate just to the east. It is said that 365 trees were planted altogether, representing of course each day of the calendar year, and that the trees were watered and tended by Charles himself and his staff, which no doubt incurred the laborious task of carrying water up the steep hill.

The beech tree, or Eamancholl in Celtic is a sacred tree of wisdom and magick, yet in later times when superstitions ran high, beech trees were employed as protection against fairies. Back in ancient times beech wood was made into tablets and used like paper for writing, hence the trees association with language, literature and books, while in magick it was used for binding spells. The beech relates to the elements earth and air and associated with the planet Saturn; ruling over time, karmic justice and all matter. Saturn in astrology is also the stoic boundary holder which corresponds to the astronomy that reveals Saturn’s many visible rings. This particular species of tree can act as a spiritual helper in letting go of the past and fixed ideas, so as to reveal ancient knowledge and the workings of destiny. The current herbal use of Beech tincture in Bach Flower Remedies is effective against mental rigidity, fault finding, intolerance, arrogance and lack of sympathy.  I often wonder if Charles Goring was aware of the symbolism of the tree he chose to plant on top of Chanctonbury Hill and whether his true mission was to create a ‘sacred grove,’ rather than just being enamored by the visions of his physical undertaking, or his legacy as founder of a beautiful and memorable landmark for generations to come. All that has beeen deduced is that he was an avid lover of trees.

“Oh! could I live to see the top,

In all its beauty dressed,

The time’s arrived; I’ve had my wish,

And lived to eighty-five.”

Charles Goring

I’m certain that for any visionary, mystic or spiritually inclined person like myself, this ring of trees propagated up on high ground holds great potential as a ‘sacred grove’. Sadly its structural vitality, wholeness and circular integrity was compromised after the beeches reached maturity. Most of the trees that comprised the original ring were blown down during the hurricane of October 1987, seeing the complete annihilation of the inner crop of trees while the outer circle was mysteriously spared. The beech trees were replanted thereafter, however there’s still a long way to go before they mature and create the density of the original outcrop.


Chanctonbury Ring present day

Long before this hill was reputed for its crown of beech trees, back in ancient times it was first the site of an Iron Age fort. All that remains now of its original structure is the earthwork container comprising of a roughly oval shaped outer ring measuring about 550ft by 400ft with an allowance for two entrances in the south-west and east. Originally the wall and ditch were white chalk, but now the stone is concealed by a green grass mantle. Pottery and animal bones that were excavated suggest the fort was built in the 6th to 5th centuries BC.

Following the decline of this era this locale then became the site of a Roman Temple between the 1st to 4th century, and thought to be dedicated to the God Mithras – the Roman God of soldiers, light, truth and honor. Mithras-worship in the Roman Empire was characterized by images of the god slaughtering a bull as well as depictions of his birth from a rock. Worshippers of Mithras had a complex system of seven grades of initiation and partook in communal ritual meals, calling themselves syndexioi, meaning those “united by the handshake”  and they met in underground temples, called mithraea. The temple at Chanctonbury appears to have looked towards the east, to the sunrise through the entrance of the earthwork ring. Ancient remnants of buildings were found only few inches below the surface and further excavations in the 1970’s revealed a pit that contained early Iron Age pottery, animal and human bones, plus a piece of granite originating from Cornwall, as well as Neolithic flint work. Bones of a man (carbon dated to 960- 1280 CE) were later discovered beneath a fallen tree after the great storm.


The earthwork on south west side

Chanctonbury Ring is infamous for countless myths and legends including ghosts, fairies, witches, Druids and UFO’s. Some sort of altar was found in 1979 in the form of a 5 pointed star made of flints within a circle of flints, giving credence to the stories that ‘The Ring’ was used for occult purposes. It is said too that the astrologer Prince Agasicles Syennesis the Carian, made Chanctonbury Ring his night haunt in the early 17th century to survey the stars. Apparently the Prince died in ‘The Ring’ after tracing on a chart in charcoal the words “Sepeli, ubi cecidi” (“Bury me where I have fallen”). The infamous occultist Aleister Crowley and one of his disciples, and longterm lover Victor Neuberg both believed Chanctonbury to be “a place of power”, although there is no evidence to support that they ever performed any rituals there. Considering the Saturnian themes historically presented in the practical application and worship on this piece of land, as well as symbolism of the beech trees, I could see Crowley’s attraction for conjuring magick at Chanctonbury, even without there being a powerful natural ley or vortex.

In the early 1900’s Victor Neuberg lived in Vine Cottage next to Saxon Cottage on Church St. in Steyning and through his ‘Vine Press” he published various poems, one of which describes a youth being ecstatically burnt alive in a Druidic sacrifice at ‘The Ring’.


Church St. Steyning


Saxon Cottage next door to Vine Cottage, Church St.

Chanctonbury Ring is also acclaimed to be the site of many hauntings with multiple reports of ghost horses along with the figure a white-bearded old man who is reputed to be the ghost of a Druid searching for lost treasure, or perhaps a Saxon killed at the battle of Hastings.

Doreen Valiente – the mother of modern witchcraft described Chanctonbury Ring as the meeting place of an ancient coven (the oldest in Britain) that predated the revival. She described that the group worshiped an unidentified earth mother and sky father, and performed rites without modern magical tools and paraphernalia. According to the Sussex witch it was custom for the locals to watch the sunrise on May morning at the top of the hill. These days, Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men carry on that tradition by dancing in the May Morning at dawn.


