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SUPER BLOODMOON; eclipse of the soul ~ 2019 urgent messages from Avalon

My fourth annual winter pilgrimage to Glastonbury was to coincide with January 2019 Super Blood Moon eclipse and the Venus/ Jupiter conjunction…

My imminent return filled me with a sense of hope and excitement in what had become a very productive but work intensive year. When the time came for me to finally embark on this multi dimensional journey I felt more than ready to reunite with the heart of Avalon. It is always through my walking this ancient land, communing with both the Goddess and animal/plant kingdom that I feel my true place and purpose on this planet, and in this current era. It is also impossible for me to tread on this earth without sensing the history and energy of our ancient ancestors, and to seek counsel with the elementals and spirits that wish to make them selves heard in present time. It is for this reason I must write this article; to relate to you the urgent messages and intuits I received during the recent eclipse season in Glastonbury, that correlate to the astrological climate for 2019…

IMG_2738 2

Entering the Isle of Avalon January 20th 2019

I never truly know what to expect from any of my visitations to Glastonbury, I just know when it’s time to return, and I simply open to whatever Spirit and Goddess have in store for me. The only difference this time was that I arrived exhausted and still sick from a virus that I’d been trying to shift out of my system since the beginning of December. I decided not to stay at the ashram as I have done in past years, as I felt in need of more privacy and comfort. As things began to line up I found a lovely spot close to the The Chalice Well with a view of the Abbey grounds.


Sheep grazing at the base of the Tor


The Tor January 20th 2019

Upon arrival it wasn’t easy to commence raising my vibration to meet the frequency of my surroundings. Determined nevertheless, I set out immediately for the Tor. Breathless and dizzy I slowly clambered up the steep incline to the chapel tower, to gaze once more upon the incredible panorama of the Somerset flats with its mesmerizing patchwork of green meadows, o’er hills and dales as far as the eye can see. It is this magnificent vista from atop the ancient Isle of Avalon that is forever ingrained in my heart.


Saturday’s visitors to the Tor


Re- encountering the energies of Michael and Mary ley lines, atop the Tor

It was a rather busy and bustling Saturday in the Glastonbury township. Unbeknownst to me there was a Wassail ceremony in progress at the Avalon orchard to bless the apple trees and seal their abundance for the Spring. It felt rather challenging to be surrounded suddenly by so many strangers, as well as tolerate all the dress up and theatrics that accompanies this eclectic place. Still, I joined in with the festivities, and once dusk fell I just knew from here on out I would be very selective with whom I’d spend my time, and for the most part I wished to journey alone.


Gathering for the Wassail Ceremony beneath Glastonbury Tor


Wassail Ceremony Jan 20th 2019- the blessing of the Avalon Orchard’s apple trees


Storytelling around the fire after the Wassail Ceremony


The night of the Full Moon culmination I constructed an altar from the contents of my medicine bag…

in honor of the Blood Moon and the magical Venus/ Jupiter conjunction. It represented in micro our great mother earth as viewed from the heavens, with offerings to each of the four cardinal directions, the four elements and the four archangels- marked by 4 quartz crystals. In my ceremonies the South direction symbolizes the powers of manifestation and earthly abundance, and in the west the divine feminine, representing the great mystery and the dreaming. The North upholds the ancestors, spirit and wisdom, while the east summons the sacred masculine, intelligence and illumination.


Altar constructed Jan 20th 2019 for the Blood Moon eclipse and Venus/Jupiter conjunction


Candles lit before and after the Blood Moon eclipse

I was truly excited for the lunar eclipse and highly anticipated viewing it from the Tor. As it turned out the clear night sky became overcast with dense clouds, and even though my friend and I arrived atop the Tor at 5am, we never were graced with a view of the Blood moon! The surrounding landscape and the sleepy township of Glastonbury appeared compressed beneath a dense cloud bank, and together with the dimmed light conditions of the eclipse, I felt no inclination to take a single photo! Instead I bore witness to a rather dull reddish hue within the clouds as the moon was making her passage to set in the west. Nevertheless the energy of the eclipse felt mighty potent and powerful, and this stayed with me for at least 3 days post the eclipse event.

January 20/21 Super Blood Moon in fixed fire sign Leo…

The astrology in correspondence to these spectacular astronomical alignments evoked dynamic energy on earth, as this Super Blood Moon was the last in the series of eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis of ‘individuation’ that have been playing out for the past 17 months. January 20/21 marked the last eclipse for a number of years supporting us owning who we really are in the face of the consensus and the latest trends, or even our own self designated norm. It offered a new opportunity, or fresh start, in the arena of what is most heart felt, with little concern, or need for conformity. And since it culminated on the critical 0 degree, this had the makings for especially virile Leo energy.

Leo the lion activates the heart with the courage to live passionately…

He inspires our creativity for the birthing of personal legacy. It is through this fixed fire sign that we develop our individual and unique personality as well as our ego. The eclipse culmination point conjoined the North Node of the Moon (the head of the dragon, Rahu). Rahu reels in new energy rather than bringing back anything that pertains to the karmic past. To add to the futuristic element, the Full Moon/eclipse was square Uranus, almost at the last degree of Aries, signifying sudden breakthroughs, breakaways and radical change.


Sunrise Jan 22nd 2019 over the Somerset levels


First light after the Blood Moon culmination

All in all this was a super powerful, super charged, super creative alignment, with mega sparks all round, thanks to both the radiant activation of our central star the Sun, and of course the electricity of Uranus. It asked of us to let the light in, and radiate our light back out into the world. It encouraged us to open our selves up to being awakened and inspired, and to let the divine spark enter through the crown to find its seat in our hearts. And, with the lion’s courageous heart, bravely and creatively move forward with our lives, to take on board the new karmic thread that was offered at this time. This theme is to remain active in the background over the course of the next 6 months.


A golden dawn January 22nd 2019, view from the back of the Tor

Visitation to the Stanton Drew Stone Circles…

After the culmination of the lunar eclipse, and just after dawn my friend drove us to the Stanton Drew stones circles about 17 miles from Glastonbury. This is a little known site, now standing in farmland in the vicinity of a tiny hamlet. This ancient Neolithic site is comprised of 3 stone circles, an avenue, a quoit and a cove. It is now thought to be the predecessor to both Avebury and Stonehenge, dating from 3500- 2500 BC. The central “Grand Circle” believed to be dedicated to the sun, is the second largest in the country and was once a woodhenge containing 9 circles of pillars, while the SW circle dedicated to the Moon, is positioned on slightly higher ground, but is in greater disrepair than its counterparts.


“The Cove”, Stanton Drew


The NW circle at Stanton Drew


Stones of the “Grand Circle” at the edge of NW circle


View of the Grand Circle and NW circle from SE circle

It was an incredible experience to be the first persons to commune with the sacred site that morn. And as the clouds and mists unveiled the sacred landscape a huge flock of white gulls settled within the circumference of the earthwork that encircled the stones. It was truly an awesome site, and the mystique only enhanced when hundreds of birds took to the air to circle above us.


Entering the sacred enclosures on Jan 22nd after the Blood Moon eclipse

We spent a couple of hours experiencing each of the circles, and the alien like stones that marked this hallowed ground for our ancient ancestors. My friend and I were very much taken by the energy present within the NW circle, which together with ‘The Avenue’ appeared to be the gateway and procession to the whole complex. Curiously we both experienced a similar occurrence as we communed with both land and rock. The grass around us began to vibrate to the point that the grass was no longer distinguishable. In its place my friend saw a kind of geometric energetic field, while I too glimpsed this, only I also saw a thin film of mist traversing and evaporating just above the turf.


Powering up inside the enclosure of stones in the NW circle


Crystal communion with the ancient energy of the ancestors and a feminine vortex

At the far end, and upon entering the avenue was a seemingly unassuming standing stone. When leaning my body and pressing my hands against it, I could feel all at once an energy rooting me into deep earth while another was pulling my energetic field off to the left side. It was a powerful and magical experience. Indeed, even the surface of the standing stones was extraordinary, like an ancient rubble fused solid; pitted with holes and fissures, in which iron deposits had left their orange and crimson striations. Two of the largest standing stones of the NW circle looked and felt positively extra terrestrial in their form and fabric.


The largest standing stones of NW circle with their extraterrestrial energetic fields

My friend and I both agreed that the most powerful energy in this whole sacred arena was within the earth marked by the stones of the NW circle. I could sense there had been many rituals performed here, and somehow it was acting like a vortex to different realms, therein transforming the 3d earth reality plane. It wasn’t until later that I read this quote from M Lundy…

“The octagonal NE circle is really a Venus circle, with its 8 stones marking the eight years (and 99 full moons) of the Venus pentagram cycle.”

My experience and intuitions of this powerful enclosure are very inclined to agree with his hypothesis.


Leaning into the powerful earth vortex marked by this standing stone – NW circle/ The Avenue; photo credit Kwun Pang


Communing with the ancient rocks and spirits of place, NW circle Stanton Drew


 “The Star of Bethlehem” and the Venus/ Jupiter conjunction…

On morning of the 22nd I climbed the Tor alone before dawn, and was fortunate enough to witness the beautiful Venus and Jupiter conjunction rising together in the southeast. Historians have determined the possibility that “The Star of Bethlehem” was actually a Venus/ Jupiter conjunction, so you can understand then why this is of such great significance.


The magical Venus/Jupiter conjunction plus fixed star Antares predawn Jan 22nd, Glastonbury

At the same time, this magical planetary pairing formed a Grand Fire Trine with Mars and the Moon. It evoked really wonderful fluid creative energy that strongly supported the ease of relations between the sacred masculine and divine feminine, as the sacred lovers above moved into a position for mutual compatibility and reciprocation. It was also a powerful alignment for the birth of great works of art and beauty.


Walking the Pilgrims trail predawn January 22nd 2019


The approach to  St. Michael’s Chapel


Atop the Tor

As I climbed the pilgrims trail up the front of the Tor, the Supermoon peered briefly through a lilac haze of clouds. A soft pink halo encircled the luminous disc of the moon, and I watched in amazement as the halo formed the shape of a heart and then morphed into a beautiful rose capturing the pregnant moon as its center. I felt the presence of the Goddess casting her radiance on earth through her subtle reflective light, and I felt her presence too deep in this mythical land of Avalon; in the grass and sod, prickled now to awaken at the first light of dawn.


The first glimpse of the Supermoon Jan 22nd 2019 over the township of Glastonbury


Beautiful Luna encircled with a pink heart halo


Luna in the center of Venus’s pink rose


As the Sun suddenly gleamed brazen on the horizon, the earth awoke to the miracle and warmth of light cascading across the frozen levels. It was such a marvel to behold the golden glow slowly ascend the eastern side of the Tor. The glory and warmth of sunlight felt truly exquisite as it penetrated my retinas.  I watched on in awe as the suns rays cascaded over the dark austere shell of the stone chapel tower, suddenly animating the cold interior. Royal blue auras glowed around the luminosity of arch windows, as the infiltration of light sanctified the chapel once again as a holy place and the dwelling of divinity.


The arched gateway of St. Michael’s Chapel Tower


The chapel tower predawn


First light entering the chapel tower Jan 22nd 2019


Gold and royal blue auras

After witnessing first light I made my slow descent down the back of the Tor to the Avalon Apple Orchard. The dawns heavenly light had me completely euphoric, and I felt so grateful to be present in this moment, as a witness to such glory manifest in this earth realm.


The Chapel Tower basked in golden light


The descent at the back of the Tor


Avalon Apple Orchard below

I had brought with me a selection of ribbons whose colors and textures I’d intuited for this eclipse. The color theme was predominantly reds and gold, contrasted with the cooler hues of silver and aqua. As I tied the ribbons gently on the boughs of the Mother apple tree, I began to commune through the tree with the Goddess.


Blood Moon ribbon offering Jan. 22nd 2019


Ribbons in the winds


Offering for the spirits of place, and the Goddess


Mother Apple Tree fully adorned


Crystal recharge with the Mother Apple Tree


“Tender the flame with in, and sit in the presence of the sacred circle,” spoke the Goddess.

She instructed me to light a candle every day and watch it steadily burn, and to continue this communion early in the morning and in the dark of night.


Lighting a candle at the Magdalene Chapel Jan 22nd 2019

She also reminded me of the power of sunlight and how to activate those light codes for healing the physical body and nourishing the soul and spirit. With her assistance I intuited that over the course of the next 3 + years we will notice the ‘light’ dim significantly out in the world. She made it clear that it is our responsibility, now more than ever to tend to the flame within. This connection to source, to divine light is eternal and infinite and must be preserved individually and collectively to secure a brighter future for all humanity.


Dawn light codes Jan 23rd 2019 at Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury

She went on to explain that the dark days are a lesson for each and every one of us; a teaching in expanding the light within. Her message implied that real change on this planet can only develop from our inner combustion, thereby intensifying the torch of compassionate love and holy wisdom.

“The body that you inhabit is a sacred space…tend to your temple as you would tend to me…when you disrespect your body temple you disrespect me,” concluded The Goddess


Lighting candles at St. Patrick’s Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey, Jan 23rd

Over the course of the next few days visiting the sacred sites of Glastonbury, and the Medieval city of Wells I contemplated this intimate communion in the Apple Orchard. And as I assimilated this message the Olympian Goddess Hestia came to mind; Goddess of the hearth, and of the fire in ritual circle.


Hestia- Goddess of the hearth

In ancient Greece she was honored and worshiped both in the home and temple, while her fire was kept burning in all civic centers. She upheld the archetype of meditative wisdom and created that infinite space that stands outside of linear time.


Magdalene Chapel, Glastonbury Jan 22nd 2019

Little is known of her, as there are no statues and paintings, since Hestia had no need or desire for idolization. She lived solely in a state of peace and reverence that emanated from deep within. Hestia took an oath of eternal virginity, which Zeus granted her, after which she didn’t much participate in mythologies of the Greeks. Nevertheless she had her own great presence, which emanated in a very quiet and humble way, compared to her virgin Goddess contemporaries- Athena and Artemis.

Hestia relinquished her outer form in the favor of anonymity to become a fire within a circle, which made her the receiver of great honor, and privileges unlike any other God or Goddess. According to Jungian psychologist Jean Shinoda Bolen, her symbolism of the circle still teaches us to center in ourselves, and become our own authority, as without internal authority we cannot speak up to external authority. Jean explains that the development of such inner conviction breeds rich experiences, out of which grows a source of meaning. Hestia quietly creates serenity and peace for her self and others, making her presence an exceptional gift for our current era with all it many stressors and distractions.


Votive candles at the Magdalene Chapel, Glastonbury

I realize that Hestia’s way of internal devotion, appears now in stark contrast to what is being seen and promoted among men and women of this current era. Social media sites elevate and worship the divas, and the seductresses, rewarding them with high notoriety. Many women promote and represent a very scant, biased and sexualised archetype of the Goddess, because women are still not fully emancipated from old patriarchal concepts of gender and sexuality, that fulfill mans base primal desires for power and sex. In this way the true power of the feminine is still kept in check; her wild, untameable, unfathomable and utterly uninhibited nature completely subdued.


Venus’s symbol of the rose, Wells, Somerset

Many women, and men use the Goddess name in vain…there are those who claim to be reenacting “The Goddess” in an overtly sexually provocative manner, which just continues to appease the old paradigm of the submissive and disempowered version of the feminine. The message received from the Goddess made it clear that it is time to end this charade and tend Hestia’s eternal flame, by shifting the focus from the external to the internal.


Meditating beneath the Christ statue at Wells cathedral, January 22nd 2019


At Christ’s Feet, Wells Cathedral

Both women and men must come to experience and understand the true nature of the Goddess. “She” is infinite wisdom that surfaces from all the dark inner spaces…from the deep hidden interior of the earth, deep in the human psyche, and out into the dark recesses of the cosmos and beyond the Galactic Center. The overwhelming number of depictions of pretty, perfect, sexualised Goddesses are not helping us evolve out of the old patriarchal paradigm. They keep the true feminine in check.

As one explores the divine feminine it soon becomes evident that the power of the ‘she’ is not construed solely around the beauty and value of her physical assets, but is generated primarily from a stunning wildness that is utterly uninhibited…


Goddess of Avalon


So what does it mean to be truly uninhibited?

Most of us have been conditioned to think that this word is synonymous with sexual liberation and licentiousness; to be reckless, boisterous, wanton, shameless, free and easy. The definition of the word ‘uninhibited’ means a state of being that is both free and natural. It is the ability to express ones feelings or thoughts unselfconsciously and without restraint. Synonyms include wild, carefree, unrestricted, unconstrained, uncontrolled, unreserved, liberated, open, extrovert, candid, outspoken, forthright, spontaneous, and instinctive. Ultimately it describes a state of being that has not been restrained or repressed.


Sunrise offering at the Holy Thorn, Wearyall Hill Jan. 23rd- photo credit Kwun Pang


Red ribbon offering in the South- photo credit Kwun Pang

If we truly wish to be free of the social and personal oppression generated by the long patriarchal reign of the fast dissolving ‘Piscean Age’, then one must stop building on top of the same lies, and propagating more and more of the mind conditioning of an archaic paradigm. If every man and woman summoned their core power to truly recognize and own their inner ‘wildness’ and divinity then such oppression would have no place within, or outside of us.

If you still feel to continue this dying thread, by publicly sharing your body assets with the rest of the world on your social platform, or in any career or public arena, then be honest with yourself and determine if what you are generating is truly authentic, or just proliferating the old conditioning that holds no true empowerment for the feminine. And if we’re truly striving for greater equality; for more power and respect for the feminine then this attitude must shape all our actions. Showing up for a rally or being part of a movement such as the #metoo, is only the tip of the iceberg. The Goddess is making it clear that equality is an inside job. Love, honor and respect thyself is the only path that leads to true equality within this duality matrix. If you cant or wont adapt and treat yourself differently, then how can you expect to be treated differently by others? Stoking Hestia’s flame propagates greater respect for our body/soul temple, and collectively this generates greater social equality and harmonious relations. Only true embodiment of the soul and spirit within the conscious human vessel leads to true intimacy and connection with self, others and with divine Spirit.


Candle offering for peaceful relations, St Patrick’s Chapel, Glastonbury


How you behave and carry yourself in every aspect of your life has the power to change everything…

Consider conducting yourself in relationship, in marriage, at work, in your family and in social or public domains with humility, and in knowing your true inner strength; in your connection to Great Spirit and to the Mother Goddess- guardian of this earth planet and the great mystery.


The flame of the divine feminine and sacred masculine, St Patricks Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey

In order to end the oppression of the feminine, it will come to pass that both women and men must summon the courage and determination to quit and consciously transform all abusive oppressive relationships, plus work and careers that serve to disempower them. Once this liberation is in affect, there is a natural progression towards deepening ones perception and responding to the higher self, as ones attention is no longer focused on all the dramas, and material distractions. This, in and of itself, is a powerful paradigm shift.


Mother Mary at St. Patrick’s Chapel, Glastonbury

It is sad, considering how much hype exists currently around women’s rights, just how much womankind still buys into the old paradigm of her beauty and sexuality, by still pandering to the primal wants and needs of men; even going so far as to distort her natural shape and appearance and use her body and feminine wiles for material gains. I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with the primal, as it certainly has its place and it’s role, but in this age of great awakening, the higher self is nourished by much more than such basic titillation which only activates the first and second chakras. There is a need now more than ever to restore the matriarchy, and revive the medicine of the High Priestess, of a long gone era when woman synonymous with the Great Goddess and the fecund land was respected for her fundamental connection to all of nature, through her life giving womb. It is vital we do this for the health of the planet, as her well being is intrinsically linked to the wellness of our own body vessels.


“Mother and Child” at Chalice Wells garden


Living the way of the God…

Besides all of this more recent emphasis on awakening the Goddess, we have spent much of our human history with the idea that we can become as opulent and all powerful as a God, and live like one if we have enough wealth, or climb our way to the top of the hierarchical ladder. We even created Gods of our leaders, and now worship our actors, musicians and sports persons. In “the age of the social”, the high tech media has created platforms where all kinds of people with absolutely no talent to those who are truly exceptional, can be worshiped by their ‘followers.’

If you have in some way grabbed the spotlight and are living the way of the God, then you have landed in the lap of great responsibility. Like it or not, you are a role model. It is fundamental this year that you take this position very seriously and accept the responsibility that has been placed on you, for you have the chance to make a difference and live by example. Consider being more mindful of the legacy you are not only creating for yourself, but also for the collective.


Joseph of Arimathea and the staff of the Holy Thorn – St. Patricks Chapel, Glastonbury

The Goddess’s message expressed that the time is nigh for radical change and that aspiring to live like a God is pure fallacy…just a grandiose delusion fueled by greed. The shorter lived era of Goddess revival, with the majority still continuing to uphold the old male paradigm of feminine beauty and sexuality is also a fallacy. This year and onward is all about deepening and strengthening our core power; agitating the dark inert matter, out of which pours the energy and potential to grow new form.


Glastonbury Abbey ruins


2019 is a tremendous year of karmic deliverance and personal responsibility…

since Saturn will conjoin with the South Node of the Moon, (representing our collective past karma), and steadily encroach on Pluto (Lord of the Underworld) for their intensely transformational exact conjunction of January 2020. Saturn and Pluto are the two task masters for body and soul. Both teach us humility; how to live within our natural born limits and use our inner power as a positive, productive and beneficial force out in the world. If we misuse power these are the two planets that set us straight…it may not happen in this life, yet all debts are weighed, measured and continued, and as they say the wheel of karma keeps on turning round and round.


The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey holds legendary status as the earliest Christian foundation in Britain- linked to Joseph of Arimathea and the burial place of King Arthur

Justice too is natural law, because truly how else could our 3 dimensional world and state of being be upheld when we have the gift of free will. Something in the cosmos has to reign in our immense human desire for more, bigger and better! Both Saturn and Pluto work on us externally and internally to constrict and transform us. In a nutshell then 2019 is the year of facing consequences and dealing responsibly with that which we have wielded in this life and previous lifetimes, as we approach the 2020 tipping point, when collectively we’ll witness a mass redistribution of power all across the planet.


Glastonbury Abbey ruins and King Arthur’s grave

Thanks to this adjoining trio stellium up above, many of us will continue to conjure the reemergence of old karmic patterns that remain under current in this life time. Even if you have spent the last decade healing very deep wounds and made great headway, there is still the residual effect left over, and this year will (if we allow these energies in) do a final sweep before we ride the wave of this grand rearrangement of internal and external power.


The Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey constructed to harmonize with the powerful dragon lines

This is most likely to show up with the resurfacing of memories that reactivate past wounds and summon the passing, or tragic demise of those whom we loved. It is important to survey these memories from the witness position. Understand that those who passed early in life, or died suddenly and tragically, have played a vital part in our karmic journey, and these old contracts and templates between one another are the ones we incarnated here with, only now they have shifted inter dimensionally, as have we. These individuals demise will come to be viewed in the current timeline as the karmic energetic sacrifices that were necessary for the evolution of the souls they left behind.


Feather offering at the Chalice Well spring, January 24th 2019


Crystal cleanse at the Chalice Well waterfall

Old trauma signatures and past timelines are again crossing and weaving patterns into the fabric of our present existence, but unlike previous reemergence these are being presented to us at a higher octave, and gifting us a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to heal at multi dimensional levels. Again this is if we are open to the recalibrating effect and meet this challenge with an open and grateful heart, rather than fight against it or ignore the signs. This year the opportunity will arise to make amends with the past, but rather than reintroducing the wound and then allowing this thread to spin out of control and reel in more dramas and tragedies, it will guide us towards a higher level of conscious healing, where we may journey on the highest road towards our own personal transformation.


Chalice Well, Glastonbury


The red spring fountain head at Chalice Well


The Vesica Piscis pool at Chalice Wells Gardens


The operation of free will on this planet will increase exponentially this year…

as no matter of our karmic past, or our destiny we always have a choice, and yet we must also heed the natural limits set out for our soul in this lifetime. As a practicing astrologer it is always a revelation to view a persons God given potential for their current incarnation, through the reading of their natal chart. Everyone of us has different limitations and constrictions to help us on our souls evolutionary journey, all of which can be ascertained from an astrological reading. Therein it is also vital this year and onward not to weigh or judge our self against any other person- how they may be living larger or smaller than our self.


Sheep on the frosty slopes of Wearyall Hill, January 23rd 2019


Sharing the incredible dawn vista with a flock of sheep on Wearyall Hill


As of the New Year many may have felt a huge shift in the energy they are attracting around them.

It may even feel like a new lease of life, as more fortunate and meaningful opportunities arise. This is largely due to Jupiter moving through his home sign of Sagittarius and counteracting the heavy contraction of Saturn and Pluto both in cardinal earth sign Capricorn. We must be ever grateful to the opulent Lord Jupiter for this uplifting surge of expansion and optimism throughout the year until December when he too enters Capricorn. Besides this, both Chiron and Uranus are changing signs in 2019 and will not reenter Pisces and Aries respectively. This too adds to the momentum for shifting gears, for change, and choosing differently. The February 14th Valentine Mars/ Uranus conjunction also activated important  breakthroughs, and breakaways regarding the karmic past.


The trunk of the 2000 year old Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hilll, that was vandalized back in Dec. 9th 2010; now honored and adorned with colorful ribbons


2019 is about getting serious about who we truly are, and what it is we truly wish to be expending our energy and efforts on in the present, and for our future.

There is a need for greater accountability, for greater physical and psychological efforts to confront our fears, our self made limits and restrictions, as well as face the karma that has come back around. Then we must find the courage to push through all that need for approval and conformity to truly own the person we came here to be, by harnessing our souls full potential.


The Holy Thorn at Glastonbury Abbey, January 23rd 2019

Needless to say many of us will continue to encounter big and important life lessons. It is easy to play the victim when circumstances head south, and yet everything is still in its rightful place whether we may like it or not. We must trust in the divine intelligence of this cosmos, and sense in a fuller capacity how we are in constant co-creation with the life force. The organic matrix in which we live is the most advanced, benefic and intelligent algorithm in our known existence, and we are fortunate enough to glimpse momentarily states beyond the 3D reality. Some souls are already experiencing an expansion and energetic shift in the matrix, allowing them to experience 4 and 5D realms. It is our privilege then, to have our human consciousness to be able to witness such remarkable and miraculous brilliance. Now is a time to live in greater reverence of all of this, and grow ever more humble to the true inner creative power of the Great Mother, and return to her true sacred ways.


The ancient Isle of Avalon


Communion with the spirits of the trees…

While the Goddess message slowly sank in during the course of my time in Glastonbury and onward, there was another communion taking place that was as profound and meaningful, and it had started prior to my visitation.


The ancient Yew in Durlston County Park, Swanage


The Yew represents everlasting life and continual rebirth

This holy communion was with the spirits of the trees, and especially with those elders who have stoically graced this earth for centuries. Since leaving the US I felt myself drawn to the woods and especially the tree elders in my locale. It has been such a relief to be able to get up close and personal with the trees again, and indeed all the plant kingdom, since back in Long Island I am unable to create such intimacy. This is due to our woods and grasslands being infested with ticks, all of which are carriers of debilitating and fatal diseases.


Kings Wood, Rhempstone. Hazel was used by the Celts for divination and dowsing


Visitation to the grove with the ancient Hazel tree at Kings Wood; photo credit Frazer Lant

As I began my adjustment period in the UK it was the trees that beckoned me to come closer and simply ‘be’ in their stoic presence. I found these experiences both grounding and nurturing…with a deep sense of home coming. As I sought out more of these experiences, my interactions with them appeared to summon the violet flame and a crystalline light that radiated in rays of the rainbow spectrum all around me, and this was very much heightened during the eclipse week.


Communing with an ancient Beech tree at Glastonbury Abbey, January 23rd 2019


Showered in rainbow light


Level with the heart of the beech tree

Trees are truly such wondrous beings, and it is humbling to recognize that many of these elders have been silent witnesses to our ever changing environment, plus the social and technological progression of humanity. Indeed this was most apparent during my communions, as from what I could intuit they are claiming the urgency for us to pay greater attention to them and to all organic life. I have sensed too that they are currently attempting to adapt their own frequency in order to better reach and communicate with more people, as they feel and ‘know’ everything that has made up the past, and wish to impart their intuits for the future. Together with the fungi they communicate through their root system, in a magical and extensive underground network, much like our human nervous system.


The ancient Beech encircled with snowdrops at Glastonbury Abbey


The all seeing eyes of the evergreen Holly; symbol of the positive life force. Holly provides a link to past actions either in this life or past lives.

What is left of our mighty forests still function as the lungs of our planet, and we would not be able to sustain life on earth without them. Trees have always been here to help us thrive and yet we have become ever more dismissive of them, as our technologies have taken us out of real time and into this vast collective disassociated state. I can tell you that they are very concerned about the current health of the planet, and all those they share this soil, water and air with. They are raising the alarm that we are at a major crisis point, and it is much more pressing than anyone dares relate to us. I really sense their urgency at getting this message across.


Mother Apple Tree at the Avalon Orchard; Glastonbury Tor


The trees are demanding to have our full attention back,

just as they did when the druids and Celts walked the land. These selfless beings are more than willing to assist, but as long as our attention is elsewhere, even when they try to communicate at a fever pitch, they still go unnoticed, and it really frustrates them. All plants and animals respond to being acknowledged and respected and it is vital now and onward to revive the reverence and gratitude for these beings that either sacrifice their physical bodies for us to survive, or else work together in service for the security of our very existence.


The sacred gateway to Chalice Well and the dragon lines


The sacred Yews of Chalice Wells Garden

Hugging trees and forest bathing are two of the most beautiful communions we have with our fellow tree spirits, and they are more than accepting of such an embrace and encounter. They feel our love as they do all our emotions, but what hurts them the most is existing in a state of neglect, or dismissal. They are social beings, as are we, and in that there is great commonality. Let’s not forget too that trees have inspired man since the very beginning. At the center of the Garden of Eden stood the “Tree of Life” and the “Tree of Knowledge”. This symbology has been with us through all of time, and still speaks of their vital physical and spiritual role in humanities growing consciousness and transcendence. Their roots, trunks and branches act as a bridge between heaven and earth and conduits for the elements of water, earth and air.


Glastonbury Abbey Gardens

So next time you see a tree that beckons you to come closer, please take the time out of your busy schedule to commune with these unique beings. Give it your undivided attention and make it aware of your love and gratitude. This will give them the extra boost of energy they need to continue their vital role for a healthy atmosphere and to combat all our toxic mess.


Radiant light cascading from the Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey. Evidence of geoengineering in the background

And so it is here that I must end my recount and hope that you will take with you that which resonates the most. It is always a privilege to be able to share such insights with my readers. I’d like to state before I’m branded for condescending, or for judging others and their behavior, that I am very aware of how in the past I have contributed  and upheld the old patriarchal paradigm, especially through the expression of my own sexuality. Of course I also understand that countless women and men throughout the ages have fallen victim to violence and abuse, at no direct cause of their own.


St. Michael’s Chapel, Glastonbury Tor

The messages that arose from this most recent pilgrimage to Avalon have been a huge reminder to myself to live and act responsibly, and by example. I am far from perfect, and I have made many choices that could be conceived as mistakes, and yet I am almost at peace with all of that. In making my amends I have exercised my free will and conjured alternative and more meaningful opportunities, which in turn have lead me further on my spiritual and creative path towards greater soul authenticity.


Glastonbury Tor

Moving forward into a very uncertain future, I hope that each of us embark, or continue forth on the inward journey, to deepen our respect fore mostly for ourselves, for others and all the sentient and insentient beings that grace this beautiful mother earth planet. I invite you to explore the possibility of living an uninhibited life, and in so doing enjoy the many wonders and synchronicities that will grace your everyday. I wish you all a peaceful passage throughout 2019 and beyond, warmed by Hestia’s hearth and guided by the light of her eternal flame.


Communing with the ancient stones at Stanton Drew Circles- photo credit Kwun Pang



Full Moon in Virgo, trine Mars conjunct Uranus

Venus conjunct Saturn, Pluto and North Node;

sextile Mercury exact conjunct Neptune- square Jupiter












Red Blood Moon conjunct Red Planet Mars

Full Moon/Total Lunar eclipse in Aquarius (4’ 45”)
July 27th – 28th culminating at 20:21 UTC


The Blood Moon of July 27/28 is calculated to be the longest eclipse of the 21st century! Hence from an astrological perspective we can speculate that its energetic influence will be magnified and extensive here on Earth. The lunar eclipse will be visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Totality will last for a lengthy 103 minutes, just short of 1 hour and 47 minutes- the theoretical limit of a lunar eclipse. This is because the Moon passes directly through the center of Earth’s shadow, increasing the time in which the Moon is blocked from the Sun. Other unique factors attributed to this Blood Moon is the position of Earth close to the farthest it will be from the Sun, called the Aphelion, plus a dramatic Mars opposition.

Not only does this eclipse combine some astronomically fantastic phenomena but astrologically too it packs a mighty punch! The Moon is exact conjunct her South Node together with Mars, all in Aquarius– the sign of the water bearer. Black Moon Lilith at last degree of Capricorn injects her shadowy, untamable energy into an already intense and potentially volatile conjunction.

Those fortuitous in seeing the Full Blood Moon will witness its close proximity to the red planet Mars. On a clear sky night this is sure be a spectacular sight, since Mars close now to perigee will appear extra bright and red in his close proximity to Earth. This triple conjunction in Aquarius directly opposes the Sun conjunct North Node in Leo, all in a tight T square with Uranus in Taurus. Mercury just stationed retrograde in Leo, and Venus in Virgo still opposes Neptune in Pisces.

My Goodness, what energy is upon us…

In a nutshell then the theme for this Blood Moon has to be surrender, or else continue the fight. I’m sure we can all agree that this is far easier said than done, because of the ego’s aversion to backing down, especially when we believe ourselves to be right, or over anything that jeopardizes our survival, or our right to thrive. It is likely that quarrels, fights and old battles will erupt for the remainder of this eclipse season, and it may take a few months to work it all out, by sifting through the inner and outer dynamics at play here.

“Surrender doesn’t mean you lose,
only that you no longer wish to fight.”

Franz Wisner

Since the Moon is exact conjunct the South Node –the karmic purger, this implies that in order to align with our soul destiny there will be something in this eclipse season, and over the course of the next 6 months that bids us to let go and let be. In whatever arena this shows up, this battle has been ongoing for a long, long time; in this life and in other incarnations. Both Moon and Mars in the sign of Aquarius (ruler of the 11th house) brings our attention to how we interact and share of ourselves within the community, among groups, networks and friends; towards trends and all the possible ways we attempt to either follow the crowd, or rebel against the status quo. The South Node together with the retrograde motion of Mars elicits great karmic reemergence, and with the dark feminine Lilith besides him, suppressed anger and frustration, together with primal urges and impulses, all stemming from old karmic behavioral imprints and memories of rejection and betrayal will resurface in order to be released.

With Uranus in T- square to the Blood Moon we can expect the unexpected, which again brings up this theme of surrender. No matter of the disruptions or turbulence that may arise at this time, our soul mission is to release the old action replays, plus those knee jerk reactions, and all the rage, and rejection accumulated from the past; all of which can no longer aid our souls progression. This is our chance to karmically realign with the light- with the divinity that lives inside each of us; the joy, passion and creativity that nourishes our heart and soul. We have a chance now to banish these demons ushered in by Black Moon Lilith, and leave behind such shadowy entities and hurtful memories clinging to our auric and psychic field, all of which energetically leach our vital life force.

There has been much negative speculation and predictions for this Blood Moon, but whatever comes to pass out in the social sector, or for each individual personally, the higher path and the bigger perspective of Aquarius would have us view this with infinite possibility, and as an opportunity to muster all the courage and strength to shine our light out into the world, no matter of any sudden disruption or adversity, or even if we personally come under attack. This regeneration of the vital life force for our self as well as others is so important, and never more so than when the challenges in life become so great.

“Surrender to what is,
Let go of what was.
Have faith in what will be.”

Sonia Ricotti

The energy of the Blood Moon may also make us more accident prone in our physical bodies, and with our speech, because not only is Mars retrograde, but Mercury also stationed retrograde in Leo July 26th. Mechanical breakages, technological and communication breakdowns, travel disruptions, and accidents are normally attributed to a Mercury retrograde cycle. All this will be confounded by the Uranus influence, having recently moved into the fixed earth sign of Taurus. This distant planet is renowned for initiating abrupt and radical change.

The powerful planetary alignments of this eclipse certainly appears to have the potential to spark some kind of collective, social upheaval, and may even prove itself to be a portent for mass disruption; perhaps a rebellious uprising among the people (Aquarius) versus the leaders and the elite (Leo). The T- square to Uranus could also trigger sudden economic change, or even earth changes of an explosive nature – most likely earthquakes, volcanic activity and severe lightning strikes. I don’t wish to be pessimistic, but we could see rioting at large, violence and more attacks targeting large gatherings. Anything of great personal value that generates our physical and fiscal security could also be subjected to sudden change. This may concern the home, who and what we love, our possessions, as well as other personal resources.

Uranus energy is electric, and in Taurus the most grounded, fixed and routine of signs, this frequency is especially jarring. The kind of shocks most likely to occur will directly target arenas of our material life where we have grown stagnant, lazy, or resistant to change. Electricity of course also provides the world with light whenever and wherever there is darkness. This is a time period of great awakenings, whereby old actions and instincts suddenly become illuminated, and these realizations assist in raising our conscious awareness.

“Change is the essence of life;
be willing to surrender who you are
for what you could become.”


In order to use this rather volatile and erratic energy to our advantage, the enlightening and rebellious nature of Uranus can certainly help us to emotionally detach and untether from anything that we no longer wish to be a part of, aiding our personal liberation through recognizing what is truly our souls destiny, and surrendering to our hearts passion instead of just following along with the crowd, or repeating the past. As idealistic as this may all sound, and it is, because Uranus is all about ideals, this is one of our most pressing soul challenges this eclipse season. Dare to be different; be bright, be bold and most of all be yourself. Take the initiative to change how you act among, and react to any personal threat and this will have a catalytic affect. Situations are likely to escalate fast and arise unexpectedly not giving us much time to adjust or think things through, and so these scenarios will be the gauge to how our memory bank has developed empowering or disempowering coping mechanisms.


If at this time we are faced with external forces beyond our control, we still can choose how we respond to any such adversity. In the bigger scheme of things each of us are held accountable, because there are of course consequences to all our actions and non- actions; to our thoughts through the laws of attraction, and from the words we choose to speak. What goes around comes around and so it becomes our responsibility to act and speak with full integrity. The Mercury and Mars retrograde highlights the karmic significance to all of this. There is a great need now to think carefully before we act, react or voice our thoughts, especially if it’s coming from a place of repressed rage. If the actions or speech needed at this time have been something you’ve thought to do, or say for a long time then this is the chance to do it, and set your self free from the weight of holding back and hopefully change the karmic imprinting. If however something comes up now that is completely new and hasn’t been thought through, then consider refraining and giving it greater consideration, or else bare the consequences.

Even though the release factor for this eclipse is with the South Node in Aquarius it’s important to counterbalance that with the Sun having returned to its home sign in Leo conjunct the North Node. Oppositions call for us to find balance between two extremes, and so our mission as conscious beings at this time is to experience joy through playful lighthearted experiences; through romance, creativity and exploring our individuality. This offsets all of life’s hardships, the sufferance and the heavy weight of responsibility, alongside the accumulation of karma from many, many incarnations, among billions and billions of souls currently living on this planet.

“The ultimate act of power is surrender”

Krishna Das

Persons most likely to be affected by this eclipse energy are those with natal Sun Moon, and ASC in the early degrees of the fixed signs – Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, plus those with natal Sun, Moon and ASC in the last degrees of cardinal signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The penumbral eclipse begins at 17.14 UTC, Max: 20.21 UTC for 53 seconds, with the penumbral ending at 23:28 UTC


This is the tarot card of ultimate surrender, of being suspended in time and of martyrdom and sacrifice to the greater good. This is the archetype to meditate on to help break old patterns of behavior and bad habits that restrict you.

Mars and the Summer of seeing Red; of Return, Reemergence, Release and Reconfiguration

Mars takes the spotlight summer 2018, and as of June 26th stations retrograde at 9’ of Aquarius, backtracking into the last and critical degrees of Capricorn before stationing direct August 27th and reentering Aquarius September 11th

In Roman mythology Mars was a great warrior and protector. He was the patron God of the Roman soldiers who worshiped him prior to battle. In astrology Mars represents the masculine principle- our potency, motivation, and physical action. Already we can deduce then that this is not likely to be the summer of love, at least not in a romantic sense! During the Mars retrograde period there’s the potential for lusts to lay latent giving rise to sexual frustration or unhealthy obsessions, while powerful emotions such as fear, and anger may provoke defensive fiery outbursts or in worst case scenarios violent acts or threats. All of this seething inner fire will coincide with the external heat of the mid summer months in the Northern Hemisphere.


The Red Poppy associated with veterans of war

When a planet is retrograde it appears to go backwards in the sky, and if planets are positioned on “outside lanes” compared to Earth- when they are retrograde then the Earth passes them from the inside lane. It’s also the closest Earth can get to them, making the planets appear larger and brighter than usual. So the Mars retrograde also signals an exciting astronomical event as the red planet hasn’t been so close and looking so big or bright since 2003, and it wont be again until September 2035. Mars will be closest to Earth on July 31st and for the east coast of US, calculated at 35, 780,000 miles away.

Mars travels retrograde for about two months every two years and considering its greater proximity to earth than usual, plus all the influential astrological aspects Mars is currently making in 2018, then it stands to reason that the energy of the red warrior planet will have a greater influence and affect here on Earth especially over the summer months.

Backtracking to May 12th, Mars positioned at 28º of Capricorn, thus entering his shadow retrograde zone. Over summer he will revisit the critical degree of Capricorn, giving us the opportunity to finally “learn the lesson” around asserting ourselves in a disciplined way, one that will ensure our actions bring us longstanding rewards. Any actions or motivations of a Capricornian nature that draw on our responsibilities, duties, parenting, career, and public persona may well incur some major reconfiguration.


The Tempestuous Tulip

Mars retrograde moves us into a period where it is important to think before we act especially if we find ourselves purely motivated by lust, anger, or violence. This may arise in defense of our person and our self autonomy. This is a time to review our goals, reconsider motivations and resolve old conflicts. Sometimes this period also exposes weaknesses so that we are made more aware of our vulnerabilities. The best that can come of all this is that we discover strengths that we didn’t know we had, or that we forgot we had. Whilst Mars retrograde can trigger frustration from a slower pace than normal and a lack of energy or libido, it does however give us an opportunity to iron out difficulties that drain our strength and vitality. With Mars stationing retrograde initially in Aquarius, it’s possible that group dynamics could be a source of tension at the beginning of this transit.

“A Mars retrograde affects our actions, motivations and, often, tempers. Circumstances invite or require undoing or redoing past actions. Mechanical objects – objects that move – sometimes malfunction or break down. (For that reason, you might want to avoid buying expensive ones during this time.) Because Mars is the archetypal masculine, his retrograde can summon men from the past. Old conflicts may also arise. Frustration is likely if you attempt to initiate matters or push them forward. Watch your temper; people are testy and flare-ups may get out of hand. Instead, use a Mars retrograde to take your time, reinforce past actions, address or resolve conflict and put effort into the areas of life where he is traveling in your chart.”

From “Astrology Hub” resources


Crimson Rose

At the Summer Solstice June 21st Mars directly opposed Venus (conjunct North Node of the Moon) and he is still influenced by the strong polarity cosmically enforced by his feminine counterpart. He is also still lingering around in proximity to where his first karmic rendezvous took place with the South Node of the Moon on June 8th. In evolutionary astrology the South Node represents the karmic past, and those life themes which we are unconsciously drawn back to because of energetic patterns carried forward from our past lives incarnations.

This was the first in a series of three conjunctions due the Mars retrograde period. Mars conjunct the South Node in Aquarius may feel like like returning to an old argument with a friend, digging at old wounds. Often when this placement occurs, old anger can return unexpectedly, and we need to find a healthy way to vent without taking it out on others. Unfinished business that has held us back may come up for review such as the reemergence of old passions, old flames, goals, desires, quarrels and impassioned or violent actions. Given the past karmic influence of the South Node these dealings wielded great consequences in this incarnation, as well as those in the past, and can do so again if we don’t bravely confront them and transform old reactions and responses when triggered. Maybe we have to let go of something we’ve been fighting for, but instead of seeing this as a defeat we may simply need to release the karmic influence it has over us so that a new way of interacting can be initiated.


The Red Rose and the unfurling of passion

In July there will be 5 planets retrograde, and then August ‘ups the ante’ to 6 planets. This phenomena has been coined a “retrograde storm” and so it suggests then that this summer is also not an auspicious time to be starting or embarking on anything new. In fact while time feels like its gradually slowing down, for some of us it may feel like time has come to a grinding halt or even a complete standstill! Among the current retrograde planets are Saturn, who rules earth time, and Pluto who rules karmic time. It is very likely that people or situations from the karmic past will make a dramatic reemergence, and this theme of returning, revisiting and reenacting the past will be accentuated now by Mars stationing retrograde.

With so many planets in retrograde motion all summer this time is best utilized for great introspection; for revision, reflection, and re-encounters, leading no doubt to a redo of some sort. It’s important to recall that Mars having entered Capricorn March 18th doesn’t fully leave this sign until September 11th 2018, and so our actions during this lengthy period, questions our motives as well as our tenacity and consistency. The retrograde period will assist in incorporating something new into anything that feels old, or where we feel physically stuck by changing rules, and working hard on long term goals through a reevaluation and revision process.


The power center of the root chakra

Mars is the famed red planet of our solar system, and the color red is known to psychologically stimulate, excite and impassion. Red being the color of our blood also represents danger as well as war and the battle field. It’s associated with the 1st chakra- the seat of our personal power. This chakra’s energy force projects up and out of the base of the body, ensuring self- preservation for our survival and to help us thrive in direct competition with others. This energy wheel controls our primal instincts and our fight or flight mechanism.

With the Mars correlation to the 1st chakra, and with such intensity culminating above this could generate physical problems, or injuries related to the sacral region producing symptoms such as lower back pain, sciatica, or impotency as well as the potential for a complete burn out of the whole body system. When an energy block presents itself in the root chakra it duly affects the other chakras positioned above. An energy block makes it more difficult to connect to the higher chakra’s and therein the higher self, with energy remaining stuck below the heart level reinforcing egocentric behavior.

While addressing any physical symptoms specific to the sacral area and hips, bring your awareness to the heart, and open up to divine source through your crown chakra at the top of the head. Together with your breath channel energy through the crown down to the root chakra. Once you have mastered this and you feel energetically replenished and balanced, attempt to slowly work the energy back up the spine and out of the crown chakra. This is an ideal physical and spiritual exercise for this retrograde period, as it will help to clear blocks along the body’s energetic pathway. Also cooling off the body and tempers will be very necessary, and the color blue is the natural antidote for too much red, while cold water and staying out of direct sunlight in the shade will also help to simmer down the internal heat.

If you also find that your physical energy is rather lacking this summer there are ways to still keep active without getting all pent up with frustration. If for example you are a keen runner then this may be a time to slow things down and walk or jog instead –build your endurance by going for longer distances. The Mars retrograde period can make many of us more prone to accidents so pace yourselves and don’t push too hard if you really don’t feel to – let your instincts and intuition guide your movement. There are many ways to keep strong and healthy other than going hard at it all the time, for instance; gentle yoga, restorative Pilates, and meditation. Listen to your body and adjust your activity level and schedules accordingly, and don’t beat your self up if you wind up relaxing more than working out over the next couple of months. This is definitely the summer where less equals more when it comes to any physical activity.


Root chakra activation



Retrograde planets:

July 2018:

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto

Saturn stations direct July 10th

Mercury stations retrograde July 26th

August 2018:

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Mercury stations direct August 19th

Mars stations direct August 17th







Solstice June 21st 2018: The Heavenly Golden Gate and the Venus/Mars exact opposition


“Put your mind in the middle”

Joseph Campbell

June 21st marks the culmination of the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. This is the defining point in the solar cycle when the sun reaches its highest and lowest position in the sky respectively, marking the longest and shortest day of the year.

Every solstice the Sun aligns with what the ancients called the silver and gold heavenly gates. These ‘gates’ were believed to be portals to other realms. But for these portals to open there had to take place a cosmic convergence of these points in time and space, and this happens when the Sun and the cosmic meridians of the universe converge on the Solstices, either intersecting directly above Orion, or just below Ophiuchus, positioned on the opposite sides of the cosmos.

There are also 2 corresponding Stars that act as the keepers or guardians to these gates. Antares the super-giant red Sun is the keeper of the Golden Gate, while the giant Sun Aldebaran in Taurus is the keeper of the Silver Gate. Since the ancients believed that such stars or Suns also function as entry and exit points they were regarded like a ‘front’ and ‘back’ door to Heaven, holding the energetic capacity to summon a beginning or an end. Orion is ascribed to being the End as much as Ophiuchus is the ‘Beginning’ with souls said to depart through the silver gate, and their port of entry through the golden gate. Ophiuchus is the little known 13th sign of the zodiac depicting a giant man wrestling with a Serpent. It is always on the June Solstice that the Sun exactly intersects this Gate…

Besides this ancient auspicious configuration, astrologically there are many wonderful planetary configurations at the culmination of the 2018 June solstice point. The most dramatic and influential is the exact Venus/ Mars opposition. This polarity of the masculine and feminine principles combined with the energies of the current lunar cycle makes this theme of the lovers, the sacred twins, and duality highly significant for the upcoming months. That old saying “opposites attract” will become the flavor of our love relationships at least up until the Moon’s nodes change signs to enter into Cancer/Capricorn on November 6th.


“You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore but let there be spaces in your togetherness. And let the winds of the heavens dance between you”.  

Kahlil Gibran

The planet Venus named after the Roman Goddess of love, astrologically represents our desires and our values; who and what we love and attract, with the emphasis on the material value of sex, money, possessions and sensual pleasures. She also represents the Divine Feminine principle and the alchemical reaction that takes place through our human physical experience of love and beauty. With the Goddess planet positioned in the sign of fiery Leo, the energy of the feminine is fierce and proud like the regal lioness. Her passionate, loyal heart is very protective and adoring of her children and her legacy. She is creative, playful, and basks in the adoration of all those around her.

On this solstice the Venusian theme bids us to honor ourselves, and our personal values, even if the immediate world around us, and as far as we can see, doesn’t uphold our own value system. It takes the lions courage to stick up for what and whom we love, especially if it goes against the grain of popular belief, or the status quo. The calling now for each and every soul is to express their individuality, and the best we can do for ourselves moving forward is to honor our inherent gifts; interact more playfully in this life experience, and allow your bright inner light to shine out into the world. Whether you were born to be a star or not, each and every one of us takes center stage not only in our own lives, but also for those closest to us.


“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”

Joseph Campbell

While Venus dances with the North Node, Mars on the other hand just conjoined the South Node of the moon back on June 8th. This was the first in a series of three conjunctions (July 20th & Sep. 26th) this summer due to the up-coming Mars retrograde period (June 26th – Aug. 27th). Mars the great warrior represents the Sacred Masculine principle, and our potency, virility, motivation and physical action. The South Node in Vedic astrology symbolized by the serpents tail is viewed as the evil harbinger – “Ketu”, while in evolutionary astrology the South Node represents the karmic past, and those life themes which we are unconsciously drawn back to because of energetic patterns carried forward from our past lives incarnations. From this perspective unless the North Node is very well aspected, the South Node influence is what regenerates the karmic past and attracts us because it feels most familiar, even if it is to our own detriment.

Mars conjunction to the South Node in Aquarius brings up the shadow side of the warrior– and in this air sign it relates to actions taken regarding groups, friends, social causes and trends. The masculine in this sign is unpredictable, intelligent, social, independent and communicative. Some of the negative Aquarius characteristics include unreliability, stubbornness, indecision, and inflexibility and emotional detachment. Often when this alignment occurs, old anger can return unexpectedly, and it is like returning to an old argument with a friend. This penetrating energy of Mars in cerebral, futuristic Aquarius brings to light any actions based on strong ideals; plus our over use of technology, and the emotional detachment that comes with all of this, making pornography, dating apps and anything outrageous or taboo more appealing than forming loving heart connections.


“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

Hermes Trismegistus

Those living in the northern hemisphere will recognize that at this astronomical turning point even though we are heading into the dog days of summer the light of each day begins to shorten. This return of the darkness places the attention on all that remains unconscious and hidden in the underworld. For the upcoming 6 months it feels important then to release the detached and angry shadow energy of Mars so that we can fully embrace the true values of our own heart. We need to let go of all external influences, especially peer pressure and societal norms that lead us away from who we truly are, rendering us followers instead of sovereign leaders. This is a time to dare to be different rather than follow the latest trends, or act among over being true to self. If you are dealing with any emotional detachment in regards to sexual relationships, or close friendships especially between the opposite sex then this is a good time to address it and make the necessary heart centered adjustments.

There are many avenues in which the release work could take place. A Simple basic example could be a scenario concerning a group activity. Perhaps all your friends meet at a bar every weekend and drink themselves into oblivion and this is what has always defined you as a group. Maybe now you feel you’ve outgrown this pursuit and you’d rather spend this time perhaps by yourself doing something more creative. This is a chance to align with what you most value by letting go of past actions, especially if it concerns acting the same as everyone else. Thankfully Venus aligned with the North Node guides our soul towards a future that generates real pleasure and joy seated in the passion of ones heart.

If you are positioned in the Southern Hemisphere then the longest night has arrived and even though it is winter this is the turning point that promises that the light of day is steadily returning. The light increasing represents the growth of consciousness and illumination. So we can look at this as an opportunity to bring more conscious awareness to actions that stem from our heart rather than just from some ideal, or simply because that is what everyone else is doing. Reconfigure your life so that you can become more heartcentric and focus on that which has true value to you.


“No one in the world was ever you before, with your particular gifts, abilities and possibilities”

Joseph Campbell

The emphasis for the next few months will be on aligning your life activities with our heart’s desires and passions. Another simple example of how this could play out is in a scenario such as a working mother whose heart yearns to be nurturing her growing children rather than employing a nanny, or putting her infants in day care while she goes off to work everyday. For many decades now women have been emancipated from the role of solely being mothers and housekeepers. The current collective ideology rules that women have equal rights to men regarding work and jobs, and so women everywhere in the modern world work at jobs AND look after their kids. Perhaps this is not what her heart so desires at this turning point, and so she finds herself going against the grain to humbly take on that position of mother and housekeeper, because it’s actually more important to her than the job or even her independence! Or maybe he’s an artist, musician or performer at heart and yet he has made no art, music or theater because he’s fallen into the model lifestyle that gives precedence to work, social obligations, fitness activities and the duties of husband and father. Now he’s come to realize that without his art he will never be happy or fulfilled and so now he’ll be challenged to find ways to bring this passion for his art back and into the foreground of his life.

While we focus on the release of the old actions that take us away from our true selves, and claim those parts of us that bring joy to our hearts and make us shine, we also need to bring awareness to the polarity of the masculine and feminine principles and resolve conflicts that create even more duality. This solstice is an opportunity to discover what inside of you makes you roar with victorious delight, or with anger and might.


“But there is no energy unless there is a tension of opposites; hence it is necessary to discover the opposite to the attitude of the conscious mind.” 


This longest day for the Celts was sacred to the White Mare Goddess, who was known in Wales as Rhiannon, in France as Epona and in Ireland as Edaín. For anyone who practices ritual offerings or ceremony this Solstice is a great opportunity to honor both the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine and work some magic towards balance, harmony and acceptance inwardly and outwardly, as the sacred lovers face off up above in the heavens.

On a personal level this is also a great time to perform a ceremonial giveaway of something that represents the old you – with the intention and conscious choice to open now to new possibility. This is important because only by releasing the old karmic warrior version of you will it make way for the new future lover version of you to emerge.

Whether you make a ritual ceremony or not on this solstice, this is an auspicious opportunity to set the intention for transforming and releasing blocks to your own joy and happiness; to identify what actions need to be taken at the deepest level and how to release and break free and then break through to the new. Visualize in your minds eye the heavenly golden gate that is activated on this special day of the year, and then ‘see’ this portal opening and delivering something new and of great value to you. Perhaps you can see what it is- what has been heavenly sent, but even if you can’t picture it yet, just feel the energy coming through; let it soak into your auric field and then allow it to filter into your physical being and settle in your heart…

wishing everyone a peaceful and happy Solstice


“Yin and yang, male and female, strong and weak, rigid and tender, heaven and earth, light and darkness, thunder and lightning, cold and warmth, good and evil…the interplay of opposite principles constitutes the universe.”



Other influential astrological aspects for June 21st Solstice 2018

Grand trine in water with Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune

North Node and Venus inconjunct Saturn in Capricorn

Moon in Libra sextile Venus, and trine Mars


An Extreme Makeover for Earth and Humanity

Uranus the planet of innovation, liberation and revolution moves into Taurus May 2018, alongside a powerful stellium transiting Capricorn. The scope of these alignments will be far reaching, and fundamentally life changing, bringing about the final demise of the “old world order.” Besides all the much anticipated structural overhaul and reformation, the latest technology sets the progression of mankind on a trajectory from which there may be no return…

and while so many are focused on the political and personal dramas of the current administrations, I strongly feel we are missing the bigger picture. For the most ground breaking innovations are about to impact humankind and fundamentally alter our physical reality. The theme of super advanced technology transforming life on earth has been vastly explored in the genre of sci fi films for decades. During the course of this 7 year astrological transit we may see how accurately some of these movies predicted the successes and shortcomings of such futuristic applications.

The pioneering, experimental period of Uranus in Aries is fast coming to a close, and I’m duly concerned that many of us are not prepared for the transition that awaits us. Nor do I feel that many have yet devised their game plan to counteract all this may imply.


“Out with the old and in with the new!”

Astrology is a tool we can deploy to predict the future, allowing us time to prepare for what may lay ahead. The current astrology reveals that the powerful combination of Uranus entering Taurus, together with the stellium of outer planets- Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter (Dec. 2019) all transiting Capricorn, generates the energetic potential for the structures and establishments of the 20th century to come crashing down, between now and 2020, with the immediate fall out effects to last another 2 years. The infrastructure of the land itself, buildings, governing authorities, the old patriarchy and its archaic monetary system; plus world leaders- including those elite, which seem impossible to topple, are all likely to take a dramatic fall.


The skyscrapers of Manhattan -symbols of power, opulence and wealth

Alongside the higher probability for earthquakes and subsidence, explosions of all sorts including volcanic eruptions could become more widespread, targeting the soil, buildings, and people. And for the first 2 1/2 years of this transit the procession and union up above of the mighty forces of  Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn ensures the complete redistribution of power down here on Earth. This will include the custodians of valuable resources, and decisions that affect the greater collective, whether this will occur in plain sight or behind the scenes.

Meantime scientists now have the technology to absolutely and fundamentally alter the divine nature of the blueprint to life itself. Seven years from now not only will many of our old establishments be gone completely, but what we recognize as our current physical environment, and even our human, animal and plant biological process of fertilization and reproduction could all have undergone radical transformation.


Uranus in Taurus May 16th 2018– April 26th 2026

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and ruled by the planet Venus relates to our human desire for love and wealth, which both establish personal stability and security. Money, material possessions, and sensual pleasures are at the top of the list of ‘wants’ for Taurus the bull. It represents Mother Earth herself, as the qualities embodied by Taurus reflect the qualities inherent in our fertile, abundant and life generating Earth planet.

Coming soon is the next big push for the newest most advanced technologies ever seen to radically transform our experience of living on this earth plane. The push will gain momentum when the innovatory planet of Uranus moves out of Aries and into Taurus.  No doubt the influence of this futuristic planet on the “fixed” earth sign will feel unbearably jarring, and uncomfortable; shaking and waking us up with dramatic changes to the physicality of life on this planet and in our own bodies. Whether ready or not, it’s coming…


The Skyline of Manhattan’s Financial District viewed from The Empire State Building

Uranus destabilizes the foundations of anything that is stuck in the past and resists a progressive future. This energetic shift will elicit great surface changes and major disruptions to our regular routines, habits, and lifestyle, that has up until now provided us with material and emotional stability, security and nurture.

Alongside further climate and Earth changes we can expect dramatic fluctuations in the Schumann resonance – with our body’s frequency attempting to adapt to sharp increases in the earth’s electromagnetic resonance. Paralleling the internal discomfort and symptoms that accompany this experience, our security will feel in constant jeopardy, especially over that which we most value. From the basic comforts and stability of a house, home, relationship, and the food on our plate, the energetic combination of Uranus in Taurus together with the mighty stellium in Capricorn, will be responsible for reorganizing, restructuring and redistributing all that we have ever taken for granted on a daily material basis.


A traditional breakfast setting in a traditional family home


Learning from the historical past

If you find any, or all of what I have discussed so far, hard to believe, I encourage you to do your own research. Once again astrology can provide answers, as the movements of planets and aspects are infinitely cyclical. For instance the last time Uranus entered Taurus was 84 years ago, so we can check historical archives to figure out the affects that this transit had on the world back then. Most of us will not remember these times, but our grandparents and great grand parents will recall that this period was a fundamentally challenging time in their life.

On June 6th 1934, Uranus entered Taurus and remained there until October 9th , before backtracking into Aries for 5 months, and then re-entered Taurus on March 27th 1935, until August 7th 1941.

During this time span WWII commenced on September 1st 1939. These were the years immediately after the Wall Street Crash of 1929, which coincided with the Great Depression, following up with the austerity of war. There was one final move back into Taurus from October 4th 1941, ending on May 15th 1942. During the later period of Uranus in Taurus, ration coupons replaced money, while the value of currency and human life were completely destabilized. There is a strong probability that we are on track to experiencing a modernized version pertaining to such themes.

It is interesting to note that like the 1930’s transit, we saw the world economy collapse with “The Great Recession” back in December 2007, which lasted until June 2009; again a few years prior to Uranus’s move into Taurus. Warring between nations as well as internal conflicts have plagued mankind since the dawning of civilization, and today nothing much has changed in this arena, except that we have weapons of mass destruction and military forces in the hands of unpredictable, and egomaniacal leaders, making the threat of WWIII very possible.

Backtracking to last year, North Korea first threatened US with a nuclear attack late July 2017 (during eclipse season) after testing and increasing its arsenal. Towards the end of the year more angst developed over a potential electromagnetic pulse attack. Then out of the blue this April 2018, came a surprise declaration for the suspension of its nuclear and missile tests. Such a sudden, big turnaround speaks of the unpredictable nature of Uranus, hovering now over the last critical degrees of Aries (the fire sign representative of the warrior and pioneer). As does the current tensions between USA and Russia over Syria, which also escalated this April, together with the rouse made over Russia’s cyber attacks, and Britain’s threat of a global cyber war for any further hacking of infrastructures.

IMG_6370 2

Rainbow of hope

Regarding major earth shifts, back in the mid 1930’s seismic activity increased and heightened when Uranus first moved into Taurus, and especially during the last 3 years of the 7 year transit. In particular 1938 recorded 22 events reaching 7.0+. Topping the list was a huge quake which struck the Banda Sea, and at a magnitude of 8.5 this was one of the largest earthquakes of all time. Following on from this, 1939 escalated into being one of the deadliest years for earthquakes with over 60,000 recorded deaths, largely resulting from two major events in Chile and Turkey.

Ground breaking inventions and discoveries from 1934 – 41

includes the magnetic tape recorder, radar, nylon, Teflon, the photocopier, jet engine, LSD, the helicopter, electron microscope, orgone accumulator, color television, the first computer controlled by software, neutronic reactor, aerosol spray, canned beer and freeze dried coffee.

In the final Uranus retrograde period in Taurus, the first electronic digital computer was built, as was the turboprop engine.


Implementation of advanced technology and a new monetary system

Major technological advances fast accrued the past decade, but now comes the crunch time when all the new science will be finally applied widespread, potentially infiltrating the boundaries of organic life.  We have already contended with the radical changes brought about via the introduction of the internet and the global worldwide web, plus generations of computers, robotics, cloning, genetically modified organisms, geoengineering, nano tech, 3d printing, smart phones, experimental crypto currencies, and virtual reality.

Like everything there will be the good, the bad and the plain ugly when it comes to the consequences of implementing any type of advanced technology. New innovations that have a direct application to our physical bodies, other life forms, and to earth herself, will not only entail a radical make over on the surface, but also a cellular restructuring relating to fertility, procreation and reproduction. We can expect to see a radical reassembly of all our infrastructures, and manufacturing industries adopting new installations to increase production and yields, relying more and more on robotics, nano tech and their precursors.

Imagine 7 years from now a world that has undergone an extreme makeover, plus the very design of nature further intercepted by technology altering it from its original God given state. Besides all these radical physical changes, we will see a complete overhaul of our monetary system, alongside the worldwide redistribution of power. Paper currency is already being faded out, with the predominant use now of online credit lines and ‘apps’ for managing all our banking transactions.

During my most recent trip to UK I witnessed many closures of banks and their ATM’s in the smaller townships, leaving the public with very little choice other than to bank online, and use credit cards. Cashiers anticipate debit/credit payment, while bitcoin and the likes are accepted more and more by small and large businesses. All of this adds up to a significant decrease in cash sales the past few years. Yet even credit cards, and schemes such as mortgages, pensions and taxation could all disappear in favor of an entirely new system bound by a crypto currency.


Manhattan’s Financial District and the Freedom Tower

So how will we approach these upcoming changes, do we even have a choice of how to respond to such drastic measures for the progression of humanity? Many of us may revel, cheer and clap as we watch with glee the old patriarchal system with its banks, governments and industries all fall at our feet. But have we really considered the implications of that which will take its place?


The futuristic vision of life on earth (Uranus)

I have for seen in the near future a split among the people of the western world – those driven by a futuristic vision of our human existence, enabling the merger of man and machine, versus those who return to the land to honor earth and her natural laws, thereby upholding holistic traditions.

Uranus is indeed the liberator and he ignites the spark of any revolution. Yet in spite of this desire to break free of our past restrictions (of the old value system and outdated technology), in this futuristic vision there will be no civilian freedom or privacy. That has already been taken care of- carefully planned and orchestrated under the guise of protecting the public against terrorism. Micro chips containing our personal data, have been installed in our credit cards, phones, plus passports which have the bonus of biometric authentication. Social media sites, search engines and the “Global Positioning System” (GPS) all have algorithms to track our every movement and/or expenditure- all of which could venture into darker more sinister territory.

Seven years from now it is not such a far stretch of the imagination to envision everything and everyone will be monitored by a super AI. And no doubt it will become mandatory to have our body chipped, just like we’ve been doing to our pets to ascertain their identity and define these living creatures as our property. Instead of carrying wallets with credit cards, licenses, and passports to identify us, in the near future all personal data will most likely be transferred to our nano chip implant. It is of course hard to predict the timing for such a giant scheme to be implemented world wide, and yet we are already on route, so now it is just a matter of time, cost, and labor.