Steyning Bowl shrouded in mist along the River Adur

During the 60’s and 70’s there were reports of many UFO sightings at Chanctonbury and in 1967 (the year I was born), a group of university students who planned to make audio and photographic recordings over night were inexplicably frightened away. The following year on June 15th the Sussex Sky Watchers conducted a night vigil and in the early hours of the next morning one of the group members who ventured into the trees suddenly lost the use of his arms and legs and fell to the ground. Others that came to his aide also suffered the same consequence. Then a few years later, during the night of August 24th 1974 a member of the Ghost and Psychic Investigation group was lifted several feet off the ground, whilst walking through the center of ‘The Ring’. Apparently his levitation lasted for several seconds and he appeared in great pain crying out ‘No More! No More!’ before he dropped to the ground landing on his back. Such are the intriguing, dark and mysterious stories that exist throughout history of this power spot up on Chanctonbury Hill.


‘The Ring’ -viewed from The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Warminghurst, W.Sussex

When I was a child my father relished in telling us such tales and spooky stories of how people mysteriously disappeared up at Chanctonbury Ring, leading to yet more hauntings of this already creepy place. He also recounted many tales of the devil, as it would appear Satan spent the majority of his time in the South of England getting up to much mischief as well donning the skills of an awesome and formidable landscaper!


Chanctonbury viewed from Devil’s Dyke, South Downs, W.Sussex

You can, it is said, summon the devil at Chanctonbury Ring by running around the clump of trees seven times backwards, or in an anti-clockwise direction without stopping on a dark, or moonless night. The devil will appear and offer a bowl of soup and if you accept he will claim your soul, or grant your greatest wish. There is a theory that the devil’s offering may be related to the pagan Romans and their ritual meals held in the temple dedicated too Mithras. In another account it is said that if you run only 3 times around the ring a lady on a white horse will appear, but it is unclear whether she is a benevolent entity or another ghostly apparition.


Facing south from the earthwork

I still recall walking up the Downs with my family on the weekends and anticipating the ominous dark thicket of trees. Back then ‘The Ring’ was so dense it was pitch black inside, with no space between trunk or twig for sunlight to enter. To be honest my Dads stories gave me the chills and I never did venture inside, but remained on the outside looking in all the while my imagination running amuck. The most eerie part of it was that no matter how windy it was up on the crest of this hill there was absolutely no sound within the ring of trees. I recall it was so deadly quiet you could hear a pin drop. Indeed it was the strangest phenomena, as if the trees somehow acted like a forest blocking out all outside forces and rendering it a still point at the center of a hidden vortex.


Facing east from inside the earthwork

I expect the last time I ventured with my family to Chanctonbury Hill was back in the late 70’s, and after my immigration to USA in the 90’s  there was a long gap of close to 4 decades before I was to revisit my roots. In some weird twist of fate I found myself back in W. Sussex in 2014 after I was first reunited with my family, and then with a man I had first met at school. In all our romantic unions we would travel to ancient sacred sites as well as hike the South Downs. I remember very clearly our first trek up to Chanctonbury on February 21st 2015, as my first impressions were entirely different than how I’d imagined it after all those years away. I hadn’t seen ‘The Ring’ after the devastation of the great storm, which was incidentally that same hurricane I wound up in Cornwall precariously perched on a cliff top in a tent on Gurnard’s Head, right in the vicinity of the Mên-an-Tol monument.


View of Ashington and Thakeham from Chanctonbury Hill

The day I returned to ‘The Ring’ escorted by my ex, the drama high up in the sky was befitting of how powerfully evocative this reunion was for me. A procession of giant cumulus clouds cast ominous dark shadows across the panoramic landscape, intermittently breached by bursts of brilliant light illuminating the surrounding patchwork of fields and woods. Radiant sunbeams cascaded through the thin skeletal beech trees of the inner ring, making it appear less foreboding than I’d imagined. In retrospect I realize I was acting a bit blasé, since I really didn’t want to be afraid and chose to be brave instead.

At the circumference of the earthwork I didn’t as yet sense much in the way of any negativity emanating from the land, and so I deemed it safe for us to enter the inner ring. All went well until we traversed the western side, when suddenly we came across a dead sheep laid on her side, stiff in rigor mortis. Her abdomen, a tight bloated balloon of gas looked ready to explode, besides which a placenta and her entrails were hanging from her backside. This caught my attention immediately and sent chills through every fiber of my being. Not only because it was so visually shocking and macabre, but because there were no sheep in the vicinity other than those fenced off in the neighboring hills. My sensors instantly perked up and I knew this was a sign; a message that the darkness had not subsided here, but was still very much alive to this day.


The inner ring on February 21st 2015

Previous to our visit I’d also been reminded by my ex’s recounts of just how much drama and tragedy reigned in the community, extending from when I was a child even up until present day. His stories included tragic accidents, family dramas, suicides, murders, all shocking and disturbing in their frequency throughout the decades for such quaint and unassuming communities in the beautiful landscape of W. Sussex. It is a known and recorded fact that the suicide rate in Sussex (both East and West combined) is significantly higher than the national average. The towns most affected by the dark energy emanating from ‘The Ring’ are those in the immediate vicinity, and anywhere the beacon is visible up on the hill. In particular my hometown Steyning, and my ex’s home of Ashington. When I saw the dead sheep I knew I’d been called back to ‘The Ring’ as an adult, for the purpose of somehow figuring out a way to heal or exorcise the darkness of all the occult acts performed on this beacon.

Since my exit from UK two decades ago I’d gleaned quite a skill set in the healing arts, but even with my knowledge I still felt daunted by this task, and as I was to soon discover, incredible resistance to doing this work.