The steel globe outside Trump International Hotel and the towers of the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle, New York City

I would encourage everyone again to do their own research. Open your eyes, read between the lines, look for tell tale insignia on all the products that install the new innovations.  The conspiracy theorists nightmare of a takeover staged by a central one world government gains momentum each time new tech is implemented for monitoring, surveillance and personal identification. And with Uranus transiting Taurus at the threshold of “The Age of Aquarius” there may well emerge the front of an egalitarian movement, in which all of these technological advances promote a lifestyle supposedly more abundant, comfortable, convenient, beautiful even; so beloved of the Taurean nature. And the public so easily manipulated and brain washed by the media, together with the resistance to manual labor and thinking for themselves, has already contributed to the rise of such a ‘new world order’ (a supremacy rooted in a subterranean dictatorship by the super elite under the guise of socialism).

And if all this becomes too uncomfortable for us to bear, then there could arise a mass uprising, to fight for, and take back the control of our privacy, our sovereign rights, and usher in the peoples revolution. Uranus in Taurus symbolized by the bull would support this kind of revolt in a very physical, territorial manner. The term ‘bull headed ‘ or to act ‘like a bull in a china shop,’ describes that forceful energy that literally wipes out everything in its vicinity. Therein all that is fragile and delicate is destroyed through sheer might and clumsiness, fueled by rage and stubbornness. In war this happens time and time again. The full charge of an attack wipes out all life in the vicinity, and that which is destroyed or broken can never be replaced, or repaired. Human life is fragile no matter how invincible we think we are, and the costs of any war is paid with the price of human life, leaving in its wake massive debt for those who manage to survive.


The Bull and his standoff before the charge


Earth based self sufficiency (Taurus)

Metaphorically and literally this year marks the beginning of the great divide. Between those who detach from earth and the physicality of their bodies to live in a matrix specially designed for them in a cyber space reality, versus those who are adamant to preserve life as we have always known it; living and laboring alongside nature towards their own, or a communities self sufficiency. This ability to sustain ones self is the quality most associated with Taurus, since as ruler of the second house in astrology the bull presides over our personal resources, and our skill set, which combined generates our means for self sufficiency.

While the majority focus on the Uranian vision of the future, with its benefits of the new technological implementation, and freedom from past restrictions, I would like to counteract this with the potent security offered from the Taurean energy fueled by the feminine planet Venus. Her Goddess energy is earth herself and the fertile soil, and representative of “the divine feminine.”


Life on earth and the fertile planet

So let’s look at the alternate progression of my prediction. This I envision as a grass movement returning to an earth based life, utilizing the ancient technology of crystal intelligence, sacred geometry, astrology, bio dynamic farming, and clean energy, all of which abides to natural law. Taking this stance realigns our future survival with nature, on what will be left of our organic planet.

The people who will uphold earth based living, whether they realize it yet or not, have already primed themselves energetically and spiritually for this, with a heightening and quickening of awareness and sensitivity having occurred over the past decade. In order to remain fundamentally attached to this earth and to their organic bodies, with their natural cycles intact, they will need to start planning ahead and design a future that will secure their connection to mother earth. Now more than ever there is due cause to protect nature and our own bodies from the invasion and re-orchestration of the divine matrix of life.


Sacred geometry underlying all nature and growth


Financial stability and wealth versus quality of life

On the matter of finance, equity, investments and the value of worldly possessions I feel rather hesitant to give advice as I am rather unqualified to discuss such matters of how best to protect assets, or increase them as we make the transfer out of the cash monetary system. I’m sure there are professionals that can help with these matters, but before you expend all your time and energy worrying about this, I beg you to consider the greater transition at hand. It would be a mistake to spend all this valuable preparation time simply protecting your assets and securing your wealth, without giving any consideration to your upcoming quality of life, your right for choice, and the introduction of tech that alters your human biology and experience.


The Bull of Wall Street, NYC

Even with credit lines all accounted for now online, there have already been terrible incidents of hacking and identity theft. It is truly a huge step to trust in a currency one can’t see, touch or truly handle, only in a cache stored on an external hard drive. And even if it is protected by ‘block chain’ there is still this tremendous leap of faith to believe in something so very abstract, and for a fiscal security we must absolutely depend upon. And what if suddenly and unexpectedly electric power grids, satellites, internet and wireless connection were wiped out, even temporarily? I can just imagine the terrible mayhem that would ensue from that. It would only take one major electromagnetic surge, like a major solar storm or from an EMP attack to short circuit all this kind of technology.


Comply or rebel?


The caged bull

Uranus wakes us up in sudden and unpredictable manner. Will you comply with what is mandated for a so called progressive society, or will you stage a revolt; be it passive, or aggressive? By passive I mean taking a stand and pursuing a holistic lifestyle and therein not adhering to the new ways. And by aggressive I obviously mean doing whatever it takes to protect life and the way of living we cherish, by having the courage to fight for choice instead of the mandatory.  I fear we will endlessly switch sides, compromising one thing for another until we have lost the very substance of life that actually made being here worth living for- the natural beauty, body and soul love, sensuality, peace and happiness. All of these things are worth fighting for.


The joy and comfort of traditional home life

I think it to be a huge mistake to weather this upcoming extreme time of transition, blind and deaf to the consequences of all or any of this, to then suddenly wake up in 2026 to find that everything that we once valued has gone and been replaced. Perhaps we will look back and feel that life without credit cards, banks, taxation has been liberating, but there is much more at stake than just this financial overhaul. Time is running out and we must do what feels right for each of us individually, but also with the knowledge that whatever drastic measures are taken now will yield the greatest affects on the future generations.


Is there a middle ground?

The energetic influence of the planet Uranus arrives suddenly, often explosively with a shock and awe impact. Our planetary liberator constantly switches, and changes things at lightning speed; this energy doesn’t flow, but moves erratically and avoids getting stuck at all cost. As the planetary ruler of Aquarius his signature energy births the rebel with, or without a cause; but is best channeled towards any altruistic reform, since Uranus is our planetary representative of the higher conscious.

Meantime the fixed earth sign of Taurus the bull, is the most immovable of all the signs in the zodiac. His complacency may breed compliance, and yet when confronted with anything that threatens his stable and secure existence the horned bull may charge at the opposition in protection of his ‘happy place’. This sign has the greatest resistance to change, and often its his extreme stubborness that proves to be his most infallible defense!


The standoff

So one can conclude then that the dynamic of this transit will create more of a stand off, or revolt than any compromise or easy energetic merger. Eventually whatever comes to pass, and moving forward; whether we fought back or not, we will all need to make our peace with our own circumstance, as well as the state of the world, and the design implemented for the future of society.


The one compromise in the Uranus/ Taurus astrological dynamic

Persons who have a predominantly Uranian signature to their natal chart exhibit intellectual brilliance, yet they provide very little grounded stability for themselves and others around them, constantly coming up with one new bright idea after another, and moving erratically from one thing to the next, inconsistent, rather aloof, and emotionally detached. On the other hand a very Taurean personality exudes ample stability; always so conscious about their comfort, pleasure and security, making it so very hard for them to uproot let alone change quickly or spontaneously. By being so very conservative, overly indulgent and concentrating ones efforts on building such density in the physical realm, there is little growth or movement towards anything other than what can manifest in the material realm.

Taurus is the most peaceful sign of the zodiac. Just look at a herd of cows chewing happily, nonchalantly on the grass in a green meadow. Their large cumbersome bodies may look rather intimidating, yet they are for the most part unassuming, gentle and passive creatures. This fixed sign stays put; grounded and secure in routine and with many attachments to things that generate pleasure, and a happy, stable existence. Taurean’s labor hard to accrue their material abundance, with a practical eye on the prize of being able to enjoy the flourishing affect, at which point the least amount of physical effort is needed for its maintenance.


A herd of peaceful cows and bulls

And this is key, as this will be the place of compromise. For it is in this simple and basic ‘sweet spot’ where we always fall short. That being the convenience of the smallest amount of our physical effort is where we will cave in to our heart held belief in the knowing that many of the new implementations defy all that is natural and good. It is the self indulgent nature of Taurus to be seduced by pleasure, comfort, practicality and ease, and so any new technology wrapped up in this pretty package will appear very tempting for all of us.

All in all I don’t for see a way to easily marry the energy of Uranus and Taurus without major conflict, or without creating monsters, considering the type of new technology at hand and the political climate in which this transit commences.


The progressive use of advanced technology and natural evolution

One could argue that this futuristic existence is a natural progression, or evolution for our species, and even site that this too must have been in the original Creator’s plan, for it to even be happening at all. But how many of us truly desire this, or think it a healthy progression, and what if in the end we have no choice and it becomes mandatory to comply with living such an inorganic existence? I wonder too if there will be legalized penalization for the non-compliance of lets say, refusing to be chipped, or moving our finances and investments into the elusive vaults of cyber space.

There is of course the major concern that Earth with her abundant supply of fresh water, air and an atmosphere that all protects and sustains life on this planet is fast becoming too toxic for all living beings. If the world becomes too toxic to sustain life, then the living have no choice but to adapt in ground breaking ways to survive on this planet, as our genealogy sees to it that we cant withstand the poisoning of heavy metals, radiation and chemicals. It will mean the extinction of many species – from the plants, insects all the way up to the animal kingdom.


Polluted skies

Perhaps those that wield the power above and beyond our governing authorities are one step ahead for this reason, and yet I still question their true motives, as playing God in this way of rearranging divine design makes them seemingly more powerful than the omnipotent creator itself! I therefore continue to question now the path of our human evolution.

I debate whether we can truly call it progress when instead of cleaning up our toxic messes, we change our human, animal, plant design in order to withstand and live within the devastation of our own man made toxicity. Do we even have a choice at this point? Have all the chemical out puts and waste from a century of human consumption that now supports our fast convenient lifestyles, already put us over the brink of no return when it comes to living on a clean planet? Does Earth truly have the power to restore and regenerate herself back to pristine form, with out our help?

I leave you with these questions as I don’t have the answers, and I feel this is the real quest for the true egalitarian age, that will need to birth beyond the threshold of the Age of Aquarius. Now at the very threshold we must face the fact that once we destroy the divine imprints of our organic world there is no going back. Evolution will take a new course and who’s to say if this will be truly beneficial. For now the drastic change commences with the upcoming financial, and next generation technological revolution, alongside significant earth changes, but the rest is fast coming, mark my words!


Predictions for new innovations to beautify, heal and increase production

The Uranus transit through Taurus will further the innovations of a reconstructive or regenerative nature and make them more accessible. Hopefully the more advanced technology for cellular regeneration will be used benevolently. This may be especially applied to parts of the face, neck and throat, associated with Taurus; namely the tongue, jaw, gums, internal throat, vocal cords, and thyroid. Plus additional new innovations for beautification especially of the lips, nose, and cheeks.

On a side note we can also anticipate a sharp rise in thyroid conditions over this time period, due to even more external stresses from the upcoming destabilizing factors, and the ever increasing toxicity of the natural environment. I hope scientists and holistic practitioners will work hard on this one, since conditions of the thyroid are most debilitating and deeply affect ones quality of life.

Alongside the development of technology used to adulterate nature I envision that their will be a growth in technology that assists the regeneration of natural environments, for the fertility of the soil, as well as in agriculture, farming and food production. After all Uranus is the planet that represents our higher consciousness and so this is very helpful if we really want to do the right thing by all.


Crop farming

As previously discussed there is ample technology already implemented, with giant corporations such a Monsanto already using it in malefic ways; given their game plan to harness all life forms under their genetic ownership licensing scheme. Let’s hope that there will be an alternative worldwide movement to counteract Monsanto’s total monopoly of our food source and the modern farming industry, already set on a course to take over and control the world’s food production, by offering poor quality, adulterated ‘frankinfoods’.


The high nutritional value of wholefoods

During the next 7 years it is likely that advances in ‘resonant frequency devices’ used for healing the body and destroying pathogens, will be explored and implemented further and enter the main stream, with the Rife machine and its equivalents. Royal Raymond Rife the inventor of this technology made all his most significant discoveries in the mid 1930’s when Uranus was last in Taurus, which is why this kind of frequency healing could be revived and taken to the next level in spite of the American Medical Association’s past dismissal of such healing methods. That sci- fi depiction of entering a special pod programmable to heal specific body parts, or ailments could soon become a reality if this and other advanced technologies such as laser are combined.

Also during the 1930’s “orgone” was discovered by Wilhem Reich. He designed special “orgone accumulators,” collecting and storing orgone energy from the environment, which were used for improvement of general health, and even for weather control. Reich stated that deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone were at the root of many diseases. Eventually the FDA shut him down, destroyed all orgone related materials at his Institute and locked him up in prison after he violated an injunction.


A cumulus cloud is a manifestation of concentrated POR – positive orgone energy

The successor of the “orgone accumulator” is the manmade material “orgonite”. This simple technology, was derived and inspired from Reich’s work and improved on by Don Croft, which transmutes (purifies) DOR energy into POR. Certain electromagnetic frequencies, micro-waves, diseases, chemtrails, destructive behavior are all examples of negative orgone energy (DOR) at work. Without DOR these things cannot function, or even exist.


Hand made organite pyramids and quartz crystals for cleansing and neutralizing DOR in the home environment

Since 2002, this technology has been proven by many enterprising individuals and achieved feats that would have been labeled as miracles in the past; such as purifying polluted water, breaking droughts, and eliminating chemtrails across vast areas. Organite orgone generators have also proven to significantly increase plant growth and yields, while organite made onto pyramidal forms used in the home create a cleansing effect, and are especially efficient at combating the EMF and radiation generated by our high tech devices. Hopefully during this transit technology such as orgonite, will make it into the mainstream as we battle with more negative effects of geoengineering, stress and toxicity related diseases, and further increases in EMF’s and radiation.


Could aliens visit Earth?

If there is extra terrestrial life out there, which is highly probably given the magnitude of the cosmos, then these next 7 years would be an auspicious time for ET’s to make a visitation. I jest you not, since Uranus is the most ‘out there,’ extraterrestrial and futuristic planet energetically speaking, while Taurus ruled by Venus is our representative for our material, physical earth reality.

Of course it comes as no surprise that I can’t find any evidence to support an alien visitation the previous time Uranus was in Taurus! And yet the idea of alien life does appear to have been swimming around in the collective consciousness back then, evident in cartoons of aliens and in the works of the early film industry. Even Winston Churchill wrote an 11 page article ‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’ where he muses about the search for extraterrestrial life. He penned the first draft in 1939 — when Europe was on the brink of war.

So even if there is little to conclude here; I do however for see a movement towards congruity between humankind and extraterrestrial life. Perhaps too more research and experimentation for the great endeavor of moving human civilization off this planet to live in outer space. Whether we are visited by aliens or not, there will definitely be a growing sense of the extra terrestrial here on our own home turf.


Bee symbolism and its relevance during this transit

Bees are often considered a symbol of the Goddess, or the Divine Feminine since each colony is ruled by a Queen. In particular, they are associated with the goddess Venus (planetary ruler of Taurus) because part of their labor is the indirect fertilization of flowers, all of which come under the dominion of Venus. As previously mentioned, Taurus is the sign representative of fertility, procreation and abundance. Without bees, many species of flowers would die out, and so the bee takes her position as handmaiden to the goddess. Bee’s collect pollen from flowers, and alfalfa and turn it into nourishing honey, which is the gold of bees. I’m certain the alchemy of bee and her medicine will find precedence in the next 7 years.


Rugosa Rose and the Bumble Bee

Over the past decade there’s been a drastic decrease in the bee population with some colonies disappearing altogether. This phenomena known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is contributed to a number of factors; higher toxicity in the environment, especially with the widespread us of pesticides, plus the greater production of soy and corn, and genetically modified organisms implemented in crop farming. With no bees crops will die and animals (and humans) could starve. Due to public outcry and horror of witnessing the strange and sudden termination of nature’s super pollinators, there has been a grass movement for bee keeping and the teachings of this practice.


The Sunflower and the Honey Bee

Meantime in pursuit of a technological solution to the problem, a team of researchers from Harvard and Northeastern Universities are developing micro robotic bees that can pollinate flowers and do the job of real bees. With bee population at risk and no natural solutions in sight experts believe this could prove to be one of humanities best bets for the future of our food supply. There are still great challenges before robots can replace bees. One of the big ones is supplying power for a long enough flight. There are currently no artificial power sources small enough that can produce the necessary power. Once ready, a group of ‘RoboBees’ might also have other applications besides pollination, including environmental monitoring (especially in hazardous locations), search and rescue and even traffic monitoring. And on a darker note, in the defense realm similar developments are already on their way including the Israeli Spy-Butterfly and the Nano Hummingbird developed by AeroVironment.


The Carpenter Bee


What about love, sex, fertility and procreation?


Physical affection demonstrated by cows!

Uranus is the ultimate planetary liberator; breaking all the rules, and seeking reformation through high ideals. In the near future non-conformist, or long distance relationships will be as lucrative and desirable as ones of a traditional nature. Since our technology already keeps us connected across vast distances I can imagine that the upcoming tech devices will have some kind of extra sensory capacity to make those that we love far away feel much closer than ever before. And if virtual reality simulations become mainstream, then access to sexual and sensual pleasure without a partner, or any physical contact entirely changes the rules of courtship and relationship. This will be the next level of emotional heart detachment to replace the enormous bank of porn available on the internet. Modern societies overexposure to hard core pornography has already lead us down a dark path, denying individuals the true power of sacred sexual union as well as increasing the growth rate of human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The current trend for the ‘virtual’ replacing ‘real’ relationships through social media, online apps and dating sites is entirely reshaping our social interactions, behavior and expectations. Any further disconnect from the emotional seat of the heart, will entirely reform our human experience of love and friendship.


Lovers at Glastonbury Tor

Many traditional relationship rules have already been broken. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in divorce, same sex marriage, older women with younger men, poly amorous relationships, 50 shades of gray; you name it, everything- even that which is most taboo has been tried and tested. Yet the end game is mostly the same. This expectation to eventually settle down with the one you love, care and support one another, often in a shared home and within a family unit. This is very true of the Taurean nature and it maybe that we simply wont desire this ‘happy ever after’ anymore, or it could feel too hard to make a nest during this period as Uranus shakes the earth beneath our feet. Perhaps we wake up one day to find that the people we most love and rely on suddenly are no longer at our side, or our finances change so drastically that we can no longer keep the homestead. The destabilizing affect on relationship will be further enhanced by more and more virtual ways to meet, date and have sex, making the thrill of not settling down and experimentation, or even just satisfying oneself, more appealing than sharing in ways couples have done for centuries past.

Needless to say all of this will affect our natural procreative process, and fertility. Since we are told that our ever growing world population will soon no longer be able to sustain itself, there is you could say an upside at least to this technology, because if the virtual reality has us hooked, then of course sexual intercourse can be set aside only for procreation, reducing the many conceptions resulting from ‘mishaps’. If this does all come to pass we would witness a significant decrease in the growth rate of human population, plus a reduction in sexually transmitted diseases. However a further increase of infertility should be expected, since all these EMF devices, alongside greater environmental toxicity, GMO’s, radiation, and increase in internal and external stressors, have already proven to have negatively affected fertility in both men and women. When it comes to creating life in a test tube, or its future advanced equivalent, then mankind will be challenged with the ethical dilemmas raised by the application of eugenics.


Venus’s symbol of the Rose and reevaluating the love of self and others


Venus and her rose

The beautiful fragrant rose is the flower associated with Venus- the Roman Goddess of love. In astrology the planet Venus rules our fundamental value system in terms of what we generally hold most dear and what is most desirable. Venusian energy softens the hard edges of reality with her feminine touch, sensuality, beauty, love, creativity, grace, charm and peace loving nature. It would be a true shame if we allow the radiance of her rose to dim, by artificially stimulating all our senses, rather than physically sensing the beauty of nature, or generating passion and love from our attraction to one another. Kissing, holding hands, sensual touch, cooking for one another, sleeping and living together, sharing even in the most simple of ways all provide us with emotional and physical nurture, warmth and stability. All of which greatly enhances our experience of joy and happiness. I wonder if the fake, artificial, chemically altered nature of the cornucopia on offer in the future will actually imitate the real thing so well, or prove even more attractive, that we lust after all this and no longer care for anything of an original nature?


The fragrant rose

How we perceive our current reality is defined from the inside out; not just through the accruing of our worldly goods and possessions and the mandates society places on us, but from our desire to love, our ability to recognize beauty, and the value of our own self.  I wonder how many of us are truly ready for this total makeover of everything that we value. Would you really rather have cyber sex encounters than make love and touch a real human being? Do you prefer to feast on food that has been genetically and chemically altered, and can you trust a currency that you cannot handle or use without a digital device, or an implanted chip?

In the center of Venus’s rose are the petals representing our self worth from which love, harmony, creativity and joy unfold. Social media has already fundamentally changed our friendships and if virtual simulation replaces sensual body connections, making it more desirable to plug into a programmable machine than actually engage in the physical motions, one can only imagine the drastic changes in the perception of our self value. Up until now so much of our energy has been invested in attracting a partner through our visual looks, with fashions and industries dedicated to making us appear more physically desirable to one another. Even if this is a plus for those that previously found it hard to attract a mate, and it is a liberating factor for both men and women, this act of detachment from our heart, our emotions and senses dehumanizes us. It will also become very challenging for couples still bonding sensually in physical reality to compete with contrived versions of simulated physical perfection and bliss.


The heart shaped petals of a wild rose

The geometric pattern formed from Venus’ cycle in relationship to the Earth, as seen from the Earth, is a five-petaled rose. Every eight years, when Venus shows the same face to the Earth, the pair ‘kiss’ and another petal is formed. These stunningly symmetrical patterns of the Venusian ‘dance’ actually form both a heart and a rose! Love, as the feeling language of the heart, is both the greatest unifier and inspiration behind all forms of creativity, and joy. No matter where we are headed in the future, let us not forget this.


What will happen to the Divine Feminine Movement?

The planet Venus, together with our luminary the Moon represents the “feminine principle”, or “yin” energy in astrology. Uranus the most rebellious and unconventional planet moving into Taurus ruled by Venus, is on course to further awakening and shaking up the feminine principle during this 7 year transit.


Awakening the Goddess within

The current feminist movement that was termed “the divine feminine” rose up and gained momentum over the past decade while Uranus was in Aries, especially around the time of his conjunction with asteroid Eris – representative of the female warrior and shadow Goddess. The online growth of a ‘global sisterhood’ community is very much a signifier for the Age of Aquarius, with resurrection of the energy of the Goddess, and her role being redefined for the current and upcoming generations, as the patriarchy and the old establishment topple and give way to the rise of the new. Currently it is the divine feminine movement that spear heads the collectives spiritual awakening, alongside promoting human rights, and a return to prioritizing the loving support of community. The sisterhood promotes non competitive relationships and those of mutual cooperation. This way of being for all relationships has been termed “interdependence” taking us beyond and above the old ways of co dependency.

During the Uranus transit in Taurus, both Saturn and Jupiter’s upcoming transit of Aquarius beginning together in Dec. 2020 followed by Pluto in 2024 will definitely see some favorable planetary energy for more progression and liberation, and the further rise of the feminine. The US natal Moon’s placement in Aquarius has been attributed to one of the reasons why American women are so unconventional and have greater liberties, equality and civil rights than many other of the world’s nations. It is very possible during this period that American women will lead the way as the initiators, innovators and rebels for taking this movement to the next level.


Who will personally be most affected by this transit?


Inquisitive Bull

To predict this accurately one must consult the natal chart to discover how much and to what extent each individual will be affected. Those with Sun, Moon or ASC in Taurus will at some point in the next 7 years (dependent on the degree) experience the Uranus destabilizing factor through some kind of upheaval, or radical change, so one must look to the natal chart for a thorough analysis. Taurus rules the 2nd house of money, love, skill set and physical body appearance.

Taurean’s need only consult their horned zodiac neighbor Aries as to the type of upheavals they experienced over the last 7 years, to then realize that this is going to be a powerful awakening time, with a lot of shake ups; especially if one acts like the bull, stubbornly refusing to adapt, or release old patterns and attachments. It is also viable that the stubbornness and fixed nature of Taurus could be humanity’s saving grace, since this may well be the one stance that protects us from accepting or complying with reformation that leads to dire consequences for mankind and this planet.


The Sun rising on Earth


Sun in Taurus= sudden awakening, or a total life makeover, uprooting and rerooting, fluctuating vitality, drastic change in personal resources, creativity and abundance. New opportunities, risk taking and reinventing the familiar.

Moon in Taurus= radical and sudden changes affecting both physical and emotional security and stability; or changes in habits and routines, in the home base and the family unit. New means for attracting abundance, creativity, pleasure and comfort

ASC in Taurus = drastic change in identity, or physical appearance, life purpose, personal skills and resources pertaining to the unconventional and innovative. Expect the unexpected from yourself, in others and in your surroundings

For more specifics interpret the house placement of your Sun or Moon

If your luminaries or ASC are in Leo or Aquarius, you may find yourself at some point of this transit facing a sudden crisis arising between your heart’s desire and the rationality or ideals of your mind. Any life choice made, or ignored at this intersection will wield great consequences especially for Aquarians, as this for you is the last call for change and reform in whatever arena this shows up.

If your natal luminaries or ASC are in Scorpio then at some point in the next 7 years an opposition will present itself, as a great conflict between the material/superficial versus the deep and meaningful aspects of your life. Between personal resources versus those that are shared, and that which is flourishing in life versus that which has peaked. It will demand a radical solution to create balance between these polarities and discern that which must be allowed to die. It is through this ‘death’ and the biggest transformation ahead that you will thrive once more and produce greater yields for the future.

Those who have luminaries or ASC in Virgo or Capricorn, this energy for reformation will provide a supportive undercurrent for radical change, especially for Virgo. Capricorns still have to contend with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter transiting their sign, which means your soul and all aspects of your life have been under major reconstruction possibly for some time now, and this theme continues.

The most extreme affects of this transit will manifest as imposed disruptions that are out of our control forcing us to suddenly adapt, and change our lifestyle. It is possible that these changes will have a great impact on our physical bodies. Many people will have to uproot and reroot whether they like it or not. We can expect sudden loss or gains in our fiscal situation, and possessions. Many of us may suddenly find our skill set is redundant and so we will need to learn new ones. The stability of our house and home and the relationships that sustain them may also go through extreme flux. Many people may find that they will be working more and more from home than commuting to an office. Reformations of old authorities and governing structures will affect everyone on earth, as will new high tech applications. The changes in infrastructures that will most affect us all will be in banking, investments, public utilities, farming, food industry, fertility clinics, beauty industry, architecture, building, land ownership and what constitutes a home.

The path of least resistance and a lifestyle of convenience will feel most desirable during this very unstable time, and yet taking this stance will lead to the death of all that we have most valued. Some people will stubbornly fight for that which they most value, while the majority will comply just to make life seem easier, more simple and peaceful.


Contented cows


How to prepare and weather this transit

If you remain unconcerned about the introduction of super AI’s, robotics, cyber simulations, crypto currency, and the eventual merger of man and machine then you are all set for the upcoming revolutionary structuring of the ‘new world order’. If on the other hand this radical change from an organic to an artificial existence, and a total overhaul of daily life abhors you, then it is not too late to prepare yourself.

Firstly and foremost find your spot on this earth- a place that can support the kind of growth that you seek. In fact no matter on which side you are most invested – earth or technology, I sincerely advise each individual to find their ‘power spot’ and do anything it will take to reorganize your life, even if that means moving mountains to get yourself settled there, so that you at least feel your core supported during the stress of transition. This place that is most sacred to you could be a specific physical location, or the family homestead, a marriage, friendship; even a job or position that aligns with your heart.


The natural beauty and resources of the countryside

If you are wishing to continue to pursue an earth- based existence, find a natural environment with a generous water supply and good soil; clean and fertile enough to grow food to sustain oneself. Continue to nourish yourself with whole foods and make remedies from herbs for healing, detoxing and for vitality. Besides growing your own food, also grow loving, dependable relationships in real time, rather than in the cyber space of social media. Talk, walk, work, relax and eat together and if you have a partner partake in the sensual act of love making.


Preparing home cooked meals together

Dedicate more time to your family, friends and community and come together to protect your natural environment. Pick up litter, recycle and figure out practical, simple and ingenious ways to leave less of an imprint on this earth. Create a garden, store seeds, bee keep and learn husbandry. If you have children pass on your knowledge of the natural world. Children are experiential learners, and so organizing fun but educational nature walks will greatly impact their vitality and their future life direction. Teach them some traditional skills such as cooking, sewing, gardening, plant identification and foraging.


Nature’s bounty of wild blackberries

All of these activities see to it that the human species remains connected to the land, with our happiness and health sustained by the earth and her bounties.

Simple ways to realign with Earth’s natural cycles:

• Leave your confines on a daily basis and commune with nature.

• Bathe in the sunlight, in ocean and rivers

• Watch the moon and experience her cycles,

• Learn the position of stars and the movements of planets.

• Intuit Earth’s magic that was once second nature to our ancestors.

• Admire her beauty, give thanks and pray for her protection.


The beauty of the bluebell woods


Make your move to your power spot between October 2018 and April 2019

Uranus in retrograde motion backtracks into Aries from Nov. 6th – Mar, 6th 2019 making this a critical period for choosing your course for progressive action.

Over the course of these months there is much support from above for restructuring, including Jupiter in Sagittarius (eliciting greater fortune through travel and truth seeking), alongside Uranus stationing retrograde and back tracking into Aries, and Chiron revisiting last degrees of Pisces.

For the first few years any dramatic steps taken during this window of opportunity may feel at first to be a rather drastic adjustment, with much hard work and labor ahead, yet this is what it will take to reconstruct your world according to your own standards and align with your dreams, rather than letting the rest of the world sway you off course, or let governing bodies dictate a future for you.


Travel opportunities present themselves with Jupiter’s transit into Sagittarius


Uranus in Taurus May 15th 2018 to November 6th 2018
Uranus in Taurus March 6th 2019 to July 7th 2025
Uranus in Taurus November 8th 2025 to April 26th 2026


The Clarity of your future vision and dealing with shadow complexes

Your future path will more than ever before rely on your envisioning. Without this clarity you will not be able to distinguish your power spot – that special heart place that will support your growth and give you security during the destabilizing factors upon us. And to be very clear -if you choose not to define you future now it will be defined for you moving ahead. So get to it and make this future vision your most pressing act of power. List your practical and most heartfelt priorities and go from there…


Use your computer time wisely!

Another important step in this process of envisioning is to become ever more self aware, as well as more alert to your surroundings. Whenever faced with doubt, or fear consider the shadow aspects of the Taurean nature. Take into consideration that an overly materialistic lifestyle with many attachments breeds greed, lust, possessiveness, and jealousy, all rooted in an underlying fear of loss. Material loss is exceptionally challenging for Taurus, since this fixed earth sign desires, hoards and preserves. And when the energy for preservation overpowers all else then the shadow aspect turns into procrastination, stubbornness, and laziness.


A creature of habit

Our human desire for all kinds of creature comforts plus our need for stability generates the habitual behavior that can literally over ride the spontaneity of each new day. Not only can habits have us stuck in the same old groove, but some bad habits can develop into full blown addictions. Especially if an individual is compulsive, lacks self control, has a self -esteem problem and lives disconnected from divine source. For example wanting or needing a lot of sex, can lead to promiscuity and then a sex addiction. Habitual shopping for groceries may sustain our survival, but overspending on indulgences generates the mentality of a shopaholic. Compulsive behavior and high anxiety may lead to hoarding, with the accumulated objects as stand-ins for love, affection or what’s missing in that person’s life. Taurus the bull has an insatiable appetite, so whether it be food, love, sex, or money there is always the capacity to generate excess. Take a deep look inside of yourself and a good look around and see how much of this shadow nature is playing out in your life.


The enticing bright lights of the big city!

The desire for an easy, pain- free life is everyone’s wish, and yet any peace and happiness gained in this lifetime is counteracted with the experience of drama, loss, tragedy and suffering. Non of us are exempt on this earth place, yet inside all of us is the will to avoid pain on all accounts and stick to the familiar instead of embracing change. These are the passive strategies adopted by Taurus to avoid any kind of physical discomfort. Also living within the constricts of a very conservative, rigid life plan may have its advantages as far as gaining security and stability, yet adopting a more liberal attitude can and will open doors to opportunities for material gain perhaps never anticipated before.


A peaceful life

In astrology the energy that best describes the power of Uranus is akin to an electric shock; suddenly and painfully jolting us out of our apathy. As destructive as his power may be, there is always the potential for total regeneration just like the wildfires ignited by a lightning strike regenerate the forest floor.  So wherever one is physically, energetically and karmically stuck; over indulging and generating excess or operating from a fear of loss or lack of self esteem, then this will become the arena that is most susceptible for attracting that Uranian energy for reformation. Anything that stands in the way of our soul and spirit growth is at threat of being wiped out and obliterated at any given time, especially if we flat out refuse to change, or attempt to postpone the inevitable.

In astrology Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury- the planet of communication, rationality and reason here at ground level. This outer planet then raises the bar and assists us in awakening to our higher selves by prompting us to elevate our consciousness and refine our ways. So while you are envisioning your future and designing a plan I sense it best to leave some space within the defining process for unexpected opportunities, spontaneous events, and those sudden awakenings so as to remain open to the possibility of benevolent change.

Wishing you all a blessed journey of release and reorganization during this powerful transit.


Compassionate Bull


Dates for upcoming Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter conjunction 2020

January 12, 2020: Saturn–Pluto new cycle conjunction at 22° Capricorn, in a tight conjunction with the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres

April 5, 2020: Jupiter–Pluto new cycle conjunction at 24° Capricorn. The conjunction recurs on June 30.

June 21, 2020: Total solar eclipse at 0° Cancer (solstice point), with a loose Jupiter–Saturn–Pluto conjunction

November 13, 2020: Final Jupiter–Pluto conjunction at 22° Capricorn, also conjunct Saturn.

December 21, 2020: Jupiter–Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius.


©Betsy Peerless 2018

Stonehenge Visitation and the Guardians of the Mystery

Not only is Stonehenge famed for being one of the ancient wonders of this world, but this venerable site is privy to ongoing excavation, speculation and awe. The mystery of the prehistoric man made landscape on Salisbury plain, and the rituals performed here thousands of years ago, are under constant conjecture. Even as archeologists reveal more remnants of archaic Britain, still there is no finite conclusion as to why or how our ancestors built such a giant structure on this specific site, and how it was used exactly.  Perhaps Stonehenge is one of those mysteries never to be fully solved, or could it be the will of the Great Goddess, or even its feathered residents- the rooks, that guard against its full disclosure? Stonehenge then resonates with the age-old adages that query- how mankind got here, what is the meaning of this life and is there a hereafter?


Stonehenge and the rooks, February 20th 2018

It takes no stretch of the imagination to deduce that mankind has always faced these mysteries, even before the dawning of any thriving civilization. From the recognition of his mortality, stemmed the most compelling of human dilemmas, sprouting his spiritual quest to connect with the great void and a cosmic creator.  In many lands our ancient ancestors venerated natural objects such as trees, rocks and mountains, alongside natural phenomena like the great luminaries of the sun and moon. They even went to great lengths to mark the earth with imposing ceremonial areas of enclosures, and arrangements of standing stones. These man made structures just like the ‘beings’ in nature, were instilled with magical powers, and became places of seasonal and ritual gathering. In many locations across the world, these mystifying structures have managed to withstand the test of time, and Stonehenge exists as a model example for Britain’s earliest known architects.


Stonehenge viewed from the east

Our ancient ancestors contoured the natural landscape with painstaking craftsmanship, managing somehow to create the seemingly impossible. Without any modern technology, they even devised a way of transporting tonnes of rock over great distance, then shaped and erected it in formation. Many of these giant monoliths are still standing tall and proud today, but for exactly what purposes and reasons however still remain ambiguous.

It is evident too that people across all continents of the prehistoric era set their gaze on the heavens in search of the answers they sought. And in turn the alignment of the stars and movement of planets bestowed on them a means to track the passage of time. This extensive study revealed a sky map that not only assisted in recognizing earth’s natural cycles, but further enabled them to navigate the land and seas.

Mans beliefs and superstitions concerning the great mysteries have been interpreted in so many wondrous ways, producing some of the most majestic and beautiful art and architecture ever created throughout antiquity. Yet still even now with all our technological advances, the quandary of our mortal existence alongside such mysteries as Britain’s Stonehenge, or Egypt’s pyramids, still remain rather obscure…


The famous silhouette of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain

The Neolithic landscape of ancient Britain has always fascinated me with its great earthworks of henges, barrows, and mounds, together with the intriguing stone menhirs, circles, dolmens and quoits. I can still recall my first visit to Stonehenge back in 1986 as an art student, on the return ride back to Sussex from the Glastonbury music festival. I remember my friends’ and my high anticipation for this field trip. And having just experienced the mystical stone circles at Avebury, we felt more than ready to greet this ancient wonder.

We had not however, anticipated or expected to find ourselves gazing up at this megalithic monument through the tiny windows of an all encompassing shield of wire mesh! I clearly remember prizing my fingers through those holes, wishing I could rip the metal fencing apart. I just wanted to reach out and touch the sarsen stones; to make contact with the eons of time and ritual that made this henge so very spectacular.


Sarsen Trilithons

My second visit was back in late March of 2015, when my boyfriend at the time, and I rumbled into Salisbury Plain rather glamorously on his Harley Davidson! Even though the Spring had made an appearance, it was nevertheless still freezing cold. I recall that not even our leather attire could protect us from the chill of the biting winds that gusted over the desolate expanse of this land, still a captive of winter’s cold grip.

Fortunately we managed to park the bike close to the monument, then entered with our prepaid tickets alongside the hundreds of other visitors who had alighted from the tour and shuttle buses. I remember my sense of relief at seeing that the mesh wire enclosure was entirely gone, whilst the old visitor center and its road access that once encroached on this sacred land, had all but vanished! Instead a visitation plan had been devised with a new path, monitored by the camo clad Army’s National Guard. In spite of still not being able to touch, or move within the circle of standing stones, it was still a lot better than my first visit, and so much more photographer friendly.

I’ll admit it was hard to intuit the lay out of the land, spectating the monument among the hoards of people and their invasive selfie sticks. But I did come away with a fair amount of ‘knowing’, which continued to broaden as we journeyed forward on our pilgrimage to Avebury, Glastonbury, and Barrow Mump.


Stonehenge viewed from NW surrounded by visitors

This latest solo visit of February 2018 was so far the best of all. Third time’s a charm as they say, and everything worked out great, in spite of enduring yet another frigid, windy day out on the plain! At least this time the sun shone intermittently through the clusters of white cumulus clouds, providing a little warmth and a stunning backdrop for my photos.

I’d arrived via the tour bus this time, conscientiously listening to the taped recording that nicely relayed the history of Salisbury, Old Sarum and the ancient landscape of the plain itself. Next I took the handy shuttle from the visitor center that directed us on a short straight road past the barrows and the ancient cursus. It struck me then that this modern day route was in fact mirroring the ancient processional one, just out of view behind the burial ridge. I made a mental note of the potent emblem such a grand singular causeway, or mall entrance contrives for any great place of power, whether royal, religious or governmental; all national headquarters have incorporated this principal into their grounds and layout.


The line of burial mounds on the ridge in front of the cursus

The visitor layout upon arrival appeared the same as before, but with the addition of more signs and literature posted around the monument. I had also nabbed one of those handy tour guide recordings and proceeded around the monument to the designated numbers, whilst listening to all the information I could absorb about the historical and scientific facts that shed light on the mystery of this ancient site. I don’t normally do this, as I like to intuit without much previous knowledge, but since this was my third visit I felt it was time to take on board as much information as possible.


Panoramic of the stone circle and “Heel Stone” viewed from the west

All in all I was out in the freezing cold; studying, intuiting, and photographing for almost 3 hours. In that time I literally had to hold on to my hat as the winds threatened to steal it from me, while my thermals just marginally kept out the bitter chill. Alongside the rather overwhelming amount of human activity at the site, there are others of the feathered kind that flock here. The most prominent are the rooks that wander and fly around and perch atop the giant stone monoliths. I remember their bird presence here from my second visit, and it struck me then how they had naturally taken on the role as guardians to this threshold of different realms; of timelines long past and the present.


Rook (Corvus frugilegus)

As I approached the northwest of the monument I turned to face the bright glare of sunlight. Suddenly and unexpectedly the rooks all took to the air; their striking black fingered wings etched into the picture before me.  I vividly recall a loud ‘crack’  as feathers fast propelled their bird bodies upwards into sky, aiming at heavens gate beyond the fleecy clouds. I watched in awe at their ascension, mesmerized by their flight path that mapped out an imaginary 8 configuration above the ancient standing stones. It was in this instance that the magic of Stonehenge came fully to life.

Utterly spell bound by this sight, I prayed that my camera had actually managed to capture the sudden and intense emergence of spirits of place that I’d just witnessed. It became obvious to me from this instance, how the rooks interact physically and esoterically with the monument, adding to the atmosphere and the dramatic silhouette of Stonehenge. I’ll never forget the reverie in that moment, or the haunting sight of these dark angels contrasted against the stark back drop of sky, land, sun and clouds.


The rooks ascent

Rooks (Corvus frugilegus) are migratory birds and the most abundant Eurasian birds of the corvidae family, which includes crows, ravens, magpies, and jays. The adult birds have quite a distinct appearance; shaggy thigh feathers and bare white skin at the base of a sharp bill. The rook’s natural, rather disheveled appearance I found befitting to the rugged, sparse landscape of Salisbury plain and the relentless winds that besiege it.

Large colonies called rookeries congregate and nest in tall trees, sometimes within towns, and habitually return to the same nest year after year. They dig for larvae and worms in meadows and plowed fields, and pull up grain seedlings and young potato plants. During this visit I observed many rooks poised around the circumference of Stonehenge, arduously at task, and pecking away at the ground in search of their nourishment.


Rooks digging for seedlings around the circumference of Stonehenge

Interestingly enough there are no myths that concern rooks, only of its cousins the crow, raven and magpie. It would appear then that it’s been rather overlooked that these birds, in fact have gained a legendary status here at Stonehenge, as being the gatekeepers to this sacred landscape and monument, for possibly thousand of years. This in of itself, I believe deserves mythical status. After all it is the rook for the most part that has claimed Stonehenge as its territory, rather than crow or raven.

I have read too that the rook as a spirit animal, like all members of the crow family, act as a guide for us to get in touch with life’s mysteries, and can assist in developing our ability to perceive subtle shifts in energy within our self and in our environment. And this is exactly what is most needed to intuit the landscape and monuments of Stonehenge. And so I sensed that focusing my attention on these birds and their behavior would help me better align energetically with this archaic landscape.


Rooks in alignment with the earth, the winds and the this hallowed ground

When visiting any ancient site, I first attempt to intuit the land over which it presides. I conjure my extra sensory ‘feelers’ to assist me psychically scan the lay out of the land, above and below the surface, while actively still being present to witness what goes on in the current timeline. This means that one must straddle different realms while encountering the many timelines that may be active in a landscape, or evoked through ritual. This is no easy feat and requires a good center and grounding in oneself; to move and intuit among the ‘noise’ of many people, and other modern day intruders such as vehicles, electrical currents and broadband.


Self portrait with the winds, the earth, and the sky at Stonehenge, February 20th 2018

For my own findings I take into consideration the laws of attraction; meaning that it is the complex make up of the innards that hold the power to draw an energetic signature towards it. They say that like attracts like, but in many cases opposites also attract. Modern day physics with its study of the atom has proven this as fact rather than theory.  This natural law partly explains for instance, why one always seems to attract a certain type of person, or how one may find oneself back at the same physical locale over and over.


Stonehenge viewed from the south

Such cycles of synchronistic events work the law of attraction. In my experience of intuiting a person or place, each reality is fused with karmic timelines woven into the very fabric of its existence, that works towards defining who they are, and what they are to become. This complex weaving fashions a tapestry of the physical and psychic boundary holders for their life span. As a conscious being we may either choose to live within the constrict, or challenge our selves to defy it, by attempting to free oneself of such confines. The land may not have such a choice, yet the energetic signature of its innards may be strong enough to attract exactly what it needs to generate a stronger and louder vibrancy.


The Rooks of Stonehenge

So let’s look at Stonehenge from all these perspectives and first consider what appears on the surface…

The chosen land on which the famous henge and all its counterparts (cursus, barrows, mounds, pits) were constructed, happens to be on this wide expanse of a natural plain. Salisbury plain is in fact the largest remaining area of calcareous grassland in north-west Europe. This means that it has never supported woodland, as did much of old England once upon a time. Also whatever was erected or carved into the land here would have not only made it easier to find, but even with its chalk sediment somewhat easier to construct than in a forested location. And most importantly it could be viewed from afar; from all the directions, and even from above, if one is to consider the monument from a spiritual perspective.