Viewing ‘The Ring’ together from the ridge way, Feb. 21st 2015

I don’t think I truly comprehended the breadth and depth to the nature of energetic boundaries until I began my studies in healing. Back in the 90’s in Tokyo I studied an ancient chiropractic art with Imoto Seitai. His primary teaching was to respect all life: the space and energetic field occupied by any living being. In the dojo and when practicing Setai (or otherwise) we were to pay particular attention to not accidentally bump into, or randomly touch any of our fellow students so as to maintain respectful boundaries. This was no easy feat in a tiny space packed with about 30 students all laying supine on the floor! Sensei taught us many exercises to internally gather vital energy, which in Japan is termed Ki. Then, when I began my Reiki studies here in NY this teaching was taken to a greater esoteric level. I quickly learned the hard way that I needed to protect myself when giving Reiki, from others ‘stuff’ as well as their physical symptoms. This is because as an empath I’m highly susceptible to picking up on everybody’s pain body, addictions and darkest thoughts. The only time I can bare being in crowds is when everyone is dancing, as I have no problem assimilating ecstatic energy!

It was after I treated a heroine addict without being informed of his addiction that I sought help as to how to best protect myself during treatments. I’ll never forget that night I lay wide awake, restless and scratching my entire body from a relentless itch, while the person I administered Reiki to slept like a baby! There are various methods to protect oneself from an energy transfer, and for cleaning up after the treatment has been administered. I still apply these methods when working out on the land and especially with occult time frames imprinted in the memory bank of powerful earth energy hubs such as Chanctonbury Ring.


Chanctonbury Ring February 21st 2015

In the extreme case of ‘The Ring’ I set about strengthening my psychic boundaries and defenses as well as devising a means to tackle this intensely negative energy. For the first year I wasn’t comfortable returning to the site after that first reunion, and so I worked on rearranging the energies from afar. I chose a plowed earthen field on some farmland between Thakeham and Ashington with ‘The Ring’ in plain sight up on the hill. My plan was to create ceremonies from a distance and attempt to intercept the beacon with as much light as I could muster. I conducted my first ceremony on March 20th 2015 rather auspiciously on the day of the solar eclipse as well as the vernal Equinox. As you may recall September of 2014 was the start of a new Shemitah Year and this happened in connection with a Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons that all occurred on Jewish feast days. This has happened just nine times since the time of Christ and this solar eclipse fell at the half way mark in this powerful Tetrad.


Thakeham, W. Sussex

For my first offering of healing for Chanctonbury I created a circle of protection drawn into the earth marked with the four feathers representing the cardinal directions of the medicine wheel. It was from inside this circle that I preformed a ceremony as well as meditated on how to work the energies back towards the light. With ‘The Ring’ just a few miles away up on the hill, I saw this circle in which I sat as a mirror image, likening it to its polar opposite. Shamanically this felt a lot to take on, but I forged ahead marking my territory and boundaries with feathers while I burned sage and invoked the Goddess. During this ceremony I used my quartz crystal (originally activated by the giant crystalline being of Council Rock), to convey the light towards the beacon from the center of the circular border.


Powering up with The Goddess, March 20th 2015


The medicine Wheel and ‘The Ring’ in the distance, March 20th 2015 Ceremony


North/South axis


West/East axis


Crystal meditation

After a pilgrimage to Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury accompanied by my ex, I returned to Ashington and conducted the second ceremony on April 14th. It  involved a crystal activation along with a blessing of rose petals and a purification ceremony with the water I’d collected from the sacred white spring that runs beneath the Tor in Glastonbury -considered the ancient Isle of Avalon. Sound therapy was not exactly what I had anticipated for this event, yet it became the major focus as my water bottle conspired to become the winds instrument. The magick making this time involved the 4 elements as well as a psychic process of overlaying energy upon energy with my sacred tools. I managed this by summoning the elements and connecting power sites through crystal activation, transmission and reception, all in an attempt to bring equilibrium to the dark forces at work. Neutralizing them I knew was a long shot, yet offering a new energy could certainly shift and stir things up in a positive way.


Crystal meditation April 14th 2015


Water blessing for the Earth and rose petals for the Goddess – April 14th 2015


Braving the cold winds for ceremony April 14th 2015

I returned to this same spot in the field for the last time on June 5th just 3 days after the New Moon and having just got back from our trip to Normandy, France. The field was now yielding a crop but I entered and mapped out the original spot offering feathers to the four directions. I placed the same feathers together in the center of a hollowed dip in the soil, and marked a circular boundary with a miniature ring of small stones. For the most part I tend towards working in the micro because this I have found to be the most effective, as what is subtle and unassuming can often become the most powerful in magick making. As I said prayers for ‘The Rings’ release from the dark spells and all the trauma the land had energetically retained, the sage burned steadily in the center of my magickal ring on the fertile soil of the farmers field.


Sage purification ceremony June 5th 2015


Ceremonial ring of stones and 4 black feathers, June 5th 2015

Being that I worked at such a distance, it is hard to say or prove even, whether any of my healing or prayers at this spot ever took effect. Nevertheless in spite of feeling my own resistance I continually returned to this same spot to rework the energies, to say prayers and give offerings.