In the Neolithic era, ditches carved out of the chalk were dug to various depths; some rather shallow like at Stonehenge, or others much more cavernous as seen at Avebury.  I imagine the trenches of these earthworks were well maintained thousands of years ago, and flooded in the Spring after a heavy rainfall. With the reflective quality of water gleaming in the sunlight, these ditches would have looked much like a moat surrounding an old fortress, but without the depth. And once filled with rainwater, each earthen enclosure would have temporarily marked a clearer division in the land, especially when viewed from above.


The ditch of the ancient Henge that encloses the stone circle

Perhaps this was one way the ancestors managed to construct a 3D representation of the symbol of life itself. Water, light and soil are after all the vital components for all life here on this Earth, and the circle a universal symbol for the cycle of life; of totality and the infinite.

Since there is evidence too that the ancestors built there sites with specific constellations incorporated into the design, and in alignment with important celestial events that related to earth cycles, then its stands to figure that the stars, planets and constellations played a principal role in the physical and spiritual life of our ancestors and the earliest civilizations. For instance at Stonehenge the “Sun stone” or “Heel stone” as it is called, aligns with the Summer Solstice, acting as a marker for the rising of the sun at this cyclical, celestial and seasonal event.


The “Heel Stone” or “Sun Stone” positioned NE at the entrance of the “Avenue”

We know too that the majority of Neolithic earthworks were lined or covered with the white chalk of the plains and hills, now covered over by the grass. One can only imagine then the  magical sight of this wide open space of Salisbury plain back in ancient times viewed from afar, or from above. A white structure would be much easier to find especially if journeying at night. And if there was such a thing as a ‘sky being,’ looking down on this arena under the illumination of a full moon, then this extraterrestrial would be able to see the landscape, clearly dotted with all the white lines, circles and mounds that the earthlings had constructed. It’s as if these landmarks all joined together, fabricated a grand design of some sort of primitive but effective GPS system, not only for Earth inhabitants, but also perhaps for those supernatural beings that resided in the heavens above.


Artist rendition of the construction of chalk mounds and their burial rituals

With the careful construction and placement of these gleaming white monuments and trenches all across Britain, I wonder whether the ancestors were mirroring the bright lights of the heavens here on earth, and creating some kind of giant 3D celestial map, or could it have been constructed to entice a visitation from the ‘sky beings?’ Perhaps in our wildest imaginings then, we could conceive of the notion, that they went to all this laborious effort to pave the way for supernatural beings to locate specific spots on Earth, and therein summon the Gods to make their visitation. After all a neolithic cursus with its parallel chalk ditch outline does look a lot like a landing strip!

The mystery of the cursus has lead experts to debate whether it was a processional space used for large ritual gatherings, or a barrier enclosure between land only utilized for ceremony, and that populated with the tribal settlements. And since the recent unearthing of piles of arrow heads at the far end of the cursus at Stonehenge, there is further debate now as to whether this was an arena constructed for some kind male rite of passage, with festive sports and competitions.

But why not all of the above? That would have been the most resourceful approach for something that took so much time and labor to construct on such a grand scale, among a significantly smaller populace of people than present day.  It is surely common sense then, that the use of such structures had multiple purposes, that merged the two realms of the sacred and profane. A chalk mound that was used for burial could very well have served a dual purpose. These man made tumuli, perhaps not only utilized as a place to entomb and venerate the deceased, but also as visible landmarks for navigational purposes. In certain parts of Britain the building of these tombs were more concentrated, and often these mounds appear in straight lines on ridges of hills or embankments; the silhouette of which can be clearly seen from a distance.


A line of tumuli on the eastern periphery of the monument

From my intuiting of this land and others like it, such as the extensive arrangement of menhirs of Carnac, I’m certain that during the changing of seasons these landscaped environments hosted huge processions of people. This mapping out of the landscape definitely lends itself to a proficient, systematic way to usher in a huge congregation for important meetings, or festivities between Europe’s first tribes. I imagine their celebrations to be akin to the Native American Pow Wow; the origins of which saw gatherings of medicine men and spiritual leaders.

In my minds eye I have also envisioned the complex and beautiful aerial patterns of the thousands of pilgrims and their dances as they made their way towards the center. Alongside the rituals of their worship, the different enclosures could also have served a practical purpose, with other activities here supporting efficient, healthy and peaceful living in a small or large community.


The sparse and practical interior of a Neolithic dwelling

Leaping thousands of years forward now into the future, we can see that man has gone to great lengths to secure his individual and collective survival, as well as construct a world based on every conceivable efficiency and convenience, to generate a lifestyle with as little physical labor as possible. And in so doing man has actually further separated himself from the sacred essence of the nature above and below him.

The differentiation now between the sacred and the profane has a clear divide; the sacred overwhelmed by the profane through our overly materialistic, consumer lifestyle, which in turn has reduced our conscious awareness of earth and her natural cycles. Indeed, in order to stay constantly attuned now to both realms, it demands great awareness, attention and ‘work’ to unite the two in our current daily lives. This was definitely not the case for our ancestors as these two realms must have always been active simultaneously; bridged consciously and unconsciously throughout their days and nights on this earth.


A recreation of Neolithic dwellings

When a human being lives close to the earth shaped by the elements, and in balance with nature as our ancestors did, then the body and its consciousness naturally attunes to earth magic; her cycles, her creative abundance, and the great mystery of the heavens above her. The Earth was deemed feminine like woman herself, full with the miracle of life and birth, and ‘she’ was revered as ‘The Great Goddess’ – mother and provider of all life.


Neolithic dwellings with a single doorway and no windows

Whatever we may choose now to believe about the spiritual and ritual life of the ancestors, there is one thing that seems plainly obvious. Stonehenge and other such grand Neolithic monuments are absolutely places of power. Just look at how many people still come here in fascination and reverence, and from all corners of the globe.

The circular structure of Stonehenge erected some 3000 years ago, went through three stages of construction, to designate this specific spot as a principal physical ‘center’. This section of land then on Salisbury Plain, became the chosen focal point for Britain’s ancient ancestors. And the making of permanent stone, and semi-permanent wood fixtures served as physical markers left for the future generations to come, helping to further distinguish this as a place of power.

It took an archeologist from the middle east to illuminate as to why certain structures were made of wood and others stone. It is simply this – for the ancient ancestors stone appeared eternal, and therein represented the dead departed to the afterlife, while wood easily decayed, and so represented the living on this earth dimension. This once again eloquently expresses the ancestors ability to merge the two realms of life and death; integral for the continuation of veneration of the dead, plus the worship of the Great Goddess and the honoring of the infinite great mystery.


The majestic ancient center of Stonehenge

This circular theme of a ‘center’ is key, since within the innards of the land in this specific spot, there is said to be a convergence of ley lines that conduit their own unique energetic signatures. This means that beneath the surface and at the center point of Stonehenge lies an energy hub whose nuclear mid point is the place of convergence and divergence of these high frequency ley energies. Whether you wish to believe this invisible, natural power house exists innately in the land, or not, (like the human chakra system) there is no denying however that power has been instilled into the land through the perpetual rituals of the ancestors, carried forward throughout history, to perhaps an even greater extent in present day.

In this current era millions of people journey from all over the world to circumambulate the Stonehenge center in awe and wonder. It is still a modern day pilgrimage for those of the druid or pagan traditions. Whether people throng here because they have a genuine interest in the ancient world of our ancestors, or just to secure another notch in their ego’s belt, it makes no matter, because they will keep on coming or returning like myself. Many of Stonehenge’s current visitors remain unaware that they too are unconsciously donning their energy and focus to a modern day ritual that continues on from the thread of the past…

the ancestor’s cursus to the North, swapped now for our modern day version of a processional entrance via the tour bus. And then there’s the clearly marked footpath that circles these ancient standing stones, that act as boundary holders, as well as a passage to navigate, marvel and experience this ancient landscape. The ancestors must have undertook the lengthy construction of the practical and symbolic  ‘Avenue’ and ‘Cursus’ at Stonehenge in order to outline their own specially designated way of entering this sacred environment. And to that end we continue their ritual of visitation.


The new path constructed besides the “Heel Stone” for optimal viewing of the monument

So whether the place had original supernatural power or not, or whether it was the giant ‘heel stone’ jutting out of the plain that drew the ancestors to this special spot in the first place, it really is of little consequence these days. I don’t say this to be flippant, rather in recognition that what has been created here through the congregation of millions of people over thousands of years; all drawn here by the mystery, has sealed this as being a place of power, regardless now of its origins. I like to ruminate how thousands of years into the future, our current activity at Stonehenge will be unearthed. Perhaps they’ll discover the remains of the road that lead from the visitor center to the site; some metal pegs unearthed from the pathway, or even a ‘selfie stick’ will show up within the circle of the henge! Will they wonder too like our selves, what kind of ritual was going on here in the 21st century?


Visitors drawn to the northwestern side where the path is located closest to the monument

Even though I paid close attention to the history lesson of the tour and made mental notes along the way about the archeological finds, my focus kept getting pulled back to the rooks, and how they had congregated here just like the people. Even with their attention absorbed in the frenzy of pecking the grassland, still they appeared constantly on guard, as if non of our human movements and exploits went undetected.

I could tell that the rook like the crow is ever watchful of intruders and predators, and on this day they had a great deal to squawk about! One in particular drew very near to me, and I had the chance to get up close and personal with this wonderful creature. I noticed that the rook has more of a quirky character than the crow or raven, and I found it to be full of curiosity; less aloof and more personable in its attitude and stance.


The Rook speaks

The sound the rook makes is characteristic of a loud, strident bird noise that can warn other members of its clan over great distance. This bird then reminds us always to be on the watch and anyone who feels a strong kinship to the crow family will develop both strong physical and psychic boundaries of protection. They may also glean the ability to see things from a higher perspective, or awaken that innate capacity for greater ‘visioning’. I say this because these birds are well known for building their nests at great height, which ensures a safe haven free of predators. Considering the natural affinity between the rook and this place of power, we could say then that Stonehenge is well protected and acts as a physical vantage point to better ones ‘vision’.

This higher perspective also teaches us the ability to go beyond illusions; such as the duality of right and wrong, and the division between the inner and outer. Taking into account, once again, the law of attraction, one can contemplate the many rings that make up Stonehenge, with each marking a boundary or enclosure separating the inner from the outer. How befitting then that the rooks have made this ancient monument their stronghold in present day.


“The door of life”

In ancient Egypt the scribes who wrote and illustrated ‘The Book of the Dead’ went to great lengths to record the trials to be faced in the underworld. They documented in meticulous detail each guardian demon to be encountered at each level, before safe passage was granted by the Gods into the eternal realm. It is feasible then that these different boundaries at Stonehenge also represented specific realms that a soul must pass through, in order to arrive in spirit form on ‘the other side.’ In which case the inner stone circle at Stonehenge could well have represented the entry point into the ‘hereafter’.


Layout of the inner circle of Stonehenge

Originally five sarsen trilithons stood at the center of the inner enclosure, erected in a horseshoe configuration. And while the horseshoe nowadays is a symbol of good luck, for our ancestors this shape represented ‘the door of life’. With all this symbolism combined, the concentric rings of Stonehenge perhaps represent the separate states of  life, death and eternity.

Among the ceremonies and rites that may have been performed here, I sense it most likely that the bodies of the deceased were brought into the center circle for ritual cremation, with the surrounding sarsen doorways symbolically as well as physically illustrating that persons soul exit from this life- through the gateway of death into the after life. The winds that gust across this plain would have assisted too in this process, helping to liberate the spirit from its body vessel, while the smoke and ash would appear to evaporate as it was carried upward- again representing the spirit free of the flesh.


On the wings of dark angels

Some of the earliest archeological findings at Stonehenge revealed a ring of 56 pits circling the henge, just outside the center earthwork enclosure. These are known now as the Aubrey holes. They date back to the earliest phase of the monument, and are believed to have originally held wooden posts. Adult bodies of both males and females have been unearthed in many of the pits, alongside evidence of cremations. In fact more than 50,000 fragments of cremated human remains was discovered in just one of the Aubrey holes. These earliest burials found on site long predate the monument in its current form, and it was discovered too that after the sarsen stones were erected, these burials ceased close to the center ring and were instead moved outside to the periphery of the circle.


The marker of one of the 56 pits- this one beneath the visitor path

This concludes then, that the Stonehenge monument is inseparably linked to death and burial, no matter of any other theories. It indisputably establishes the henge arena as an extensive prehistoric cemetery. I find it intriguing and synchronistic too, that the rooks, like their cousins the crow and raven, are said to fly between the dimensions of life and death. It’s not surprising then that these birds were attracted to this remote place, with its haunting sight of the ghostly looking monument.


The haunting silhouette of Stonehenge

Like the shamans of past and present, rooks too are said to carry the power of prophetic insight, yet also symbolize the void, or core of creation through the coloration of their iridescent blue-black feathers. They are augurs, keepers of secrets and mysteries and since they feed on carrion these birds also became associated with death. Folklore also equates the crow family with bad omens, and dark witchcraft, whilst in many shamanic traditions the crow is viewed as the spirit animal for shapeshifters, and for those who use magic and master the power to manipulate the law of our physical universe.


The black fingered wings of the rook

While the mystery of this sacred site slowly unravels, it seems viable to question how its feathered inhabitants can further shed light on the enigma that has become Stonehenge. According to author Neil Gaiman, rooks do have one mystery regarding its social organization. Like the crow it is not a solitary bird, as where there is one you will usually find many. A group of rooks is known as a ‘parliament’, due to their habit of forming large assemblies during which one bird will seem to “speak” or orate at length. Afterwards, the bird is either left alone, or shockingly torn to pieces. Gaiman claims that the lone bird is telling a story; the other birds’ reaction is their form of criticism.

Rooks then like the crow represent a gathering of people, coming together with a social purpose. The parliament of rooks at Stonehenge flock together and feed together, as I imagine our ancestors would have done to secure their survival, and to preserve valuable resources; for honoring the dead, and the Gods and Goddesses eternal.


“The Slaughter Stone” at the NE Avenue entrance

Perhaps then, the rooks are mirroring the energy of these original gatherings akin to the ‘Pow Wow’, with a hierarchy of a tribal people that came here in procession, to enter this majestic arena, surrounded by a great rally and audience of peoples. Perhaps they gathered here to debate pressing cases or disputes, make important announcements, or recount their creation myths and stories. Stonehenge could well have been one of the first structures of a parliament; a primitive version serving a similar purpose as our present day government/court of law, with its panel of judges and authorities gathered to resolve issues that involve the greater collective.  I imagine the ancestors would have wanted to manage these affairs with their leaders, and most spiritual or magical members of the community present, but also under the watch of the ancient ones, including the spirits of the ancestors, and of place; plus the sky beings- the Gods and Goddesses. Among the great assembly of the living, all of these spirits would be called upon to act as all seeing witnesses in the matters of great social/tribal importance.


The black rook and the higher perspective

Even with all our careful deliberations of possible activities conceived for the use of Stonehenge, it still to this day remains a stoic example of a mystery that continues to baffle. Each new excavation tells another story that becomes just another piece in the ever expanding puzzle that is Stonehenge. Yet in spite of where the finger of scientific evidence points, each of us have the capacity to intuit these places of power. In the case of Stonehenge and other circles we can let the stones speak for themselves, or communicate with the nature and animals that reside on the spot. All is relevant and all is valid whatever comes to mind and speaks to us.

Psychically intuiting the land requires as much of a practical mindset as it does an engagement of an extra sensory perception. Even though construed as a ‘woowoo’ pursuit, it does however heavily rely on the expansion of ones awareness, rendering the ‘psychic’ in a more lucid state of presence in this reality, rather than completely forsaking this dimension for another. It is after all the shamans teaching – the mastery of balancing ones footing on a path that breaches two separate realms.

Since the rook exhibits an innate ability for this, honing my focus on these birds definitely helped me intuit the ancient landscape of Stonehenge. Indeed, we may still look to all the many creatures that roam this planet, alongside the plants, trees and rocks, as our guides for the rediscovery of earth magic. In this case what I intuited in the presence of Stonehenge guarded by the rooks, expanded fourfold after I left the site. And the reveals continue to surface as I complete my writing of this thousands of miles away on a different continent.


The rook- a creature of earth and sky

Yet still there’s this sense that perhaps we are never to be partisan to all life’s greatest mysteries. Simply because the construct in which we live is a purposeful design, with specific boundaries installed so as not to permit human consciousness an all knowing perspective. Some would say that these mysteries are only for the Creator God to see and know, and for us mortals to ponder throughout eternity. Divine Creator therein becomes our foremost and only true witness, while we continue to entertain this strange reality, and partake in this grandiose experiment called life!


Stonehenge in the midday sun

Nevertheless scientists explore undeterred, challenging the superstitions and beliefs held by the peoples of the archaic world, as well as the spiritual dogma of all the religious establishments. Its carbon dating allows us a narrow window into the past, to shed light on a few tangible findings, on which the anthropologists fabricate a model of life for our earliest ancestors. For Britain’s ancestors,  this hallowed ground may have served the multi purpose of temple, cemetery, parliament, observatory, solar calendar, and healing ground. No matter of the conceptual origins of the Neolithic and Megalthic complex, there’s no shadow of a doubt that Stonehenge still upholds itself as a physical and spiritual center of power.

IMG_4830 2

The magical mystery of Stonehenge

I wish to conclude this article with the understanding that what was once so obviously sacred to our ancestors was inherited by all the generations that came thereafter. This same hallowed ground, so revered by the ancestors thousands of years ago, is now in our keeping. ‘We’- the huge expanded populace of the modern world, with our concrete skyscraper buildings, our high tech devices, efficient modes of transport, our agriculture, and our myriad of purchasable items; ‘we’ are currently care taking this inheritance…


Stonehenge and the ‘Heel Stone’ viewed from southwest

Even though Stonehenge resides now under the protection of the English Heritage, a new scheme has been proposed to build a road beneath this ancient monument directing traffic straight through to the visitor center. These commuter plans are still under debate, fortunately with some authorities already negating such an intrusive endeavor. I hope and pray that this sacred site receives ongoing special consideration and conservation as it so well deserves, and that the power of the land is recognized and kept in tact below the surface, as well as what can be visually seen.

Stonehenge is a precious gift passed down to us from Britain’s ancient tribes, like a giant time capsule that still holds the key to unlocking the ancient mysteries. It is on this threshold and through this ancient portal that we may cross over into other dimensions, and where time travel may be granted to those who master an inner and outer alignment with earth – the Great Goddess and her earth magic, and the Great Creator God of the sky and heavens.


Portal gateway

The rooks have mastered this art in their presence of being. They fly through the in between; in the spaces where past and present timelines merge, fusing all that has been energetically imprinted with the frequencies that flow beneath the surface of the earth. This entitles these black winged ones as the chosen gatekeepers of this sacred space. And through them continues the age old tradition of preserving the power and secrets of the great mystery; all enduring as the spirits of place, and the ancestors that reside in the monument of Stonehenge, and within the earth and space it occupies.

And if you ever find yourself here at Stonehenge, on this hallowed ground, consider yourself a fortuitous visitor to the land of the earth Goddess and the sky Gods, and that in some distant realm, glimpsed through the arrangement of stone, is a window into the magic and mystery of life itself; that as long as there is an Earth to stand on, will always prevail.


The Rook on guard


Written at the end of January/February 2018 eclipse season

Astrology for February 20th, 2018 ~ Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces

Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune, square Mars in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

©Betsy Peerless 2018

Blue Moon Eclipse in Avalon: Focus ~ Truth ~ Perception



Super Blue Moon Eclipse at St. Michael’s Chapel Tower


I have learned that when the inner voice calls it is important to not only respond, but to absolutely trust what is demanded of me. It was with this guidance I found myself back at Glastonbury to celebrate the Imbolc festival and the culmination of the Supermoon/eclipse from the lofty location of the Tor. My trust was amply rewarded with breath taking views, and as always some highly synchronistic encounters. Yet the most magical moments for me arose from intimately interacting with this sacred land; her powerful ley lines and the Goddess of ancient lore…



Divine Mother altar at Chalice Wells garden

It is true for me that Spirit moves in mysterious ways. And even when I’m not entirely sure why, or what, or how, I simply motivate on an instinct, or that voice that speaks from the depth of me. I had no idea what to expect this time in Glastonbury, I just knew it was time to go. The last time I made the same trek from Dorset, was on the winter solstice of 2016, and those 2 days of ceremonies involved a powerful release.


Goddess Temple, Glastonbury

I can’t say that I’ve ever been very enamoured with Glastonbury town, it is simply my love for the Tor and the natural springs that draws me back time and time again. And to be really specific it is the northeastern side that pulls me in. The sight of the Tor from this direction literally tugs at my heart strings.

To make this approach one walks the windy roads and trails through the green Somerset countryside; across the muddy fields grazed by sheep to arrive at the edge of the steep grassy foothill. Atop this giant tumulus stands the sentinel chapel tower of St. Michael. Silhouetted against a backdrop of the day or night; in clear or misty skies, it stands as a powerful and poetic symbol for the human desire to bridge heaven and earth.

The Avalon apple orchard which lies on the south eastern side strongly beckoned to me this time, and I sensed that I would make my Imbolc offering there as well as communicate with the Goddess and usher in my creative muse.


Approaching the Tor


Northern side of the Tor

The Tor is a rather alluring place, not only because of its serene beauty and extraordinary geography, but on account of the myths woven into this distinct landscape. It depends really what you wish to believe, in alliance with your wildest imaginings, as to what becomes your reality here- or anywhere for that matter! For the Tor is most famed as being the epicenter of the Arthurian legends; a holy place that was once shrouded in mist, surrounded by water and protected by the Lady of the Lake, who acted as guardian and Queen to the sacred isle of Avalon. With the gradual conversion of Celtic pagan Britain to Christianity, the ancient mysteries and rites were exchanged for the Christian dogma and the worship of one God. Eventually Avalon along with the Fae disappeared behind the veil, and it is said that only the chosen are allowed to enter back into her sacred realm.


The distinct silhouette of The Tor


St. Michael’s Chapel Tower ~ Jan. 30th


View through the Western Archway


Inside the Chapel Tower


Taking in the views on my first day and adjusting to the ley energy


Glastonbury viewed from the Tor


With the disturbance below from the busy roads encircling and bypassing Glastonbury; its 21st century sounds and light pollution, make it hard to entertain this as a reality. Yet there are moments when the current timeline slips away and somehow the undulating hills and fields, the flooded meadows, and the moonlight all conspire to thin the veil. Then the magic of Avalon truly comes to life, and there is this knowing that only something of mythical proportions could be accountable for such rare lucid transparency. For me personally this land is not only symbolic of the Goddess with her soft sensuous curves, but this is a place in which she has dwelt and been revered since ancient times. In truth I can say that the Goddess resides in every place and in all nature, yet in Avalon seated on her high throne she radiates the most powerful and healing emanation.





The flooded fields that surround the Tor


No matter what one declares as ones truth, there is one thing that unites all that visit the Tor, and that is that sense of awe of the location; the 360 degree panorama, and for the more spiritual minded- the powerful spirits and sense of place. With the convergence of two springs, plus the Mary and Michael ley lines deep beneath the Tor, it creates a natural merger for the energy of the sacred masculine and divine feminine and supports their sacred union. And if this all sounds very far fetched, one need only observe the energy translating into form, as partners and bosom friends embrace on the top of the Tor. One cant help but notice the amount of love shared around the chapel tower. No matter of the cold, wind, rain, or fog there are always lovers to be found sheltering huddled together inside the stone walls, or out on the lawn over looking the panoramic view of Somerset.



Friends’ embrace


The view to the East and man in blue

Whenever I come to Glastonbury, in spite of the many people distractions I step into a ceremonial/ritual mode from the moment I arrive until the minute I leave, and even then the energy continues.  My ceremony on this visit became a melding of many parts; firstly I created an altar of crystals and other power objects from my medicine pouch, which I offered to the Moon and the Goddess on the window sill of my colorful Shakti room. It remained active for the duration of my stay. I’d brought with me some ribbons, that represented the angel colors I’ve been working and painting with for the past year. Those I tied on the old mother apple tree at the head of the Avalon orchard just after the eclipse.


Altar for the Moon and the Goddess


Ribbon offering Jan. 31st


Old Mother Apple Tree


Ribbons catching the wind


View of the apple orchard below

For my eclipse moment I spent it in deep meditation with a man I met the last time I was visiting, at a cacao ceremony at the Shekinashram. Rather serendipitously we had bumped into each other the day before in the street, and he had asked if I would like to help him practice his healing studies of mediumship. I agreed to volunteer, and so here we were exactly at the time of the eclipse connecting in multiple dimensions; unable to visually see the eclipse from the UK, yet still able to tap into the powerful energy.  During the session I was enveloped in 3 colors – cobalt blue, a vivid aqua and gold. And for a brief but glorious moment I felt the presence of the Virgin Mary. This surprised me, as not being a mother myself I have never had such a strong connection with this icon and Goddess.

After the session we shared our insights. My friend felt that I needed to reel in my energy, of all that I had put out into the world and the loose strings, which sounded to me like a reclamation of my personal power. This reading fit well with the theme of the Blue Moon in the sign of Leo, since it is the cosmic lion who helps us to own the power of our creativity, individuality and sovereignty, and to feel proud of our legacy. He explained too that the guides would continue to work with me to find clarity over any current life challenges and dilemmas.


Gold and royal blue light inside the Tor after the eclipse


The Tor just before sundown January 31st


The passage of my descent

On the night of the Blue Moon I first saw it rise through the window of the pub where I was eating my diner. I rushed to finish and headed by foot straight back to the Tor, as my original goal was to view the spectacle from the chapel tower. Since the moon rose in ENE I realized I’d have to break my rule and walk up the steep and lengthy pilgrims path in the west, in order to get my best view and shots. The long walk up the steps in the dark, battling the cold and the winds was challenging, but I was duly rewarded with a spectacular site of the giant moon ascending, like myself towards the top of the Tor.

I sheltered inside the chapels stone walls marveling at the view for as long as I could bear the wind chill, before descending via the apple orchard. I moon bathed here for a while just allowing the soft luminosity to absorb into my whole being. I felt so grateful to have been gifted a clear night for the perfect viewing conditions of this epic Superbluemoon.

As I made my exit out of the orchard  I glimpsed something silvery dart along the grass. Unbeknown to me I had been accompanied by a rabbit under the moon light during my prayers and contemplation. This filled me with happiness as I have a great affinity with rabbit.


The Supermoon rising behind the Tor on Jan.31st


The Supermoon from the Tor


Supermoon at the offering site


Supermoon rising above the Avalon Orchard

The day after the Blue Moon I felt called to visit the ancient city of Wells, and in particular the Cathedral. The minute I stepped off the bus and alighted the narrow streets I felt an immediate fluidity and calmness enter my energetic field, as if I had been delivered to the very source of the divine feminine. The water from the natural springs here flows down channels in the road, on both the sides of the High street, and so my watery Cancerian nature felt instantly at home in this place. Wells has a series of springs known as St Andrews Risings which surface in the floor of an ornamental lake in the grounds of the Bishops Palace. Water flowing from these ancient wells has shaped the landscape, the buildings and the many gardens of this remarkable and graceful site.

The walls and moat that surrounds the Gatehouse and Bishops Palace


Bishops Palace, Wells


View of Wells Cathedral and the giant 200 year old American Walnut Tree on Bishops Palace grounds


Snowdrops encircling the Yew tree in the church yard in the Cloisters of Wells Cathedral

The 12th century Wells Cathedral exceeded all my most fanciful expectations. It was absolutely stunning and the architecture as fluid and feminine as the energy in which it was erected. My healer friend had advised me to stand beneath the great clock and the resurrected statue of Christ, as this was a lesser known vortex spot. Having lived in Sedona AZ, and a long term resident of Montauk NY, I am familiar with heightened energy spots and the affects this has on the physical body and auric field. As I stood directly beneath the magnificent clock and the Christ, I felt the energy beneath my feet softly pulsing. I imagine a dowser would recognize a natural convergence and a divergence of water ways running beneath, as it generated a perfect balance and harmonization of the masculine and feminine energies. 

The working Medieval Clock that tells the time and the moon phases; the Christ resurrection statue and the vortex spot


The sensuous Scissor Arches


The Quire and beautiful medieval stain glass windows


The 8 pointed star/flower of the Quire ceiling and the medieval “Jesse Window”


Detail of “Jesse Window” ~ the heavenly host of angels


After my time spent in the cathedral I happened upon Vicars close, which claims to be the oldest purely residential street with original buildings intact in all of Europe. I was instantly transported back in time to old medieval England. My arrival here was timely as the vicars and school boys dressed in their old fashioned garb were making haste up and down the close. The archways at both ends act like portals to a bygone era, and I could discern the many timelines all converging on this stone street within the perimeter of the old buildings.



Vicar’s Close, Wells, Somerset


Medieval street and buildings of Wells


My visit to Wells was brief and I felt sad to be leaving so soon, yet I felt called again to return to the Tor to see the Supermoon rise once more.

On the way back to the bus stop I came across a small crystal shop and entered as I wished to make a special purchase. I really felt compelled to take an energetic piece of Wells back with me. My eyes were drawn to a tiny piece of blue goldstone fashioned into an ‘S’ shape pendant. It was cold to the touch, dark and sparkly and it reminded me of the starry midnight sky, while the pendant shape was soft and feminine as the energy here in this locale. This was the perfect piece to symbolize my journey to these sacred grounds, and my anticipation of watching the bright Supermoon rise in the dark starlit sky.

It was later that I discovered that blue goldstone is a master healer and one of the best to work with for empaths dealing with hypersensitivity. It can act as a guide to seeing the light at the end of the darkness, and to understand that everything is the source of energy and vibration. It also encourages acceptance of who we are, through expressing authenticity which means no longer denying our truth. Again this fit so well with the Leo energy of the eclipse, and I know it will assist in the recall of my 2018 Blue Moon experience when need be.

Back in Glastonbury just before sundown, I faithfully returned to my old passage through the fields and up the back of the Tor. I passed through a meadow of sheep, to sit in the orchard while awaiting the moon rise. It took much longer than expected as a cloud bank clung to an invisible line just above the horizon. I passed the time in prayer and channeling the spirits of place, as it’s at dusk that the veil grows thinner for me. I felt myself connect with the Goddess of Avalon, and as my writing muse struck again I wrote a poem in her honor.



Returning to the Tor at dusk on Feb 1st

After darkness had enveloped the green land I left my quiet spot to venture back up the Tor. With the winds gusting as much as the previous night I arrived rather breathless at the top. From what I could make out in the dark I was here at night alone at the chapel tower. It was rather an eerie feeling, and so I sheltered outside, with my back resting against the eastern side of the tower facing in the direction of the moon rise. All of a sudden a figure stepped out of the archway and a mans voice exclaimed “Do you know exactly when the moon will rise?” I almost jumped out of my skin, not only because of the surprise factor, but because this man’s silhouette reminded me of someone I’d never expected to see again! Strangely enough, as it turned out he was working in Brighton, (my childhood stomping ground) and close to the current residence of that certain someone! He had come to Glastonbury like myself, especially to see the Supermoon from the Tor. What are the odds I wonder that the only two persons randomly positioned together on top the Tor that evening both had connections to the same city?

We kept each other company in the frigid cold, learning snippets of each others lives while discerning the star constellations of Orion’s Belt, Pleiades and the Big Dipper. But no sooner did we see the glowing orb emerge from the cloud suspension, we both recognized it had been worth the long wait. The Supermoon glowed bright in the dark sky, circled by a halo of rose gold and as we shared this wondrous sight we marveled at the extraordinary beauty of the world in which we live.


The moon rising viewed from the Tor on Feb 1st

After we departed ways I couldn’t help reflect on how strange of an encounter it had been, which left me with many questions…like why were we the only two people that night, in all of Glastonbury awaiting the moon rise from the Tor? Lately I have felt more glitches than normal in the energetic matrix, of what is deemed our reality or current timeline. These glitches keep bringing up energy signatures that have already been laid to rest. And on top of this phenomena, time and space seem to alter in fractional ways. As small as these changes may seem, they are nevertheless confounding, especially when physical things literally disappear out of the present timeline! This disappearance and reappearance factor can be rather perplexing and frustrating.

A friend of mine in Dorset has an explanation for all this, and refers to this phenomena as ‘The Mandela Effect,” which theorizes the existence of parallel universes. It relies on the belief that some differences between one’s memories and the real world are caused by changes to past events in the timeline, through accidental travel between alternate universes. Whatever this is, I attempt to flow with it even when it has a jarring effect. Perhaps you understand what I’m talking about, or may be not; either way I feel it is important to mention. The way I experience this feels as if time and space are rearranging themselves, and my alertness and focus is constantly being tested.


The Tor on the morning of Feb 2nd


Horned Sheep

On my last day I made my rounds. Once more I returned to the orchard and adorned the great mother apple tree with Rugosa rose petals I ‘d collected last spring in Montauk, and a sprig of mistletoe that I sourced from her sister apple trees. Hugging this tree each day I have to confess this being felt rather crotchety and lacking in luster from her former glory days. Still taking into consideration the giant hole through her core, and that she was still supporting the weight of her boughs, I could truly empathize! Like many of the living, she too has a hole in her heart, and whether you’re rooted to the spot, or walking around, that hurt is not only hard to ignore but takes much time to heal- if indeed it ever does. Her cavernous core was open and exposed to the world, and so in spite of her grumpiness I could see and understand the healing she was offering for my own heart.


Rose petal and mistletoe offering


Old Mother apple tree and her orchard


View of the Tor from the orchard


Ascending the Tor from the east

The time finally came to climb the steps for the last time, and this amounted to the sixth ascent and descent in past 4 days and 3 nights. I spent about an hour in the chapel tower where I played with the camera and basked in the sunlight. For the past year I have experimented in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways with natural light, not only with my camera but also with my physical body. Sunlight has tremendous healing power, even when it assimilates through an unconscious filtration process. However if one makes it into a conscious act of receiving; through the pores, the retinas and the auric field, then it truly goes to work in balancing, healing, nourishing and supporting the structural body in such a deep and profound way.


Self portrait with the light


It was after taking a few self portraits that I suddenly witnessed an immaculate light cascading through the south facing window. The camera lens revealed a beautiful angelic presence that appeared as the mid day light poured through the narrow arch window. The vision was only there for a minute or so, and in that moment I felt tremendous support for my being and my creative purpose. I realized afterwards that this vision was very similar to the last of my angel paintings, and so this too was very affirming. The voice deep within said, “you must write and paint as much as possible.”



Immaculate Light


Angelic presence in the southern window

As I made my last descent from the Tor, I’ll admit even though I felt ready to make my exit it tugged at my heart strings to have to leave this sacred spot behind. I know I will be back again some day, but for now I felt exhilarated and grateful for the past 4 days of absorbing all the wonderful energy of the Michael and Mary ley lines and glimpsing sacred Avalon emerging from behind the veil.


The descent on Pilgrims path


The steps of the Pilgrims path leading up to the Tor

After bidding farewell to the Tor, I visited the Chalice Well located beneath the foothill in the enclosure of a beautiful landscaped gardens. Here I tied light blue and black ribbons above the holy well adorned with white snowdrops and hyacinth. The Goddess altars nestled in the stone walls were decorated too in celebration of Imbolc and Brigids Day with spring flowers, pussy willow, and the evergreens; laurel, ivy, and holly. I spent time too at the waterfall diligently cleansing all my crystals, letting the water from the holy red spring pour over them.


Ribbon offering at the Chalice Well


Holy Chalice Well


Crystal cleansing in the red spring


The red spring pool in the Chalice Well Gardens

As I walked around the gardens I was struck by the tranquility of this small enclosed space. Inside the walls one feels so sheltered, and completely removed from the traffic of the main road and town center outside. The sound of the water gently cascading through the garden induced a deeply relaxed state, while the vision of the chapel tower in the distance beckoned me enter back into the sacred realm of Avalon. I felt my energetic fibers stretch and open to receive all the wonderful healing this place was offering.


The Chalice Well waterfall


The Tor viewed from Chalice Well Gardens

I witnessed too all the new Spring blooms raising their colorful heads just like myself, to bathe in the glorious sunshine. I spotted snowdrops, crocuses, anemones and a virburnum bush brimming with small round clusters of pink flowers that conveyed such a sweet heavenly aroma. I was joined too by two mischievous squirrels beside the well, and then gifted with a sweet encounter from a very inquisitive blackbird! We stayed in each others company for a few minutes, just eying one another until he deemed it time for us to part ways.


Purple Crocus


White Anemone


Sweet scented pink Virburnum





For the entirety of my stay I drank from the waters of the calcium rich white spring, and took just one dose of the iron rich waters of the red spring. I’d only made one visit to the White Spring Temple upon my arrival, where I held space for those who were conducting their own rituals. The atmosphere inside the cavernous space was still as I had remembered it; dark, wet and heavy like a pregnant womb. Water gushed from the brick pools spilling out onto the floor. The sound of water falling was magnified as it resounded inside the vacuous space. In corners and alcoves were still the candle lit altars dedicated to the Goddess as well as the Beltane rites. Outside the temple gateway there’s a small carved spiral that fills with water from the spring. I offered more rose petals here too as we parted our ways.


White Spring Goddess Temple


Rose petal offering


Chalice Well Spring

Since my arrival in Glastonbury I had felt rather dizzy and off balance, plus I had a constant headache, and was unable to sleep for 3 nights. Not that I am unaccustomed to insomnia, but even in my dire moments of exhaustion I could feel myself filling up with an energy, that although felt rather disruptive, had a high charged resonance. Not so surprising really when you lay your head every night over a powerful ley line, while having been accommodated in the vivid Shakti room! I could literally feel my cells hum and rearrange themselves. It’s not something I can bare for any great length of time, nevertheless I knew this was necessary, and that somehow I would be better integrated body, soul and spirit after I made my exit. Personally I find the energy in Glastonbury town very confrontational, and rather directionless. If you can imagine a nucleus of energy that has exploded – well then this describes my energetic experience of being in the town area.


Shakti room

Each morning over breakfast I had picked cards from an oracle deck and received- Focus, Truth and Perception. I was hoping for more mystical ones like the Lady of the Lake, or the High Priestess! Still I had to admit that in accordance with the astrology of this Blue Moon eclipse these were powerful reminders of the energy at hand. This I felt was an important message; as Truth absolutely does demand our focus. Plus it takes great discernment to recognize absolute truth; and when and if that moment arrives, it does absolutely hold the power to change our perception. I wondered what it was that truly needed heeding for me at this time, but considering all of life’s complexities I couldn’t define just the one thing. Perhaps too a shift in focus was in order to facilitate the change and transformation that would hold me in better stead as I reemerge out of my long transitionary state. I decided to let myself be guided further as to where I needed to hone, or shift my focus.


Oracle cards

During my passage through Avalon I received gifts from friends near and afar. Other than the wonderful gift of a medium session, a friend from Kansas was in touch to tell me she had a dream in which I was a mermaid, which made it impossible for me to walk on land! She left me with the quandary – ‘legs for land, tail for ocean?’ Another friend from Florida sent me a photo that carried a very similar energy signature to the immaculate light I’d witnessed in the Tor, that she had photographed that same day. And on my bus ride back to Dorset another friend from Swanage texted a message written specifically to me in ‘light language’. So there really is still just so much to contemplate and assimilate, alongside all the friends on social media that were following and adding their energy to my journey.


Sunset in Glastonbury on my departure

Reflecting on my journey I cant say I truly know what the principle message I am to impart in this recount. And nor can I claim this to be one of my best writings! I just know I was guided to write and let my story, along with the photos, provide healing for those who undertake the reading of it. Perhaps it’s about the simple reminder to consciously shift the focus from the profane to the sacred; how to walk with grace and balance between these two worlds, and live centered in the heart’s expression of absolute personal truth. I have termed this state of being ‘heartcentric.’ And as wholesome as this sounds it isn’t always as easy to maintain, since in this age of technology and media domination, mass deception is so easy to perpetrate.

The distortion of truth has accumulated now to critical mass, alongside all the mind conditioning. So it is no wonder then that all the corruption and lies can no longer remain hidden- out of sight and mind. We have entered an era whereby what is false will be judged in the light, and the corruption exposed for that which it is, because false truths have never supported our souls’ evolution, nor the progression of humanity.


The Tor and the gateway between two worlds

Still the truth may continue to elude us, like the mythical isle of Avalon and her feminine mysteries- hidden still behind the veil. Yet it is up to every individual to do the necessary soul searching, and whether one happens upon the truth, or goes seeking it out, this awakening is always timely and of great consequence. Because even on the flip side of such a discovery; when a long standing belief is all but shattered, then the unraveling of such great deception is agonizing enough to rip us apart. And by enduring the ‘little death’ of our awakening, we will find ourselves back on the path, heading in the direction of our personal empowerment.

The truth they say will set us free. Truth no matter how we feel about it acts as a catalyst for our best soul alignment. It generates a benevolent force, which is not the same force used by those who seek control over others; but a force for individuals who ‘own it’ to support and uphold their authenticity.


“Crystal clear,” at the Avalon Orchard

As I sit here now and write this, having left Avalon a few days back, my body, heart and spirit are still buzzing with its high frequency, while the image of the Tor remains energetically scorched into my retinas. I continue my truth seeking as the visions and downloads just keep on coming. I feel tremendously inspired and much more positive than when I first set out on my journey. And in the one fleeting moment I did manage to fall asleep, I dreamed that my physical body was stronger than it has ever been before. And so after this past year of feeling much weakened in body and spirit, I awoke the last morning in Avalon believing that I was super strong! And that thought has not left me; still feels to be my truth, and therein generates the power to absolutely change how I currently perceive myself. Those three oracle cards I sense have set the wheels in motion and they will continue their rotations…


The Sacred Yew trees at Chalice Well gardens

Another theme that quickened during my time in Somerset, was the meeting of many ‘homeless’ people. Besides the harrowing fact that there are millions and millions of refugees all over the world, displaced and fleeing war torn countries for their survival, while other natives have no other choice but to live on the street; there are currently I am finding more people than ever who’ve chosen to live a ‘homeless’ state of existence.

Recently every person I’ve encountered is technically ‘homeless’. These people are living in campers, in their cars, temporarily back with their parents, and one who even chose to sleep the night up on the freezing Tor! Others are moving from one spot to the next, and some like myself have a few power spots in which they divide their time. Looking at the broader picture and in response to the constant inflation of property and land, it is a sobering thought to contemplate that potentially billions of individuals among the world’s growing population will never manage to afford to buy their own home.


Between the sacred and the profane

My sense is that our notion of ‘home’ is fast changing, along with so many other life structures. Home they say is where the heart is; not just the confines of a shelter or place. So it would seem then that many of us are following the calling of the heart, to uproot in order to find our best alignment with people and place, or simply by oneself. There is a strong desire now more than ever to find our tribe, to break the old rules, and live where we please rather than be dictated by a job, our financial situation or what’s socially acceptable. And many of whom have chosen this uprooting are no ‘spring chickens’ – they are transitioning like myself into their elder years, or they’re old souls living in younger bodies. I wonder if this act of non attachment is serving our higher good? Is it in fact preparing us for the physical and spiritual challenges ahead that may alter our very existence on this planet?


The Chalice of Avalon

My sense of home as well as my commitment to just residing in one spot has been an ongoing dilemma for the longest time, as I’ve felt split between my love of Dorset and the far eastern tip of Long Island NY. In Dorset I have my brother and the shelter and nurture of a quaint English seaside town, while back in Long Island I have my work; two businesses, plus a deep connection with the land and a few very dear friends.

It wasn’t until I alighted the bus in Swanage, after a long and tiring journey back from Glastonbury that I heard that inner voice rejoice at my first breath of salty sea air. It spoke loud and with great certainty – “You are home,” it said…


My farewell to the Tor


Avalon ~ forever in my heart and soul


Written during January/February 2018 Eclipse season

January 31st ~ Supermoon/Blue Moon eclipse in Leo 13.26 UTC

Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius opposing the Moon, conjunct North Node,

Moon in Leo inconjunct Neptune in Pisces




In honor of the Goddesses who preside over Avalon




I follow the narrow path, winding through the shad to the bluffs. I run. I walk. I stop… perched at cliffs edge. The exquisite beauty of my surroundings is panoramic to all my senses. It stuns me, and I daren’t move. I don’t want this moment to slip away, for I thrive on such reverie.

The chill of wind wraps tightly around my body, filling my lungs with a sharp vitality. I’m stirred wide awake, sensing the magic rousing in every molecule born to this dimension. The sun risen above the ocean compels me forward to the shoreline, to the sacred border between earth, water and sky; momentarily fused together in the pastel hues of dawn.