At this point in time I should relate too that the reason I found myself frequently back in the vicinity of my hometown was because I’d entered into a relationship with this man from my school days and intermittently lived with him and his kids in Ashington. As I reentered into a living scenario much like my upbringing, my whole life became looped into one negative drama after another. Our romantic association had me embarking on an emotional roller coaster ride with intense highs and very desperate lows. The reason I stuck this out was not only because I loved him and his children, but because I knew that our karmic history together spanned many lives starting back in ancient times and that dark sorcery had linked us together since the very beginning of our soul connection. I’d really wanted to clean things up karmically beween us, and somehow transform the darkness that seemed attached to our union, just as I was attempting to do with ‘The Ring.’ I contemplated that perhaps there was a past connection for us both to Chanctonbury Hill, or that it was this type of negative energy broadcast that brought out the dark nature of our original relations from the past past. I had memory flash backs too of how I previously lost my life at least a couple of times through my intimate relations with him, as well as compromised myself and other innocents through my love and trust in him. There is no need to go in to great detail here other than to say that in this life he lured me back again into another grand deception, constantly betraying me until I felt I was trapped in the center of a confounding web of his self made delusions and deceit.


‘The Ring’ viewed from the land surrounding Ashington, June 5th

My parting from him in the spring from Sussex to return to work in The Hamptons, NY for the high season was taxing on both of us, yet for him it was always his deep insecurities and lack of conviction that lead him astray, looking for the perks and emotional safety net in another woman obviously in closer proximity than myself. It was during the first summer apart, after I stopped my healing circles for ‘The Ring’ that tragedy struck once again in the W. Sussex community.

Just a few miles south east of Chanctonbury a horrific airshow crash on Aug 22nd. 2015 in Shoreham- by- sea claimed  11 lives, while 16 others were injured. This freak accident at the tiny local airport was shocking and devastating. And most bizarre of all was that the pilot of the vintage plane actually survived the accident after crashing onto a busy dual carriageway taking out countless cars and their passengers. Of course I immediately got in touch with my ex and his family as well as friends to make sure non of them were among the casualties. This was an unprecedented event on a national level, and something that hit home hard with the realization that for me there was still major healing work ahead. On a personal note, as a family back in the 70’s and 80’s we would always drive through Shoreham airport, not only because it was a short cut to the beach but because it was such a thrill to watch the planes land and take off. I still feel nostalgic when I think of this place and of course the tragic air disaster feels so terribly out of synch with my joyful memories.

Upon my return to UK in the winter of 2016 I stayed for a longer period. Having reconciled after the second break up with my ex, I was back to living part time with him as well as in Swanage, Dorset with my brother. During my time residing back in Ashington I felt called to physically return to ‘The Ring’. I didn’t like the idea one bit, but I knew the next part of the healing mission was to pluck up the courage and stamina to honor the work directly on location. Even though I sensed that this could  be a very bad idea, there just seemed no other way but to confront the darkness head on this time.


Chanctonbury Ring viewed from Wiston, February 16th 2016

On February 16th 2016 I made the long trek from Ashington through Wiston and then up the steep slope of the South Downs. I sought spiritual back up from my sister trinity for my protection as I was filled with trepidation. As I walked the ridge way in the direction of ‘The Ring’ I sensed tremendous light energy behind me. It felt as if I had a luminous white procession of ancestors, angels and spirit helpers all backing me up as I approached the circumference. I summoned as much extra protection I could muster and as I walked inside the boundary of the earthwork to enter into the clump of trees, I burned a bundle of sage to cleanse the way. As I proceeded into the center ring of trees it was as if my body was partaking in a fundamental meeting of the polar opposites-the light and the dark.

I walked the track in the four directions saying prayers for release from the dark spells of the past and offered a crystal in the center that I tied to the trunk of a young beech tree, at the crossroad juncture of paths. My intention for this was to create an interception point for my light transmissions from one crystal to another when I was working at great distance. I chose a small clear quartz I’d mined in Hiddenite NC, as not to offend the dark forces with any ostentatious demand for control. I did not over stay my welcome as I could feel the darkness pressing on my fibers trying to find my weak spot to infiltrate. When I left ‘The Ring’ I felt elated and informed my sister trinity that I felt strong, with a sense of accomplishment and elation; the kind you feel after you know that you survived something life threatening.


The Ring February 16th 2016


Inside ‘The Ring’ facing North


Crystal offering at the crossroad, February 16th 2016

It wasn’t until the next day that I could tell something wasn’t right. I fell ill shortly thereafter and I had the strangest symptoms; including dizziness and nausea as well as feeling depleted and low in energy. It was like I had been zapped of all my vitality, and together with the amount of emotional drain that was happening in my romantic life I took myself away from Sussex to Dorset to fully recuperate. My brother thought me both rather stupid and somewhat brave to have attempted such a healing encounter, because he too remembered a sense of darkness about ‘The Ring’ from childhood. It took a couple of weeks to come back into equilibrium and for the fatigue and vertigo to subside.

Then on March 8th another macabre news report gave me great concern for all inhabitants of the W. Sussex area, in spite of all the healing work I’d facilitated for Chanctonbury Ring. The report announced that a flock of 116 sheep had been killed in a suspected dog attack, and it was described as the UK’s worst case of sheep-worrying in living memory. This happened in the vicinity of Chichester, also physically connected by the ridge way to the dark beacon, as well as being the city closest to my mother’s previous home in Fishbourne.


‘The Ring’ May 1st 2016

Up until the Summer of 2016 I continually revisited the ceremony spot in the field where I first started to rework the energies for the restoration of the light to Chanctonbury Ring. On my regular walks around the farmland neighboring Ashington I offered prayers and sat in meditation close to the spot I’d drawn the circle, focusing my energy on maintaining the light thread I’d introduced back on the solar eclipse of 2014.

During my absence again in the summer of 2016 the mother of my ex sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer at the end of June. Following his personal tragedy there was another dramatic incident reported on July 17th. A 79 year old man was  stabbed to death in a road rage incident in Findon, near Worthing; another area close by that directly feels the influence of the dark beacon. The bizarre dramas continued in W.Sussex, this time in Pagham on August 30th involving a police siege that lasted 2 days, at the home of a 72 year old man who had fired shots from his home!


South Downs Ridgeway extends 100 miles

Towards the end of summer my ex suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared out of my life for the fourth and last time, just 2 weeks before our planned reunion that mid September. It took me months to figure out the truth, and it was only through social media that I discovered that he had betrayed me once again with another woman. This however didn’t stop him from covering up his tracks, getting back in touch and attempting to negotiate another fated reunion. And so from the late Spring of 2016 there was a gap of 8 months before I was to return once more and work directly with the energies of Chanctonbury Ring. I came to the realization that I clearly needed to create stronger boundaries with this man who persisted in callously hurting me and others, which of course meant that I was no longer Sussex bound, and needed to stay well away.

After the September visit when I journeyed to Cornwall to work on healing the energetic link between Mên-an-Tol and Montauk, my next visit to Dorset wasn’t until December 2016. This time I returned for a surgery on my womb, remaining there over the holidays and the New Year with my brother. Come my last week in UK my mother who’d flown over from her home in Spain, invited me to stay with her in a friends house back in Steyning, only a few blocks away from our original home, and of course just a few miles from my ex in Ashington! I knew I must go, but my heart was in so much turmoil having to return so soon again when the wound still felt so raw. On top of this, the recall of all my family’s drama in Steyning through my parents divorce was not something I cared to reactivate. So this was the first time since 1985 that I actually stayed overnight in my old hometown overshadowed by ‘The Ring’.


Kings Stone Ave. Steyning – home


Bramber Castle – my childhood playground

It was during this week that I came to recognize just how powerful an energetic I’d grown up with, and I began to comprehend how my poor health and melancholy in my childhood was fundamentally linked to having lived with the constant pressure of such an intense energy. That week in Steyning I knew it to be imperative that I  return to ‘The Ring’ for one final ceremony. I deemed this was for the containment of the dark force through setting up a psychic barrier, as I felt my last encounter of a kind of exorcism had not been well received. It was as if every time I attempted to neutralize the occult forces the darkness would fight back with vengeance.

I noticed too that in unison with all the healing work I was doing out on the land, each time I tried to block out my ex’s energy after he deserted and betrayed me, he would find a way of breaking through my emotional defenses to charm and manipulate his way back into my heart and therefore back into his life, then of course back into his locale only a few miles from ‘The Ring’. His defiant ploys for attention, together with his insistence that I live perpetually by his side and in a neighborhood that directly felt the effects of the dark beacon, on top of reawakening childhood trauma was of course not taking into account my well being, nor my extra sensory sensitivity, but only serving his selfish need for me to act as his emotional crutch. I realized too in the end that it was only by accepting his terms and other negative conditions that I was to gain his full loyalty, love and reciprocation.

It became more and more apparent as time went by, that if he’d approached our residency dilemma with unconditional love, his heart and mind would have opened to acknowledge that Sussex was not a healthy place for me to live, let alone peacefully cohabitate under such conditions. And it struck me too that like ‘The Ring’ layer upon layer of negativity had culminated inside his psyche, which radiated out into his many projections and delusions, not only affecting me, but creating more fear and loneliness and misery for himself.


Clays Field, Bramber

That week in early January 2017 the weather was not very accommodating to my plans for Chanctonbury so I chose January 10th as it was the first decent weather day to make the long trek back up the South Downs. This was the first time too that I ventured to any power spot with out my medicine bag in all these years. I did this to safeguard my sacred tools from any contamination. I also didn’t seek back up from my sister trinity either as I was called to do this ceremony alone. The way I understood it, this was as much a healing for myself as it was for ‘The Ring’. You see at the same time I was deliberating how to define a psychic boundary around ‘The Ring’ I was also faced once again with my ex and his bombardment of email requests and pleas for us to talk, meet, come back together; to forgive and forget his betrayals and put the past behind us, even though he was courting and playing happy families with his new girlfriend of the past 6 months. Since I felt so close to his kids I had a very hard time navigating this, even though I knew my soul could not take anymore suffering under his hands, nor could I be party anymore to his consistent betrayal to the line of other women that were all overlapped so that I was squished some place apparently ‘holy’ in the middle. My only way in the end to overcome the temptation of backtracking to what was now past was to mark out a set perimeter and to block his energy from my life, from all the technology that kept us connected and able to spy on each other.

In my best understanding, when it comes to toxic people, if a person disrespects you then it is respectful to yourself to insist on better behavior, or else block their negative energy from infiltrating your life. If a person hurts you time and time again protection is vital by establishing a non-penetrative boundary so that they can no longer do you any harm. If someone physically, emotionally and mentally taxes, drains, leeches, or steals your energy, then they themselves feel powerless, and so there is a need to create a barrier in whatever capacity to put an end to the depletion, so as to be able to thrive once again.

Stalkers and prowlers obsession with a person has them overriding all boundaries to get to their prey, more often than not on the sly, so blocking the perpetrator from accessing your energy is most important, as this is a life long threat to your power, your privacy, and possibly your safety. It is scary to think that you may not even be aware of this taking place, yet it happens all the time on the internet, through social media and even from great distance through an unhealthy obsession with another. Photos too hold great power for energy vampires as this is another way of tapping into the energetic imprint of a person through a past timeline triggered by a memory, or simply by gazing upon it and fantasizing. I understand now why so many native peoples forbid the use of photography to capture a persons soul because that is exactly what can happen. There are of course those who welcome this kind of obsessive attention and actually build their personal power from this two way parasitical energy transfer.

Needless to say, in this scenario with a man who’d had been obsessive about me at school, I became completely traumatized by his sudden disappearances that correlated to the timings of his betrayals. It was devastating as well as shocking to be the recipient of such disrespect after I’d given completely of myself and created such intimacy in our relations. You see as far as boundaries go I had allowed him full axis into my most sacred ring and he had defiled it by undervaluing this privilege and replacing me at his convenience with another, offering no confrontation or closure. As easy as it is to pass the blame I have fully recognized that my proper responsibility and care for myself was rather lacking during our relations. The anguish and grief over the loss of a future together that we were planning had amounted to long term debilitating effects, and so my return to ‘The Ring’ required that I pull myself together, pick my self off the floor, get energetically solid and most importantly get very clear about my boundaries.

After the ordeals of this relationship, followed by surgery, then another unexpected termination of a brief but soulful romance, I suffered terribly from insomnia and other physical symptoms that decreased my energy and appetite, so by the time I arrived back in Steyning my well being was very much impaired. The walk itself to Chanctonbury Hill was physically challenging especially when faced with muddy slippery slopes. As I made my approach I cant say I felt my best, or that I even felt strong, I just knew what must be done and that somehow performing this ceremony would be cathartic for both the land and myself, and that my strength would return after this was completed.


The Ring- January 10th 2017

I began the ceremony with my chant and lit sage to smudge the outside circle of the earthwork. With my compass I scouted the 4 cardinal directions and stopped at each corner to call in the spirits of place to assist in containing the darkness inside ‘The Ring’. I called on the archangels Michael of the south, Uriel of the north, Gabriel of the west and Raphael of the east. I asked them to be the watchers and guard this place of power so that no more harm could emanate from this beacon.


Amethyst angel, January 10th 2017

It was windy as usual and so the medicine burnt fast with a great deal of smoke and flame and in the process set fire to the glove on my left hand. I managed to complete one full circuit before the sage was extinguished, leaving a small gap. This was not by design or intentional, yet this is what happened and so I honored this adaptation that had arisen rather than over riding it with force to block ‘The Ring’ entirely. I kept walking clockwise around the trees until I completed 3 circumambulations. I innately began this practice in sacred places that are Neolithic in origin, and only later did I come to learn that this was a Celtic ritual and form of worship.

Even though there is no evidence for Chanctonbury being a Neolithic sacred site I feel the presence of the ancestors here, especially since the ancients were very attracted to places of exceptional beauty; especially high ground with panoramic vistas where they constructed their monoliths, stone circles, and tombs beneath barrows and mounds. I know of a few neolithic burial mounds scattered across the 100 mile ridge way from Winchester to Eastbourne, so it is entirely possible that the ancestors also worshipped from this hill top. I like to believe so, as this then makes sense as to why others later in history picked up on the potent energy of spirit and place at Chanctonbury Hill.


Facing south to the English Channel from Chanctonbury Hill, January 10th 2017

As I circled I prayed hard for the well being of this land while I psychically worked the energy to contain the dark within ‘The Ring’ raising with my intent an invisible barrier around the circumference. There were a couple of artists at work positioned on the south easterly side and they were very curious as to what I was up to. I know that we both provided the other with some much needed humor on that day, as the winds were biting and the air so damp that our fingers grew frigid in spite of our combined flow of creative juices.


The south west opening in the earthwork


West side of The Ring


Facing North from The Ring


The inner crop of trees viewed from the east

Once my healing work was complete and I sensed the containment had taken hold I stood for a while facing east and I had this feeling that I would not be returning for a long while. This overwhelmed me with sorrow yet relief, which is the way I felt too about my imminent departure from my hometown. It was in this moment that I fully accepted what incredible force of energy I dealt with growing up in this area and how especially challenging this was for a highly sensitive and receptive person such as myself. It is possibly the root cause of how I came to live in some of the most powerful energetic places on this earth, since my body must have adjusted early on to high frequencies, as well as becoming unconsciously magnetized to places of power and especially to those that had been corrupted by the occult. It is true after all that we are attracted to that which we have grown accustomed to, no matter of any toxicity, simply through familiarity and what feels normal to us. My body and psyche grew up with this darkness, all the drama, dysfunction and tragedy becoming the norm. And of course as a child I had a sense for anything or anyone over stepping my personal boundaries, as well as the capacity to feel the negative energy infiltrate, yet I had no knowledge of the psychic tool box needed to properly defend myself.


The outer rim of beech trees on the South side


Two of the elder Beech Trees on the north east side

There is no doubt in my mind that the earth energy at ‘The Ring’ was hijacked and manipulated by occult forces. It is my psychic sense too that tells me that Crowley did have a hand in this. Having experienced his work through timelines stretching from Mên-an-Tol to Montauk, I can tell you he worked very subtly in spite of his grandiose claims, which I believe made him more of a master magician than he’s already accredited for. I say this because he was so artful at covering his tracks, as his timelines are very faint in spite of the continuation of his reign of darkness. It’s almost as if he was never there, only I know and feel his imprint now, and I recognize it for the master manipulator and sorcerer that he could be when he so desired.


‘The Ring’ viewed from All Saints Church, Wiston

All of this brought up a whole new line of inquiry, since it was now too that  I awakened to the fact that all my life I have lived, or been affiliated with the places where Crowley known as “the wickedest man in the world”conjured his most powerful magick spells. In this regard it seems more than just coincidence that I have been unconsciously following in his tracks all my life, yet with no idea until now the full extent of how that has all played out for me personally as well as for the land. Perhaps I have a past life connection with Crowley and Neuberg, or may be I was responsible myself for dark spells in previous incarnations and was now making my karmic amends? These are all questions that plague me somewhat, yet I rest in peace with the inner knowing that whatever caused me to undertake such a mammoth task in healing in this current incarnation has at least provided me with some of my greatest teachings, as well as I hope reworked my karmic past.

In my astrological natal chart there are strong aspects that clearly show my ability to intuit and transmutate dark energies towards their highest healing potential, especially as it relates to the psychological motives of groups of people, and their underlying desire for control and authority. Besides all of this, astrologically I have been in Pluto’s clutch for many years as the lord of the underworld makes his painfully slow transit, opposing both my luminaries and my natal Mercury. It is no wonder then that over the last decade I have undertaken such karmic healing for myself as well as for the land in order to transform the darkness of past. This transit too has facilitated a long process of slowly stripping me bare of all my worldly and ego attachments, returning me to my essence for my souls recalibration. This I’m told is necessary for the revealing of my true identity and purpose in this incarnation and I suspect for the ones to follow.


Steyning, W. Sussex – my hometown

In hindsight during the course of the last 2 years I will readily admit that I am still learning when it comes to setting clear, intentional boundaries and distinguishing when there is a fundamental need for them. Often I lament as to why this becomes so necessary because when I give of myself in service simultaneously my whole being is open and wired energetically to receive, and thus it pains me to have to close off, or close down with my psychic shield. This two-way response to my energetic environment including its people has been the catalyst for my most joyful and sorrowful experiences in this life. I deduced from all this that generating a boundary for ‘The Rings’ containment was the most viable solution rather than attempting to eradicate the dark forces altogether.

I discovered that the generating of a boundary circling a contaminated area can give it a far ranging perimeter, or it can be contracted and condensed into a small, enclosed space. It was the later that I was called to instigate for ‘The Ring’ after centuries of it having radiated to the outer perimeter- defined by the county of W Sussex. And to be clear it was out of a need for protection for the people that I set a magical boundary up on ‘The Ring’, not for any ego driven cause, or for a desire for power or control. Toxicity is a real phenomena and highly dangerous no matter whether it comes from the physical or the psychic realm; whether our senses can pick it up or not, and in that capacity it does need containment to prevent leakage or infiltration.

During my studies with Lynn Andrews, my shaman teacher, she offered a meditation on how to expand and contract the energetic fibers that surround and merge with the astral and cellular body. I found this method very useful in closing off from negative energy and for gathering and connecting to the positive. I still tap into this method of blocking – contracting, and expanding- receiving when dealing with any kind of negativity or over stimulation; I simply shrink my energetic fibers so they are tightly strung and there can be very little saturation from the outside. It works well too against energy vampires.


One of the original beech trees on the north east side

It is no coincidence I suppose that while I was called to heal ‘The Ring’ I was undergoing such dark moments in my personal life with a lover whose trickery and deception amounted to what I recognize as sorcery. This may seem like an exaggeration but I can assure you that through his many false promises he artfully lured me in to a scenario that became almost impossible to navigate my way out of, because I found myself stuck in deliberating all the lies from the truth. It was a cruel mind game that caused me terrible heart ache, and so it became necessary to separate completely from his energy to find my way back to my center, my truth as well as retrieve my sanity, my self respect and my right to a happy future; no matter of my love for him or our soul connection. Uncanny as it may seem, the theme of my work out on the land always resonates in my personal life or vice versa. It is as if in order to heal the earth energies I too must confront the demons within me to make the magick work for the purification of the land.

Boundary making is a delicate as well as critical business because there is a fine line as to how much energy one lets in, versus how much one wishes to give out through the perimeter. Since depletion and toxicity are the biggest concerns, personal boundaries must be continually monitored so that the semi permeable nature of a barrier works for us rather than against us. I don’t think anyone naturally wants to build permanent blocks and barricades against another or to a certain place, yet sometimes this is really necessary in the most extreme cases. It was to this end that I found myself simultaneously blocking the energy of my ex lover as well as the energy of ‘The Ring’. Both were toxic threats that needed containment in order for me as well as the land to flourish again.

There was much enlightenment that came out of the sufferance in the dark, yet there is a time when enough is simply enough and so the spell must be broken, the connection severed and the toxicity contained. I am still in somewhat of an isolated place with all of this as it is taking much time to transmutate all this darkness; as well as release myself from the bad spell that felt more like a curse, and all the karmic interactions that had me bonded in a repeat cycle with my ex. Only in this incarnation, at the least I had enough power and wisdom to get out before it was too late. I know I saved my own life, and in that reclaiming of my power and sovereignty I know I have a chance to create my future happiness.


Snow storm in Shoreham- by- sea, January 12th 2017

Rather serpenditously just before I left Steyning to return to the US there was a rare snow storm in the late evening just under 48 hours after I had completed the containment ceremony. The snow only settled in a few places and it was a true delight to witness Chanctonbury Ring from afar encircled in a white ring of crystalline snow. I felt that this was a cleansing and blessing of the land and a sign that the light and the angels were holding space for ‘The Rings’ ongoing healing and to ensure that the reign of the dark transmission be over.


‘The Ring’ after the snow storm viewed from Snail Rd. Steyning


‘The Ring ‘viewed from A283, January 13th 2017

I feel greatly relieved that I have completed this detailed account, as even though the anguish has passed now, there are still remnants of trauma in my body and psyche regarding all that came to pass in my dealings back in W. Sussex over the last couple of years, and how that relates to the wounds of my childhood. I still grieve my losses; for my lover, his kids and our soul connection. My energy is still very much self contained at present. I feel too that I have not entirely left ‘The Ring’ yet, or my hometown. My energetic fibers are still stretched to their capacity of holding that boundary in place from afar with as little distraction as possible. I imagine it will remain so until I’m called to  release and then it will be a matter of integrating the light and dark of all this.

Considering my deep root connection to Chanctonbury and the surrounding area, as much as I like to imagine my part in its recovery is now over, I suspect over the long term it is not. I dream of one day being able to return to ‘The Ring’ and enter the sacred beech grove to ruminate and meditate in peace, and bask in the light where darkness once reigned. If I were to return again I know that I’d appeal to the spirits of the beech trees as I better understand now how they innately have the energy imprint to transform this darkness.

Currently if you dare to enter ‘The Ring’ I must remind you that there is still a great risk of contamination, so all psychic defenses must be deployed to counteract any energy transference, especially if you are as sensitive as myself. I say this not to scare, but to be vigilant and aware. Our safety always relies on the boundary, its maker as well as its holder, and how much or how little energy transference you wish to give or receive. And of course the type of energy is most key, as there are subtleties too that live between the polar opposites of light and dark,  positive and negative, black and white, good and evil….


‘The Ring’ viewed from Washington after the snow

You may wish to deploy any of the practical and psychic tools I used to combat the occult energy of Chanctonbury in any place you feel the presence of darkness. I hope that in writing all this it will help others better understand the importance of bringing ones attention and awareness to invisible boundaries as much as the physical, in order to prevent psychic contamination. If you are dealing with a boundary breech from a toxic person in your life, or from a traumatic memory then please, please set about creating physical and psychic barriers for your own protection. Find appropriate ways to contain your energy whilst blocking their negativity from entering your sacred ring, and from preventing them sucking your life force.

To conclude then I must say that all of the healing on the land, personally and karmically has been a lot for my soul to bare, with my emotionality and physicality pushed to the limits of my endurance and tolerance. I take solace in the fact that this too like my healing work from Montauk to Mên-an-Tol, which coincided with healing ‘The Ring’, will become part of my healing legacy and my gift to the Earth and the Goddess. In writing and recounting somehow this too is cathartic, and so I will end my long tale with the incredible poem written by Victor Neuberg and his haunting homage to the infamous Chanctonbury Ring…


View to the south from inside the Ring


A Memory of an old Sacrifice. The sacred Victim is slain for an Omen. It is the End of an Age : being released the Ghost foretells the Passing of the old Worship, the Death of his cult. The Sacrifice is made at the Summer Solstice, at Night.

In the soul’s twilight broods the glittering core

Of wonder ; all the stirring of the sea

At dawn, and all the yearning of the shore

At evening, and all the mystery

Of Time, at odds with his eternity.

Wherefore the shadows as they lift anew

From the waking mind disclose the ancient woods ;

The white-robed Masters stare into the blue

Entrails of ravens : as dim multitudes

Of strange souls gather round, to watch the moods

Of large and yellow-silver flames of fire,

And brown-grey smoke, and perfumes of sweet breath.

Even so lightly once I struck the lyre

At evening, before a magic death.

Back from my breast I drew the heavy robe,

Baring the curving belly, the sun’s globe.

The silver knife was over me : I lay

In ecstacy of life-in-death : away

Faded the silly world : again I knew

The source of living, as they shaved the hair,

From breast and belly and all ; luminous blue

Swathed round me ; I was dead, no longer there

Before the knife had split my navel : far

Away I heard arise the ancient prayer,

Scarcely I knew a pang. From some dim star

I saw : and how they caught the scarlet flood

That pulsed from gasping thighs : I saw the blood

Crimson the flame. Then suddenly there fell

The old god’s glory on me. Earth was mud,

And I was swimming, easy as the spell

The priestly voices roared. Then, a white flash,

I stood before the flame, like living ash

Gifted with speech. The song died down, and I

Was the sole voice of that tremendous sky

Over the sacred wood. Now I knew all

The Druid mystery : the festival Of blood was bared. It was my blood that gave

The answer of the night, the bitter call

Of death, responding of the restless wave

To life. Around me stared a living wall

Of waiting, hungry shadows, by that flame

Tempted to the old life. I was a lord

Of shadows, and a god. Then the Voice roared :

Speak ! And I saw my body’s last blood-spasm

As the old priests bent over it. A name

They skirled. Should I reply ? I saw a chasm

Before the Altar, invisible to all

Of flesh. Then flared the thought : The altar’s dead.

Then came the word : Woe ! was the word I said ;

It was an age’s end. I saw them fall,

Fearful beneath a towering grey of sky ;

This was the omen : Woe. An age to die,

I the last victim. So I passed from them

For ever, and I haunted the dark hem

Of the forest, for an age ere birth to rove,

The Sacred Victim of an Holy Grove.

Then was I born anew ; from that old birth

I culled this vision of forgotten earth.

Victor Neuberg


Mound on the ridge way

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