On the beach, light beams sparkle on waters edge, trickling rose gold in tidal pools that fast absorb and disappear, as if they never did exist. My limbs pick up the pace spurred forward by the brilliance in the east, and the warmth of first light coloring my cheek. The ocean still fervent from yesterdays storm, undulates and spews up foam. The spattering of froth hovers on the wind, before receding back to the crest of waves.

I walk stealthily towards a flock of gulls poised at the rim, in that mystical space in between; where two worlds meet…their gaze eerily steady- trance like and mesmerized to a spot beyond the horizon. I don’t wish to disturb them, but they are quick to scatter. The birds take to the wing, and as my feet press into wet sand, my prints too are quick to disappear. I leave no tracks.

The gulls reel around me, but make no sound; only the ocean loud and ominous. It is all at once harrowing and bewitching. I imagine this resonance orchestrated into the cacophony of the cosmos, permeated with song and symphony of elementals, the powers and the principals. Seagulls swoop overhead now, and their wings carry them towards the light. From moment to moment their black silhouettes burnish the heavens and then vanish, suddenly reappearing in a blinding flash, in another dimension of sky.


And as I stare out to sea, the lights refraction besides the glowing disc, grows tall, morphing in and out of form. And that is when I see her, the Great Goddess robed in a translucent gown of crimson and magenta. Her emanation angelic, and supernatural in her luminosity and coloring.

Her presence piques on this hallowed morn. I see Aphrodite rising from the sea foam, and Venus’s essence imbued in the rose petal fallen to the ground. Her love juice preserved in the succulent rose hip, solitary and scarlet on a thorny bush. She is omnipotent in every vision that presents itself.

The shore ends where rock meets ocean, and there’s no further I can go, unless I risk all and cross over. I contemplate all the times I’ve wanted to leave this world behind, and yet here I am- still here. And as witness to such incredible beauty, my roots penetrate a little deeper, growing ever distant from the surface. What supreme powers hold me in place I wonder, and where exactly am I being lead? Perhaps I am both here and not here, because I see clearly in an instance and then I’m blind in the next…

The Goddess who brought the dawn fades as I turn my back. Her warmth pales as the sun rises into his radiant glory. A new day is upon us and it is the Celtic festival of the dead. Yet I’ve not felt this vibrant in a long while. And as the death cloak worn by every tree and shrub shades in my world, I feel the impulse to stay with the living, and so I quicken back from whence I came.

Watchful eyes follow my passage. The soft thud of hooves alert me to the presence of the gentle, inquisitive deer. I catch a glimpse of pricked ears, shiny black eyes, and then the flash of a white tail. And just like that, they too are gone from sight, disappearing into thicket and shad.


October 31st ~ the Celtic New Year, and holy day of Samhain

November 2nd ~ Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces

November 4th ~ Full Moon in Taurus

August 21st Eclipse Offering

Ceremony and healing for a timeline of war, and unprecedented national division…


When I first learned of “The Great American Eclipse” I knew immediately that I was to travel to see the totality. In the year leading up to the event I studied eclipses in depth and wrote articles on the subject from an astrological perspective. There were so many interesting places on the umbras path, yet only one place beckoned and that was the historic city of Charleston, right at the end of the umbra’s passage across the entire country.

From Oregon on the Northwest Pacific coast to South Carolina on the eastern Atlantic seaboard, the darkest part of the Moon’s shadow was to pass through 14 states altogether. Even though Charleston wasn’t to receive the full 2 minutes and 40 seconds of totality, like its Southern Illinois epicenter, I still knew that this was to be my destination. It wasn’t until I began some extensive research for an article on “The Intuitive Matrix” that I finally understood why it was so important for me to go to Charleston, not just as an astrologer but also as a healer. It was I discovered, Fort Sumter that would have me return to the low country for the first time in 9 years.


Traveling from Charlotte NC to Charleston SC


Live Music at the Night Market, downtown Charleston

Present day Charleston is a lively eclectic city brimming with southern charm and hospitality; live music and talented artisans. It’s been described as “America’s most friendly city” and it’s historic architecture, reputable dining, its mannerly people and mild winters make this a highly popular travel destination. With such cultural vibrancy and natural beauty Charleston has always been my favorite city in USA.

Yet for all its allure, lets not forget that this township was built on and sustained by slave labor for nearly two centuries. Charles Town as it was originally called, was a major port of entry for both free and coerced settlers in British North America back in 1700- 1800’s. Profiteering from the slave trade helped provide the economic foundation for the plantation regime which brought considerable wealth to Carolina’s colony. Slave labor fueled this regions indigo, cotton and rice industries, whose riches built white dynasties and some of the city’s elegant architectural gems.


Ferry ticket


View of Fort Sumter from the ferry

Additional to this regions iniquitous past, and at the core of this calling to visit Charleston was an old timeline that was about to be energetically activated by the August 21st solar eclipse. I learned that back on April 12th, 1861 at 4.30 am the Confederate artillery’s opened fire on the Union garrison at Fort Sumter and continued their onslaught for 34 hours. Incredibly no one was killed in this attack but this marked the beginning of the American Civil War. It still carries the greatest death toll of any war in American history, lasting 4 long years.

Everyone born in the Deep South fought for the Confederacy and everyone born in the North fought for the Union, but the border states were divided. It is estimated that 650,000 to 850,000 men died as a result, and of these soldiers 56,000 perished in prison camps from starvation and disease.  That’s more Americans soldier deaths than in both World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam combined. This amounted to 2 percent of the population at the time, which would be the equivalent to about 6 million Americans dying today. Besides this count, the enduring question among historians has been how to calculate the number of civilian deaths, since no one could tell how many of the battlefield dead belonged to each side. Although no white women were known to have been killed during the war it is thought that 400 women secretly served in the war by pretending to be men, while African-Americans making up less than 1 percent of the North’s population, amounted to 10 percent of the Union Army.


Battery of Canons


Canon hole in the brick fortifications

After the initial attack the fort was cut off from its supply line and surrendered the next day. Union forces would try for nearly four years to take Fort Sumter back. The Second Battle of Fort Sumter (September 8, 1863) was a failed attempt by the Union to retake the fort, and so it remained in Confederate hands until it was evacuated as General Sherman marched through South Carolina in February 1865.

The Confederates had strategically positioned their military defense on a man made island. Seventy thousand tons of imported granite was used to construct a sand bar in the entrance to Charleston Harbor. The fort originally a five-sided brick structure, stood tall at 50 feet over the low tide mark. During the mid-1840s, a work force of 500 African slaves under the supervision of engineers began laying 7,000,000 bricks for the 5-foot-thick outer walls. It was designed to house 650 men and 135 guns in three tiers of gun emplacements. At the onset of the war, Fort Sumter was barely complete, but by the wars end it was in ruins. The U.S. Army worked to restore it as a useful military installation partially rebuilding the damaged walls and re-leveling to a lower height, while the third tier of gun emplacements was removed. Now in present day Fort Sumter is a National Monument only accessible by passenger ferry or boat.


Charleston Harbor


National Monument

What began as a single battle not only went on to generate an outstanding death toll but also wrecked America’s economy. It’s estimated that the Civil War cost $6.19 billion, that’s $146 billion in today’s dollars. The South was the primary battlefield and suffered greatly with $10 billion in property damage and two-fifths of its livestock destroyed.

I’ll admit that learning about the history of any war has never fascinated me, and I can’t say that I ever enjoyed going to military memorials, yet still I was called to come here to work on this timeline for the commencement of the Civil War. Back in the Spring prior to this visit, my travels took me to other U.S cities and I found myself standing at the foot of memorials without any prior planning- most notably the 9/11 site in NYC, and the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District in Indianapolis. As these synchronicites started to line up I knew that I was being lead from beyond this realm, yet it only truly made sense once I read about Fort Sumter.


The interior


Flag Ceremony

A dear friend joined me on this adventure to Charleston to celebrate my recent birthday, as well as of course to view the total eclipse. After my flight was cancelled, then delayed the following day we were finally reunited in Charlotte NC, after 3 years of separation. It felt a momentous occasion for all these reasons, and after overcoming so many obstacles in our travel plans we eventually arrived together Saturday night, weary but excited on James Island.

Since she too is skilled in shamanic teachings I knew she’d understand why it was so important for me to heed this calling to go to Fort Sumter. The tour only allows 1 hour on the island unsupervised, and so the following day we endured the infernal heat and a packed ferry ride to arrive at the National Monument 4.45pm. Even though it’s a tiny island, I still felt rather disoriented as we explored the fort. Part of me didn’t want to be on this site, as I was nervous to experience this energetic timeline that had lead to so much national conflict and death. My vision kept being pulled towards the rhythmic patterning of waves breaking on the sandbar, while my overheated body welcomed the invigorating sea breeze. It was the elements of both water and air that compelled me to exit the dark enclosure and greet the lustrous shore.

With so many other tourists swarming the small area it was difficult to carve out private space to perform sacred ceremony, as I am used to working alone and with just the elements and the spirits of place witnessing my efforts. But I had prepped for this moment for so long, and even though I had tried to anticipate how I was to go about this, I hoped that just my presence and intention would act to trigger a reset of sorts, and so I let go of all my preconceptions, trusting in whatever was to transpire here on this day.

Prior to leaving my home I’d spent many months energetically powering up for this eclipse. I visited Turtle Cove twice a week for prayer, meditation and to cleanse in the waters of the cove. The last 2 ceremonies I conducted in Montauk were at two power spots I have worked with regularly for many years. The first was an unbinding ceremony that was to help me personally work through my own inner shift that was to come from being positioned beneath the umbra of the moon; witnessing the black Sun and receiving a transit to my natal Venus. Whilst the second ceremony was intended to align my body and energy system with the giant crystal transmitter of Council Rock in order to hold space and generate protection as I went about a healing for the timeline of war at Fort Sumter.


Unbinding Ceremony, Montauk NY


Powering up with Council Rock, Montauk NY

And so 21 hours before the umbra swept right over Fort Sumter, plunging it into shadowy darkness in the mid afternoon, I initiated sacred ceremony at the edge of the island, whilst my fellow visitors participated in the Fort’s daily Flag Ceremony. As all eyes turned to watch the lowering of “the star spangled banner”, I faced the ocean opening with a sage smudge and a blessing for the land and its native ancestors. I chose a powerful selection of crystal helpers from my medicine pouch, but didn’t feel to unveil them in this public space, or on this old battleground. And so I kept them covered and asked for their help to facilitate in allowing the earth to receive the powerful energetic of the eclipse to aid in transforming this timeline of terrible internal conflict and strife in this country.

Many astrologers like myself wrote about the August 21st eclipse path of totality that literally divided the nation in half, and how in current time, America is experiencing such division yet again as a nation. With the USA too poised for it’s Pluto return in 2022 there is no doubt that the land, its leadership and people are due for a karmic reset on a grand scale. Entering into such a powerful and long transit implies that much of the old archaic structuring of our society including the government, judicial law, class system, economy, and industry, are coming full circle, and so we can expect great transformation and reformation ahead long after this eclipse dissipates.


The sandbar shoreline


Sage Smudge

As the ceremony was winding down my friend came to fetch me so as not to miss the last ferry ride back to Charleston. I really didn’t feel ready to leave, and I wish I’d had more time there with the elements and to work in a deeper capacity in this spot. Still having visited and connected with the land would enable me to work in a remote capacity going forward. And so rather reluctantly I worked towards closing the ceremony promptly so as not to leave us stranded! With blessings I released a handful of rose petals in memory of all the blood that was shed, and in remembrance of the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives during the course of the American Civil War. These petals I’d foraged and harvested late Spring from the Rugosa rose that grows wild around the shorelines of my hometown, and this plant too has tremendous healing capacity.

I was surprised to experience such a strong feminine energy here on this military establishment, yet it made sense considering its island location. The ocean I suspect is mostly responsible for having cleansed and washed away so much of the conflict originally inflicted here. My friend concurred that she too felt the energy of the Goddess awakened even in the framework of the brick structure. Since my return I’ve contemplated the pentagonal shape of the walls, which in sacred geometry relates to the pentagram (the 5 pointed star) symbolizing the planet and Goddess Venus of love and beauty. It would seem then that the military engineers of past constructed their fort with an ancient design that was evocative of the Goddess, and whether they were aware of the feminine symbolism or not, it does feel to have endowed the island with the mystery and endurance of the feminine.


Medicine Pouch


Rose Remembrance – photo credit Radka Sumberova

The very next day after visiting Fort Sumter, we were among the fortunate to observe the total eclipse from historic McClellanville SC, located directly beneath the center line of the the umbra’s path. Just one minute before totality the clouds parted to the accompaniment of thunder and lightning revealing a sudden blinding explosion of light as the sun’s sphere turned black in the deep blue of space. The total solar eclipse was a truly awesome site to behold, and I know that many who watched it like myself were reduced to tears in that moment, and that we felt our solidarity as human beings existing side by side on this Earth.

I hope that all those fellow Americans who witnessed the black Sun above the colored horizon, and felt the cool shade of the umbra will carry the light forward for all others who were not positioned in the line of totality. America now more than ever needs to confront her shadow. This great war was not the only human atrocity. The mass genocide of America’s indigenous people, along with the slave trading of African immigrants generated degradation and segregation for these minorities, with racial tension and prejudice still fervent today. Let’s make a point here too of remembering all the soldiers and lives lost in the highly controversial Vietnam War, and all those still deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq under the guise of the never ending war against terrorism.

I continue to hope and pray that the energy of this recent eclipse has the power to transform all hate and division past, present and potential. Sadly I have not been feeling very confident this last year about the prospects of this country, and feel that warring on home soil is not a far stretch of the imagination, especially at the rate things are politically escalating, and as natural disasters become more devastating. My intuition along with my astrological interpretations senses that the upcoming three years are critical for US, its leadership and the people of America. Leading up to the 2022 culmination point of her Pluto return, America must take responsibility as the world’s leading democracy for all actions and deeds, past and present. How this nation uses its power is to be thoroughly examined and our country’s role in the world transformed. Any misuse of our might at this crux time, at any level will surely backfire and leave this nation with dire consequences.


Solar eclipse at McClellanville SC


Eclipse sunset at McClellanville creek

There was nothing more sobering and ominous then knowing all of this and signing off to become an American citizen back on May 3rd of this year. I felt uneasy for months, and barely slept for nights before, but in the end I went forward with this pivotal adjustment in my residency status. I endured the long bureaucratic procedure in the high court of law among hundreds of other immigrants, to be rewarded finally after 20 years living upon this land- the freedom to stay, or leave for that matter, for as long as I care without any lawful restrictions imposed upon me.

The price for this liberty however comes at a very high cost, with an oath of allegiance that bid me swear that I will take arms for this country if ever called upon. Having always been a pacifist this felt terribly wrong. Yet there was no way around this clause if I wanted to become a citizen of a country that I have long called my home. Not being a staunch religious person didn’t give me the right either to claim exemption from this ruling; while being that I am deeply spiritual should count for something, yet still not so in the eyes of the law. I can assure you that this matter is not taken lightly either by immigration, or the Federal judiciary, as every applicant must swear by this clause 4 times throughout the process of becoming a US citizen.


It is a chilling fact to contemplate that the US and its military have at its disposal literally millions of immigrants who have all sworn to this oath, recorded in courts of law on multiple cameras for all of posterity. Perhaps you think this trite or fantastical, yet if need be America can select all her naturalized immigrants to fight for, or against those who were born in this country. And if during the Civil War an estimated 500,000 foreign-born soldiers served in the Union Army alone, then this as you can see is no far stretch of the imagination either. As for me I have found some semblance of peace in tackling my lack of ease since becoming a US citizen, understanding deep down that I may be forced to bear arms and abide by my oath, but I still can’t be forced to use any weapon against another.

All of this is why I believe I had to go to Fort Sumter. As once illegal immigrant now lawful citizen of what feels to be an ailing democracy; to face both the atrocities of the past and the knowing of a formidable future that fast looms ahead. I remain determined not to allow fear to cloud my vision, or to lose focus in the challenges that may arise ahead, as my intention is to keep up my endeavors of working on the earth in a sacred healing capacity.


A window of light- photo credit Radka Sumberova



Whilst observing the ocean in conjunction with listening to winds at the mouth of Charleston harbor, and from the bluffs of my hometown perched precariously on the eastern tip of Long island, I’ve sensed the big shift coming. This force continues to intensify and sweep across the Atlantic ocean. Both Hurricane Irma and Jose originated from the Cape Verde Islands region. This happens to be close to the spot where the umbra’s path disappeared.

During this eclipse season wild fires, devastating hurricanes, floods and ferocious winds have ravaged this country and the Caribbean, purifying and cleansing vast areas, while Mexico at our border, along with the largest city in the world experienced the most devastating earthquake in a century. Meantime the past Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune opened the flood gates to our hearts, with compassion for all those souls affected. Millions of people here in US, Mexico and in the Caribbean are without power or homes, and thousands have lost their lives. The survivors of these catastrophes have suffered great loss, undertaking the burden for all of us, of what nature decrees for her balancing.

No matter what dis-eases us personally, or brings chaos to our locales, Great Mother Nature is never-the-less our antidote; the remedy for a species hell bent on breaking her laws. She offers deep healing, and yet like any chronic malady, symptoms may intensify before all aspects come back into equilibrium. Elemental nature may show no mercy, yet I know we as human beings can. It is a choice, and one that needs serious deliberation as the path extends ahead…


Deer Head Oak, McClellanville SC


At Deer Head Oak after the eclipse

As for our reunion trip, it was the act of us coming back together into our own special alignment, alongside the sheer wonder and majesty of nature that literally blew our minds, and opened our hearts to receive the special healing we both needed at this time. Not only was it our first time witnessing a total eclipse of the Sun, but we also encountered the most ancient beings east of the Mississippi. It felt such an honor to meet these two millennial’s at such a crux time for America. These giant trees welcomed us with their stoic venerable boughs, while simply ‘being’ in their presence felt both humbling and reassuring.

Like the timeworn sprawling appendages of Angel Oak, I too wish to generate my innate resilience and strength to weather the storms ahead; to endure any hardship as well as adapt gracefully to my environment and the aging process. I couldn’t help but wonder at all the phenomena these elders have been privy too over the course of centuries. Witnessing these ancient beings and wrapping my arms around their enormous trunks and limbs uplifted my spirits, and filled me with the courage for what is to come.

Personally there is nothing more magical than when I connect energetically to a being- human or other. When I contemplate this further I realize that for most people, human connection is the most coveted. This begs the question then, why we continue to generate so much segregation through hate, inequality, degradation, and elitism, only further widening the gap of division? No matter of our differences -even when they may seem vast on the surface- the greatest gift we all have to offer is compassion, and unconditional love. We can show mercy and move into a place of acceptance, forgiveness, and tolerance with the understanding to be kind to others. But most fundamental of all is the loving act of having mercy on oneself. It stands to reason that once we move into a place of forgiveness for our own self, allowing or enduring pain and suffering inflicted by another becomes intolerable. This pattern or cycle of infliction ends right there and then…


Angel Oak, John’s Island


Communing with Angel Oak before the eclipse – photo credit Radka Sumberova

Ruminating on the way forward post eclipse, I’m certain that time has not run out, yet there is no more turning back the clock. Neither is it a time to regress into old habits, and think the same old worn out thoughts. There is ample energetic support to create anew, and resurrect only that which supports soul growth and purpose. It is my belief that to generate a more unified human existence our individual focus must hone in on soul expression, rather than just continuing the expansion of the ego identity. It appears that westernized cultures have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by capitalistic values that sadly most individuals have yet to explore their true natures and talents.

There are ways of living and codes of behavior that make co-existing far more harmonious with one another, and with our Mother Earth. Discontinuing the old consumer mind set of wanting and accumulating MORE, puts an end to the escalation of extreme entitlement and narcissism now rampant throughout America, furthering the marked division. Through the resetting of our priorities we can make a huge difference- we become pioneers of a new age that not only aids us to thrive as a collective, but also helps Earth come back into balance, by living more humbly and conscientiously.

The past centuries of warring has divided nations and segregated humanity. Continents maintain natural division of people, through land and sea, mountains and plain, yet with the full development of our psychic sense even this proves to be no real great divide! It is however our physical body that provides the boundary, separating us from other souls incarnated on this physical realm, whilst sharing the same timeline. And so this amazing vessel needs our love, support and respect in order to cohabitate and co- create successfully with others.

From my own intimate experience with Spirit and nature, I know too that tuning in to the natural environment generates greater awareness of divinity and of the consequences to our thoughts and actions. Simply by allowing the time and space for our senses to fully react and respond to the love and beauty that surrounds us, arouses great inspiration and creativity. And it is the combination of all this that provides the strong foundation for any spiritual practice, whilst counteracting the ravages of chaos, suffering and devastation.

No matter how you break it down, in the end transformation is always an internal job, even when great adaptation is forced upon us. Once we release all that we have become, so we can start to be who we were always intended to be – and I want to believe that deep down we ‘the people’ are all lovers of peace and not fighters of war.

America ‘the land of the free’ has lived in my heart from the moment my feet first touched down. This sacred ground once tended by the ancestors melds with modern day society and its progressive thinking, unaware of any gap. Both ways of being have shaped me into the woman and person I am today, and I am so very grateful for all that living here in this country and on this soil has taught me; especially for the amplification of my healing capacity and for awakening my spirituality. I know that wherever I journey, or reside in the future I take this profound gift with me. And for all this opportunity granted me I can honestly say that I am proud to be an American, fortunate to be raised as a Brit, and forever excited to be a member of the human race living in this world with no tangible borders, at least not that I can see.


August 18th


September 9th


…written throughout the later half of eclipse season.

Published Sep. 17th ~ Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo (opposing Neptune),

Moon conjunct North Node in Leo, Sun in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces



In all matters hidden,
of secrets never spoken,
honesty quivers
on lips pursed tight,
poised still, atop tongue’s tip,
offering no peace of mind,
no safe haven, nor place of rest-
for with every encounter
comes the threat of exposure

of all the lies been spun…


And so all that stands to reason
suddenly comes undone,
crippled by the fear
over justice impending,
no matter of the excuses,
disappearances aren’t pardoned-
cowards can’t escape
the karmic wheel in motion;
every turn more burdensome

than disclosure of root truth



written June 9th 2017

Full Moon in Sagittarius,

Jupiter in Libra stations direct / inconjunct Neptune in Pisces,

Sun in Gemini inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn